Tical meets one of the greatest theatre candies created.

I'm excited to be collaborating with Sour Patch Kids and telling the story of how they’ve gone all wrong. I love the steps that the brand is taking to keep it real and interesting, the whole campaign, and letting Meth be Meth – brilliant.

PREVIOUS: Erick Sermon – Look f. Method Man & Redman


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  • QZA

    my god... that was soooo fucking tight... Mef is solidified top 5 for me

  • Thinker

    so is this off that new album or just a campaign?

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^ the latter.

  • b.

    LMFAO! shit is really dope! LOL shit made me smile and laugh... ahhh

  • Thinker

    ah there it is. mahalos. and Meth is def. top 5 for my all time

  • Shook

    That might be the most fun video I've ever seen. Damn!

    "Big for nuttin' ass."

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/bnf714 BNF

    At first I thought this was a metaphor and he just happened to use Sour Patch Kids to help get it across to the masses. Come to find out, he's spittin bars ABOUT SOUR PATCH KIDS!!

  • fidel_cash_flow

    This shit is ultra funny ! I can`t stop watching it ! I miss the old Meth

  • Maga D

    Damn this shit's fresh. I love Meth, my favorite of the Wu, & I love sour patch kids, lmao. I'm guaranteed to love this. One of the freshest videos I've seen in a LONG time.

  • Sheeeeesh

    Who else could do some shit like this? Dead ass?

    This is the exact reason Wu is for the kids

  • apmd802

    Meth BEEN in my top 5 this shit is crazy ill

  • katastrophee

    So...they're not promoting a video game of some sort involving Sour Patch Kids? Just the brand? Cuz that's what it seemed like...

  • mobes317

    Meth rides a beat better then anyone.. Meth has and will ALWAYS be top 5

  • peteROC


  • Theoneandonly

    #dead @ One of the Sour Patch Kids doing the Soulja Boy.

  • Blumblum

    hahaa great

  • Digitek

    who produced this?

  • idris


    talented for nothin ass..

  • steven

    sick ass motherf.....
    mr iron lung kicking ass!!