The original dropped last year on the Canadian's Anchorman mixtape. Now we're onto part two.

DOWNLOAD: k-os - Faith pt.2 f. Drake (prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E League)


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  • kujj


  • KL

    Finally some new k-os.

  • domican


  • Jayy

    pre thank me later flow..niiice.
    drizzy hendrix

  • Ying

    link to pt.1 if you havent heard it already.

  • Sasha

    Nice, but is there an unedited version?

  • PaperKut

    same instrumental though?

  • MyFiddyCents

    The flow is from Hov - My 1st song, no doubt about it.

    This is fully dope though, cos Drake is not using same ol' boring nasal flow

  • 1dopeboy

    Oh hey, its the way drake used to rap

    and k-os being dope as always

  • Inspectah8

    kanye west spaceship flow

  • Jimmy Jam

    This Drake voice is more tolerable than his usual voice.

    That said, k-os >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Drake's existence anyday.

  • Slims

    T DOT STAND UP!!!!!

  • Pugz

    Dirty Version?

  • Po’

    #DOPE !!

  • djchay

    shoutout k-os man. dudes incredible

  • Smallz4444333

    Dirty Version.. This shit is FIRE

  • guest

    woooooow way better than the first k-os needs to drop this as a single for sure

  • gustavo

    is that an old ass pic of J.Cole and his girlfriend

  • merchant awareness department

    is that an old ass pic of J.Cole and his girlfriend

  • GMD

    wtf's the chorus saying; "gotta keep my faith ? ? (in the) dark clouds!?

  • Tone

    This man k-os is crazy underrated. Y'all need to check out Sunday Morning by dude, a little different but straight fire!

  • Khleo

    this could def be a hit on the not sure why he released a second version. i thought the first was good