Wale – Tats On My Arm f. Rick Ross

blame it on Meka September 29, 2011

A new cut from Wale off Ambition, with the typical Flex bombs on itUPDATE: Young! comes through with the clean version.

DOWNLOAD: Wale – Tats On My Arm f. Rick Ross [Clean] | Mediafire
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  • rich

    Dopee I fuck with it…Ambition sounds like it might be on of the better albums this year

  • ThaTruth

    This Goes hella Hard

  • sike

    The beat goes HAM… but, the song seems incomplete… like it’s missing a verse at the end. They should prolly holla at Wayne for a verse. I need the uncensored version asap.

  • sike

    Wiz could bless this track with his laid-back stoner flow too.


    its a cool song..just not a good wale one..miss the old did he conform or what?

  • Micah

    Yeah beat is nice, But wale used to have substance on the songs where he wouldnt talk about women, now he just blah blah over the track, cmon Wale make a decent song for everyone with substance. Leave the trap rap to the other rappers, hope stalley dont do the same though i doubt he will

  • wales arms

    wale doesnt have tats on his arm

  • Josh

    I’m tired of seeing Rick Ross features…get out of here!!

  • ThaTruth

    I aint with the talkin, Im trying to say focus cause the loudest nigga in the room usually the brokest !

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Word. Forget all those Rick Ross features. He’s not obligated to be on every record jut because he signed you.


    and wale sure has increased his weed talk in his raps lately..smh

  • trill

    nigga copied “free spirit” and the flow. wtf wale.

  • jiz

    That beat is aaaaboring!

  • quest

    Yall need to should shut the fuck up with the hate . damn lmao

  • This is pretty good, dont see all the hate but its whatever. Dope track. Ambition should be above average.

  • I don’t know what the fascination was with Wale (he was alright, nothing special, enjoyed some of his music) in the first place but this is horrible. What happened? I’m not believin’ all the hood talk (the kids call it “trap” I guess)& shit & I even like some of Ross’ fake ass shit! Wale sounds even more generic then he did before rappin’ on this kinda stuff.

  • @quest,
    You’re being more hateful than anyone, telling people to “shut the fuck up” when simply just expressing their opinions in a comment section. I thought that’s what this shit was for. Can we PLEASE quit with the calling everyone a hater just cuz they don’t like something that u do. I know I’ll be on some other post 5 minutes from now thinking the same shit but I’m jus sayin’…That “hater” bullshit is played out.

  • Fourth ear

    Wale’s verse had nothing to do with tats on the arm..the hook is random..and the whole concept is unoriginal

  • jb

    This Wale sucks. I bet his prior cd will be better than ambition. Quit the hype. Let’s chill and pick six are his best songs since he signed to Ross. Bad Girls club is alright too.

  • rich

    dig dug, ice cream girl and breakdown had a lot of substance lol smh fickle minded hip hop purist…yall hate on anything that got a southern beat, the song still has a message about ambition and grinding..just listen to the words and dont focus on the beat sheesh

  • @rich,
    You’re right, I DON’T like those kind of beats. Nevertheless the vocals are just average. Just cuz they’re rappin’ bout “ambition & grinding” doesn’t make it anything special. Half of hip-hop songs are about that. It’s really kind of a broad, generic & tired topic.

  • Derek P.

    at the 0.55 mark the beat sounds just like another song.

  • Connell

    ey wales wearin a diamond supply co shirt

  • Connell

    wearin diamon supply co

  • thatrealshit

    i feel like wale is fuckin skinny black from hustle and flow. dude used to be a real mothafucka and his fanbase had his back, now dude is just conforming. i could see his album doin numbers similar to his first album, i’d predict 60-70k first week

  • ThaTruth

    This Shit got more thumbs up than thumbs down and that the only thing that matters. Every album gotta have a balance of everything hood, slow jams, commercial and ect. People comments make me laugh now. 2dopeboyz is filled with a bunch of 13-18 years old. Dont blame the artist blame the industry how it change though the years.


    sounds like hustle hard

  • MyFiddyCents

    Seriously just cos Rawse goes Awgh! a few times don’t mean you have to name him as a feature.

    Speaking of adlibs. Cole on Cole World going Woo is goat.

  • Seriously
  • thefactz

    this has got 219 thumbs up against 47 thumbs down, this tells us that wale and rick ross are the best rappers dead or alive

  • six

    bmf pt 20 ..trash

  • DG

    obvious troll is trolling

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    Screw this. Same drum track over and over again.

    Here is Gilbert Forte with Big Krit.

    This shit knocks.

  • fuck Whale

  • Whale sucks

  • Whale can suck Officer Ricky Ross’s dick

  • max

    Whale should stay away from that 1017 sound.

  • Bran

    Man straight up, I don’t like this wale at all! Man WTF! Is this what it takes so succeed in hip hop? Simplifying yours raps to ignorant muthafuckas like it? When you know you wasn’t rapping like that before?!? Come on man! Fuck! So yea call me a hater, but i dont like this dude no more! Artistic Integrity to Tats On My Arm? Really?…I understand you have to make some mainstream shit, but do u have to jus go all the way?!?

  • jjb


  • jurr

    he said on twitter, he has released just one song from ambition. i think this wont be on there

  • 1977

    yall niggaz gay

  • AmbitionPardonMeifYouFeelDifferent

    @Meka this won’t be on the album on Lotus Flower Bomb will so far from like the 34234 songs he’s released.

  • Carlton

    sooo is anyone gonna point out that all these fucking songs sound the same?
    that same 808 and fucking stupid sounds
    idk how this is ok

  • Cameron

    Wale is smart. He had the ability to make quality music that really mean something and club banger dumb shit. So why shouldn’t he do both. Ambition will be more like Mixtape About Nothing then this or No Hands, but he still needs those tracks to lure the masses in. He knows these are radio songs. It’s not selling out if you still release good music.

  • siNce

    wale is boring as fuck. hes always been boring as fuck.

  • viewtiful_alan

    This record will not do what they want it to do… that extended opening hook is unnecessary and really makes you too aware about how awkward it is. This will not be on hip hop radio for long.

  • bigswoosh

    I bet his album will be better than J.Cole’s…..

  • LB

    dope but nigga sound like ace hood flow

  • Phresh

    “More About Nothing” still gets play in my vehicle. Introspective, IDGAF about the fakes in the game Wale was way better than this mainstream Mini-Ross.

  • Positive Vibe

    @Micah I miss the “Attention Deficit” Wale, “More About Nothing” was his last good project and now he just sounds like a typical rapper and it saddens me. He definitely made a complete 180 :(

  • Mig

    Man Wale is in a better place than he was in 09, Hes way more happy with MMG than interscope and I’m sure Ambition will have alot of tracks that have that “Real Hip-Hop” type vibe that all you faggots on this website are so into. Ambition and GFID are gonna shut alot of people the fuck up

  • Shawty

    stop hatin on Ross hoe ass niggas. He givin these dudes plenty of shine that they wouldnt have gotten with their prior business choices. Though not the best lyricist (not at all the worst either), Ross is soooo on point with his shit and is up there with Ye’ , Drake and Wayne easily