Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out (The Weeknd Remix) [CDQ]

blame it on Shake October 2, 2011

After BBC Radio 1′s Zane Lowe premiered it last week, we finally get the CDQ of The Weeknd’s official remix of Florence + The Machine‘s latest single.

– Also available on iTunes (UK) w/ an additional remix by Benny Benassi.

  • harris89

    Thanks fellas. Been waiting all day for this. Shame that you gotta be in the UK to buy it off iTunes…

  • jake

    i still dont get what he did to contribute to this, and thought this version would have him singing on it.. oh well

  • good lookin

  • Will

    Really? This is the best of the two of them combined? They should never team up again. They are much better doing their own thing.

  • Jay Two

    Great mix…

  • bawse

    dam I thought my nigga was finna kill some shit but he ain’t even sing. Too bad.

  • Van City


  • Omer

    Guys the weeknd is a group, with Abel being the singer. There are more guys in the background cutting and chopping up beats, and this goes to show that they arent just as ill without vocals

  • Pugz

    You’re wrong. The Weeknd is one singer man, look it up.

  • Xotovo

    @Omer you’re wrong. The Weeknd is just 1 guy…Abel (the singer). But, from what I’ve come to know from people close to Xo (the weeknd n his his team). Is that he has a proper set of guys contributing… Hence; XO. camera, photoshoots, beats, sound engineering, mastering, directing videos etc. If anything, this maybe an XO REMIX..or maybe the team XO falls under the weeknd? Hm

  • randomnig

    fyi foo’s it was clearly remixed by illangelo and doc mckinney (weeknds producers)..It was prob done under the title weeknd so it would gain the recognition it deserved. solid tune

  • Anonymous

    @Omer you’re absolutely wrong, get to know before you talk about XO
    listen to the music also before you talk, it’s more than “guys in the background cutting and chopping up beats”