50 Cent – Shady Murder (Street King Energy Track #9)

blame it on Miss_Peas October 5, 2011

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  • Thewinner

    50 Wins Again!!
    R.I.P Rick Ross
    R.I.P. The Game
    R.I.P. Lil’ Wayne

  • Ayema

    This > officer ricks two new singles

  • Cosign Last 2 Post!

  • D-Nice

    dis shit is bananas.if u don’t like dis then u a hater straight up.

  • T-Dot


  • derrty

    ppl say 50 dont got it no more, i just say ppl dont got good taste anymore. 50 new album bout to put the world back on notice!

  • limassacre

    This shit is so nice

  • Seriously

    This bangs. 50 is killing it in 2011, check out “50 Cent in 2011”

  • troo_binxx

    im sick if niggas fakin like 50 aint that nigga! this nigga is a fuckin beast. i fuck with every energy track he put out so far. i just listened to “you the boss” by ricky and that shit is for the lil teenie bopper ass niggas and bitch niggas. wayne and all them 106 & park ass niggas is for the bird ass niggas! my lil sis and lil bro would bump that shit on their ipod on their way to school while im bumpin this shit in my whip. this grown man shit! this is the only nigga out rappin about guns, crack, and murder lol, while these niggas make “how to love” and shit like that. i just hate how this nigga 50 has to go from this grimey southside type shit to shit like
    “the enforcer” cuz thats the only type of shit pussy ass niggas can play on the radio cuz they cant handle lyrics like the shit hes puttin out. GRODT was out and they played 21 questions, pimp, wanksta, and in da club. but this niggas so much better than that…they can only play candyshop and ayo technology type shit cuz thats where he gets the money from. but those are the songs that get no play from me lol…ill bump this shit and his mixtapes all day cuz thats that real nigga shit

  • ***************************

    lol at that accent, i know it’s not new but i just can’t take it seriously. Wack hook. Guess i’m a hater, right?

  • MyFiddyCents

    Unfortunately everybody is tired of that hood shit these days.

    50 is a dated nigga now.





  • yep

    50 is back niggas!!!!

  • Ayy

    Yo where’s that new Kendrick Lamar. Cloud 10

  • luke_banks

    These SK tracks are sick but he has done this before with the Sleek headphones tracks and then nothing happened. I want 50 to be back as much as anyone but shouting “50 IS BACK GRODT RIP KANYE WEST” every time he does something is just silly.

    Once again I do hope 50 returns to relevancy but his got a lot more to do than just release a few hot 2 minute long tracks.

  • yep

    that kendrick is fuckin heat. song of the year

  • LupeFacosf24

    the beat gets me high
    50 back !!!!!
    wheres the mainstream hate trolls at 50 jus killed em
    Phil Hendrie Show – Comedy

  • Really cool song. Listened to it and wrote the lyrics for it so that everyone can read them. Check the link to my website bellow.

  • ThaTruth

    I like both artist 50 and Ross. 50 cent damage his own career for putting too much energy into that beef shit and his music wasnt on point like his first two albums. This right here is that Classic 50 I like to hear. 50 need to focus on himself musically and stop worrying about these other rappers because they not stopping from getting money , he is !, no singles , no albums out. I will love to see 50 to do songs with other artists .

  • antouan

    @ theidiotwhosaid gangster rap is played and people don’t wanna hear that shit, that’s bullshit, we in a fuckin recession, and I just got a college degree, I’m still struggling, I wanna hear real shit, things that are true, not fucking fat cops champagne popping, and lil Wayne’s homo tunes, look at the picture to this song…..are you going to sit there and pretend this isn’t going on in the world right now? What has lil Wayne done to help his own culture other than influence them to do drugs, tote guns, and act like a fake ass person. This isn’t even up for debate, your not a hater, your a misguided confused, possibly slightly retarded individual that needs to stop listening to the radio. One

  • dj khaled is an arab


  • Anonymous

    How the fuck you gon’ say R.I.P. The Game when he’s the one that buried G-Unit single handed. The amount of dick riders when a hot song comes out is to funny. I’m a massive Game fan and I think this shit right here is hot, and the SK project is sounding real nice, but he’s not even on Game’s level lyrically.

  • Styrofoam

    @Anonymous You a bich nicca to be sayin’ Game buried G-Unit. I aint chose side in that beef but clearly the only damage they did was to themselves. No one buried no one. If you want to see a burial check out Officer Down by my nicca Banks. Straight up killin’.

  • J.O

    Love what 50 doing, its great! BUT…Oprah doesnt promote herself while helping others. Get the hint. (Em voice)

  • abtheGenius

    this made me go back and listen to that g r o d t.

  • Big L

    @J.O but Oprah ain’t got so many haters like 50 Cent, if 50 cent wouldnt promote himself helping others, nobody would help 50 cent

  • Icardi

    Banger. The 50 everyone needs. Not the club robot music.

  • 50 cent wants to raise money for children but it talking about murdering people…lol

  • Tjobi

    @J.O You’re an idoit. He needs to promote his product for him to help all the poor kids in Africa or else nobody will buy it and then the kids will still be starving.

  • js

    Where can I get all of these energy tracks in one? I haven’t been keeping up with them recently, but I want them. Any one have a zip?

  • js

    Where can I get all of these energy tracks in one zip? I’m not sure of which ones have come out so far, but I’m feeling some of them. Any one have a zip or location?

  • yep

    @Anonymous, Game didnt bury G-unit, G-unit buried themselves minus banks.


    Ay yo fif’ I was thinking you should go back to doing the s*** you used to do

    [50 Cent]
    Murder them, murder them
    They violate, I demonstrate
    Yeah, I’ll murder them
    Niggas be fronting word up
    They stunting till they hurt up
    That semi talk I’ll let it buck
    I had these niggas running hard
    I’ll pull a nigga’s skirt up and have him kicking dirt up
    I’ll get a n**** an’ a n**** back up stupid hard
    Silence it’s the return of the tyrants
    Seein’ through my third eye with both closed eyelids
    Stand closer to the homie you gon’ to die with
    Flames come up out the muzzle wanting s*** that I did
    I’m talking like the feds ain’t listening
    N**** this is a pool of piranhas you’re fishing in
    I give to a n**** if he want it
    Better ask niggas about me I’ll be on it
    I get to drop, blow out your knot, perfect planning
    Hit your back with something hot

    It’s murder one, it’s premeditated
    Murder, then it’s another one
    Back to backroom working
    It’s murder one, it’s premeditated
    Murder, then it’s another one
    Back to backroom working

    You know I ain’t got the strap on me
    Holding that for me

    [Verse 2]
    I’m f-cked up, it really doesn’t matter though
    Hundred 9mm shells in the Calico
    Wait, niggas drop like dominos
    Run for your life, p*** si vámonos
    I was taught to see my crew a long time ago
    Grew up around cocaine, yeah even my mamma know
    I cut a O in the fo’ with seven at a time
    Made four hundred of that, you know a n**** grind
    Like Cindy Lauper b****, time after time
    A n**** shine like a nickel nine
    I’ve been talking to the man in the mail room
    N**** so ass they was shaking like Shakira
    It seems like my vision’s gettin’ clearer
    See me coming with the hammer out, death is gettin near ya
    It’s funny how niggas never hear ya, till you run down on ‘em
    Gun down on ‘em

    It’s murder one, it’s premeditated
    Murder, then it’s another one
    Back to backroom working
    It’s murder one, it’s premeditated
    Murder, then it’s another one
    Back to backroom working

    Yeah starting to feel like the old me (ha ha)

  • LP

    Yo 2dopeboyz, would it be possible for you to reupload some old tracks? because some of your links have become inactive..

  • Anonymous

    300 Bars & Runnin’

  • Ifty

    Who’s on production? Shits is a banger!