NBA2K12 Intro (Video)

blame it on Shake October 1, 2011

With the release only 3 days away, we get a look at the official intro to NBA2K12.

  • herb shit

    lol lebron got played on this shit lol.

  • killa

    its all about fifa12 tho

  • buckets

    can’t wait to play as 01-02 kings

  • hardy

    fifa >

  • Mischief

    But the post isn’t about Fifa. Its about NBA2k12. Wanna praise fifa? go play it then.

  • D

    Damn the attention to detail on those animations. Almost photo realistic.

  • yezk

    Nice intro video..

    NHL 12 >

  • You know what sucks bout these games, building up your players in my player mode, then having to start all over again..on top of that it won’t be the same without a season.

  • robert

    haha is it just me or does anyone just want the dope NBA live series to come back? It was always better than this shit

    Fifa >

  • masterexploder

    u know this game will be exactly like last years seeing how there is no nba season this year. Both games get the exact same updates hah

  • Taskmaster

    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 >>>>>>>

  • marty mcfly

    These chumps who made the game still think Jordan the greatest? It’s 2011 and old man is done. This is Lebron’s era. I look forward to 20 years from now when everyone considers Lebron the GOAT and Jordan is an afterthought.

  • Ink

    ^die painfully

  • marty mcfly

    Honestly, how can people not realize that LeBron’s the greatest by this point. I know LeBron’s resume isn’t the greatest but is it his fault the Cavs couldn’t win? No that’s Mo Williams. Is it his fault the Heat couldn’t win? No that’s Chris Bosh. But who was scoring leader? Who’s two time MVP? Who’s extra yummy with crazy sex appeal and a smokin’ body? That’s right it’s my man LBJ. HATERS FALL BACK

  • Class

    Yo dude, I’m 99% sure that Chris Bosh played well in the finals and Lebron was the one who played like shit, anyways Kobe owns this era, not Lebron.

  • D

    ^^^ Yep, and ppl are quick to forget that MJ changed the way the game is played. Thats the sign of a true great. Even Kobe walks in his shadow.

  • drugante

    DickHoles are on a HipHop Website saying FIFA and NHL is better ..seriously…who watches those sports here in the USA?..those sports are like bottom tier sports in the USA!!..lmao..STOP IT 5!!..i think Rugby and Cricket is Higher them those 2 sports..lmao….just kidding!!..lmao!!..Comparing those sports are APples and ORanges…seriously!!..

  • FAV PART: Jerry West schoolin’ Melo cuz he can’t play defense
    Runner up: D Rose passing to MJ at th end

    Can’t wait to play this

  • I started “Don’t F*ck Wit Me” Pusha T’s version at the 9 second mark at the same time as I watched this at random and it went with it almost to a tee. As in the lyrics matched what was happening during the video.

  • -I-


    Welcome to the internet. Just so you know, it’s worldwide.

  • duckets

    LMAO @ robert… 2k has been shittin on the live series since 99! you’re probably the only one who thinks otherwise.

  • And Won

    Skyrim >

  • Boi

    This looks the same as last year… Whack.

    Fifa >

  • random

    uncharted 3 >

  • eruo

    @Boi …and Fifa 12 didn’t look the same as last years through 1 trailer? Play the game before calling it weak.

    bet that this will be ‘Sports Game of the year’

  • Futbol?! More like Fagball… who the hell actually watches soccer other than wetbacks and honkeys?!

    I KINDA fucks with NHL though… but only when fights break loose.

  • Boi


    This is hardly the first trailer… It’s all recycled animations.

    And it’s going to have none of the rookies so it will be even more the same as 2k11.

    Keep putting the Sonics in the game though, that is a plus.

  • Kofstar

    @everyone who thinks this game is the same as 2k11

    I have read every developers insight on how NBA 2k12 and it is wildly different from all the animations to all the career modes. It also got a 9.5 on IGN. FIFA also got a 9.5, while NHL got an 8.5. It is more like FIFA = 2k12 > NHL. Ignorance is bliss though.

  • The Kid

    It kinda is LeBron’s fault they lost the Finals tho. Bosh actually hit a game-winner