• @Risky_KillMoves

    Gilbere never disappoints, this definitely should be dope nonetheless

  • A “George Clooney/Airborne/fulltimeboss/D $cience/MartyMcFly/red(you are posting…)” Stan fka Answer Me!

    By ambitious you mean catering to broader audience with self-explanatory titles as "Poppin Bottles" "Hot In This Bitch" and "I Be On My Chill".

    But there are also more than few good songs here too! So its a mixed bag, but its not a must-listen for internet or radio! And dats its biggest problem!

    His status will remain the same as before this release probaly with few more listeners/fans. All in my opinion.

    Rating: 3/5

  • RSX

    idk about best, I put 87 Dreams up there with So Far Gone as one of the best mixtapes of this generation. This does go pretty hard tho.

  • 36Chambers

    So Far Gone... best mixtapes of this generation??? Damn I want some of that shit you be smokin

  • Real, Not Fake

    fraud...aint about nothin...unoriginal too...not a hater, i call myself realistic

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    Just an FYI. We're now hosting all mixtapes on our servers for direct downloads. No need to login or wait 45 seconds to download or get hit with spam ads.

    We also just launched our HTML5 embeddable mixtape player that you guys could use however you want for your users to enjoy.

    Here's the link to our Gilbere Forte post:


    Thanks guys.

    Jesse Janson

  • twocents

    I'm just wondering how an 11 track album can be called an EP. But whatever, I'm downloading it.

  • yep

    87 dreams> everything hes done since

  • Sticky

    just realized it was gilbere not gilbert

  • http://twitter.com/realmikeyfresh mikeyfresh

    this nigga inst good or original at all. and im not even hating. what do yall see in him. his production is great and to waste. imagine what someone like j cole or someone else dope would do with his beats.

  • dabulfiq

    ^ imagine if your parents practiced safe sex.
    yall cant deny this kid is doing his thing. and you sound like an ass putting j cole and original
    in the same sentence. that nigga whole life is dedicated to a nigga who syphons his 'swag' from younger artists. sit down clown.

    forte is dope. end of story.
    and this tape fucking GOES.

  • http://extraordinaryfigures.com Khleo

    dope mixtape...i like the song w/ asher roth and bun b

  • http://twitter.com/executivesmoke Vic D

    I can't stop playing "Most High"'