brandUn DeShay – All Day DeShay (Album)

blame it on Meka September 30, 2011

After a few leaks brandUn drops his latest outing, his debut long-player. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: brandUn DeShay – All Day DeShay (Album) | Mediafire

  • kriss255


  • I thought it wasn’t supposed to drop until like 3 or 4 today…lol

  • this shit is dope. yall should cop it.

  • factormax

    mmmm good way to start the day..

  • Blue

    brandun’s a narcissist, brags about how his beats end up on casey’s album and dom kennedy’s and neither end up on his album? self obsessed much.

  • $$$


  • cpb

    yes finally! now waiting for premier politics to drop.

  • $$$

    That Yonkers beef line was tight haha.

  • SmokeIt

    …ill pass on this and wait for mikey rocks

  • chriscampbell

    been listening to this all morning. killer stuff

  • sal

    its only 35 minutes wtf long player my ass deshay. whatever ill still cop it cuz its deshay

  • Sunny

    yes. hop on the bandwagon everyone. this dude is dope.

  • Cpb

    Canopy, Virgo, letter to god, and take it back are my favorites

  • Cpb

    Letter to God, Canopy, Virgo, and Take it back are the best songs on here

  • ogye

    wow this is really good thanks alot

  • friday

    they say success is the best revenge
    so i beat deshay up with the stack of magazines im in.

  • milly

    @Smokelt your dumb, their both dope

  • ^ its “they’re”

  • haters gone hate deshay! you already know that tho pimpin. keep grindin, this shit hits! congrats bro. makin me proud.

  • ck24

    does anyone have another link? mediafire isn’t working properly

  • @Blue

    Dom Kennedy & Casey were both on his last mixtape twice. You have no clue what you’re talking about. Casey has been on all his mixtapes too.

    Pretty good album though.

  • FiveNine

    its not very good. i downloaded it looking for them nice “locals only” type beats…

  • Andrew

    Canopy part 1 and 2 are dope. Letter to God. I love all the hate that brandUn DeShay gets.

  • Loopee

    Mediafire is buggin right now

  • jomoses

    Shit is dope

  • rockie fresh and that damn drake flow…mannn

  • i think it was cool…I’m a Deshaylien and an OF supporter…Learn to love good music. Fuck your opinion. Kaythnxsbai! :D

  • Thinker

    how you gunna have the free version right next to the priced version when i come to download it? If you’re gunna have a paid version then go ahead and make it the only one bro.

  • Amazingness

    @Thunder said this on, Wtf r u talking about this was purely a free album

  • Dope LP

  • someone upload a hulkshare link? mediafire sux