Freddie Gibbs - Cold Day In Hell (Artwork)

Art by Augor.

Gangsta Gibb's new project, Cold Day In Hell, drops this Halloween.

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  • Illa


  • Rufus


  • b

    dope tracklist...

  • shake yuran idiot

    yeahhhh really dope tracklist, really glad he decided to go no features for his debut.. ;)


    .... Track 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... They all look amazing, I can't wait.

  • TOPSET737

    Amazing Tracklist....that track with Nicki Minaj and Waka Flocka produced by Luger seals the whole CD. Can't wait!!!

  • +sign

    i coulda made that tracklist ...

  • +sign

    this is why i love toodope. they slip, cuz they human.

  • The real deal

    @shake yuran idiot.. you do realize this is just a mixtape not a debut albom we wont be seeing a freedie gibbs album for a while jeezy is still strugling to get a album out how is gibbs gonna get one out,gibbs signed his life away to a label (cte) that hasnt had a realise since we had a white president that is under def jam that will shelf you in a heart beat jeezy signed gibbs cuz he wanted to sign "real arist" and gibbs signed to jeezy because jeezy is "real" neither one of them thought about the music/business side

  • +sign

    @therealdeal tell um whos real!

    yuran _____.

    i coulda left you dead there. but where does this post say album?

    yuran _____.

    jeezy has BEEN pushing gibbs to the front of the pack. why wouldnt he drop him FIRST? it would only get him MORE shine cuz everyone knows where gibbs is signed.

    your right. neither one of them thought of the business side.

    yuran _____.

    oooooh look at +sign!

  • Their thought process is more like: If we keep it real, regardless if these dudes ruin our money, people will know us *well enough* that we can eat at the end of the day.

  • K.

    right hand looks weird in the artwork..i dont see a tracklist tho

  • HimThere

    Boom roasted

  • swag

    where's the tracklist?

  • Gooba

    ahhh.. if you squint and look at it upside you can see the tracklist... excited for tracks 3 & 8

  • SwishasNKush

    Halloween is always boring....NOT THIS YEAR. We adults get some treats in the form of some dope tunes for our ears. Gonna be blazing tough to this tape on the 31st, better believe it. Also no tracklist but it's been confirmed by both Gibbs & 2chainz...That there will be a Freddie Gibbs/Tity Boi collab. on there!!!!!

  • Goodgrief!!!

    @ SwishasNKush

    Word?! a Tity Boi collab on there ?!?!? damn that type of fire will for sure burn the world to the ground!!!!!!

  • H.A.M. Margera

    Guees this is what u come up with when you are blown out on coke.gibbs could have hired a block crackhead to draw this and payed less


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