• IKnowRapPeople

    Jim Jones jumping in the ASAP bandwagon before Diddy, great move Jim!

  • DB

    asap rockys tape supposed to drop monday

  • GQue

    @DB: NO BULLSHIT?!?!???

  • und

    dipset fans dont know shit about no asap, he came out and theyre like whos this?

  • GQue

    @und: u must mean the NY dipset fans. i'ma HUGE dipset fan and i fucc w/ ASAP

  • Johnny Blaze

    hoolyy shit looked like a dope show

  • DB

    @ GQue yeah man. thats what yams said

  • http://ofwgkta.com earl sweat

    ASAP ROCKY IS A WANNA BE TYLER THE CREATOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DeezNuts

    ^^look @ this dumbass troll here. smh. Odd Future sucks ass besides Earl & Frank Ocean.

  • godleeeee

    on some g shit i was i was backstage and smoked with vado and dapped up the set