Method Man – World Gone Sour (Video)

blame it on Shake October 4, 2011

Tical meets one of the greatest theatre candies created.

I’m excited to be collaborating with Sour Patch Kids and telling the story of how they’ve gone all wrong. I love the steps that the brand is taking to keep it real and interesting, the whole campaign, and letting Meth be Meth – brilliant.

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  • QZA

    my god… that was soooo fucking tight… Mef is solidified top 5 for me

  • Thinker

    so is this off that new album or just a campaign?

  • ^^ the latter.

  • b.

    LMFAO! shit is really dope! LOL shit made me smile and laugh… ahhh

  • Thinker

    ah there it is. mahalos. and Meth is def. top 5 for my all time

  • Shook

    That might be the most fun video I’ve ever seen. Damn!

    “Big for nuttin’ ass.”

  • BNF

    At first I thought this was a metaphor and he just happened to use Sour Patch Kids to help get it across to the masses. Come to find out, he’s spittin bars ABOUT SOUR PATCH KIDS!!

  • fidel_cash_flow

    This shit is ultra funny ! I can`t stop watching it ! I miss the old Meth

  • Maga D

    Damn this shit’s fresh. I love Meth, my favorite of the Wu, & I love sour patch kids, lmao. I’m guaranteed to love this. One of the freshest videos I’ve seen in a LONG time.

  • Sheeeeesh

    Who else could do some shit like this? Dead ass?

    This is the exact reason Wu is for the kids

  • apmd802

    Meth BEEN in my top 5 this shit is crazy ill

  • katastrophee

    So…they’re not promoting a video game of some sort involving Sour Patch Kids? Just the brand? Cuz that’s what it seemed like…

  • mobes317

    Meth rides a beat better then anyone.. Meth has and will ALWAYS be top 5

  • peteROC


  • Theoneandonly

    #dead @ One of the Sour Patch Kids doing the Soulja Boy.

  • Blumblum

    hahaa great

  • Digitek

    who produced this?

  • idris


    talented for nothin ass..

  • steven

    sick ass motherf…..
    mr iron lung kicking ass!!