A (2)Dope Contest: Sprayground Backpacks

blame it on Shake October 4, 2011

For a better look at the design, hit the jump for a preview of the Chrome Drip.

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for a bag that can fit your 17″ Macbook, iPad, etc comfortably. Well, the time has come. Sprayground has those slots filled (and more). I’ve been using mine on a consistence basis ever since they hooked me up a few weeks back. Now, similar to our family over at UHTN, the dopehouse is teaming up with Sprayground to offer up a couple of these bad boys. Each week in October we’ll be giving one lucky winner a brand new bag. All we’re asking is that you hit [email protected] with a flick of your old bag and we’ll pick a few winners at random. Good Luck!

  • GBIZ

    yo shake what if we never had a sprayground b4? it seems as if this contest is pretty much only for people who already own one…that’s not cool man, let a few dopeboyz who don’t already own one get a chance to win one, seems only fair

  • #KanyeShrug

    ^dont think it has to be an old sprayground bag, just your old backpack in general. i could be completely wrong tho.

  • oh yeah.. just a pick of any old backpack your using. doesn’t have to be spraygrounds.

  • mr comment

    The only 2 websites i visit are 2dopeboyz and ESPN. Everybody turns to me for updates on the latest sound they have no idea i get it from 2 dope dealers plus free cool stuff with a lay back flow can’t beat that

  • 92′ Till…

    I’ve never won any of these contests before but I have to give big ups to Shake and Meka for hooking us up. Sidebar: Yo Mek, bring back “Slap Boxing with Jesus” hahahaha

  • Solozaur

    Is this US Residents only?