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  • MegaMan


    You know you can change that right?

  • DAMN

    damn DJ paul wrecked on this track with that autotune solo

  • mollywhoppin

    i hope this is on cold day in hell... gibbs goes in.. good looks shake

  • wow

    http://hulkshare.com/1w8gvhjbobwg - Young Jeezy - The Real Is Back (No Dj)

  • wow

    http://hulkshare.com/1w8gvhjbobwg - Young Jeezy -The Real Is Back (No Dj)

  • Plk

    Lloyd banks is the best rapper alive. Shock the world

  • wow

    http://hulkshare.com/e79ztydek3g6 - Young Jeezy -The Real Is Back 2 (No Dj)

  • wow

    http://hulkshare.com/e79ztydek3g6 - Young Jeezy - The Real Is Back 2 (No Dj)

  • John

    When is n*ggas gettin' Fear of God 2 tho?

  • boomHEADSHOT

    Counter-Strike gun sounds haa!

  • david

    there's no message board so i'll post it here, sylvia robinson (producers of rappers delight) died the other day, she deserves a post

  • ootyopalot


  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    my fault. messin with a new id3 tag program.

  • Johnny Blaze

    I really wanna hear Waka Flocka on dis shit for some reason lol