R.I.P. Steve Jobs

blame it on Shake October 5, 2011

Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.

Damn… at the young age of 56, the former CEO of Apple has passed away.

  • MacMournPro

    I’m sad about this, because this mans contributions to art & technology single handedly changed my life. I’m typing this on a MacPro for goodness sakes!
    Two words he left us to live by… “Think Different”


  • krsdaruler


  • iSwami11

    RIP ….thank you for your amazing products and being a great human.

  • :P

    RIP Jobs

  • adf

    sad day today…

  • Nobetter

    Typing R.I.P. On an I phone

  • Nobetter

    Typing RIP on an iPhone how fitting

  • apple

    If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email [email protected]

  • wow

    RIP if it werent for him we would not have my ipod and iphone and all these touch screen phones…again RIP typing from my macbook.

  • 2ndera

    R.I.p. tech visionary for real!

  • 2ndera

    R.I.P steve jobs a true tech visionary

  • ringring

    Rip, and i don’t understand why people would dope this..

  • Bxmonsta

    R.I.P from an iPad

  • dedxsad

    ayo y duz this have more thumbs down than ups #cmonson

  • Wave your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Macbook in respects for Steve Jobs and all he’s done.

  • DK

    Actually kind of sad about this RIP – from my Macbook Pro

  • Jay

    Rick Ross God Forgives I Don’t Best Rapper Alive

  • mR

    just lost a legend.

  • Dopeness

    iHope all the thumbs down are bcuz they sad to see him go, But RIP u was a genius nd im typin this on my iPhone.

  • RIP


  • los angel

    Anyone who is first hearing about this on 2dopeboyz should go kill themselves and read the news more.

    that being said, RIP

  • Secret

    Thumbs up for changing the tech industry.
    Thumbs down for the loss of a visionary.

    Steve Jobs

  • Ted Bundy

    Best news all day

  • henny

    yeah, sad thing and all but has nothing to do with hiphop so, why are you posting it on this site?

    again, no disrespect, r.i.p.

  • Prince Vegeta

    It’s sad that he passed at a fairly young age but how is this related to hip hop or music in anyway?

  • DK

    @los angel calm down. the news literally broke out less than an hour ago it’s not like it’s been hours or days or something.

  • Thanks for providing the idiot masses with years worth of rehashed mp3 players and other useless overpriced humps of shit. Rest in piss, asshole.

  • hboogie

    damn, why so many thumbs down though? people ain’t shit sometimes, lol.

  • Jay Cole

    Oh man this is terrible news, RIP Steve. =(

  • Shahshsh

    ^ You guys can stfu and suck bill gates dick

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    Damn man, people are passing like season. Apple just blew up to from under the Macintosh imprint but anyway Rest In Peace dude.

  • And Won

    some people are saddened by the news so they clcik the thumbs down. its not hard to understand.

    i press the up cause its hell here.

  • Mr. Freeze

    This asshole contributed heavily in making Americans a bunch of lazy fatass slobs who want everything at their finger tips and kids don’t even play outside anymore cuz of his shitty inventions…sad he died tho from cancer that’s the worst

  • And Won

    Mr. Freeze, please stop being a bitter chode.



  • dro

    why they gotta take the young niggaz so young?

  • MrCrockett

    Yeah some of you niggas ain’t for disrespecting the dead like that..but anyways R.I.P steve jobs a true visionary

  • Hugo Chawvez Viva Communism!


    This technology of video gadgets moves people apart, similar to hip hop. It takes them further and further from each other, from nature, and from the world. It ruins their eyes and their bodies. It erodes their humanity. It’s an opium for the masses. It’s not good.

  • Simply Blu

    @Prince Vegeta
    Think about it… iPods, iTunes, Apple Store… all relate to music and their distribution. Hip-Hop is distributed through it. He revolutionized how we obtained and broadcast our music… Rest In Paradise Steve

  • J.Dot

    I thumbed this down because I’m sad about it… It’s not dope that he died. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be on this site now. I would have no where to put al my music. RIP Steve Jobs

  • Johnny Blaze

    iTunes was the biggest music revolution in history, thats why hes on this site. RIP

  • Buck.e.mosis This is a pretty inspirational speech a friend of mine shared with me. He gave it at Stanford’s commencement. Def Worth a listen!!! RIP

  • Lamesthesedays

    I don’t understand how the fruitcakes that come here don’t realize that this is a personal blog in which those that have it can post whatever compels their interests, be it outside of hip-hop or otherwise. I guess all your lives relates to hip-hop in some way? Yea good luck with that shit.

    Anyway RIP a visionary for generations to come.

  • Jimmy Jam

    Another thing…is this unfinished? Seems to end too abruptly. Shoulda let that shit ride out

  • albeback

    that shows you the money dont mean nothing with out health

  • 5 Ft. Deep


  • Kicks


    amazing man, amazing visionary.

  • charley browne

    @Mr. Freeze yea steve jobs went door to door shoving mcdonalds down peoples throats and forcing them not to exercise, fckin dumbass…

    r.i.p. steve jobs

  • RIP steve jobs, cancer sucks

  • realshit

    202 thumbs down? damn what a fucked up world we live in…
    what benefit do you get out of disliking this? we only live once, so why the fuck waste your time hating others on the internet?

  • IAmCancerBitch!

    typing go fuck yourselves on a linux ^_____^ fuck steve jobs ya fags

  • Your Mom

    For the people who thumbed up, you think it’s “dope” he died?

    Rest In Power Steve

    Held my iPhone in the air for ya

  • Maga D

    @realshit: People thumbs down not because of the post, but because they don’t like the fact that Jobs died. That’s why I thumbed down anyway.

  • ghostface27

    People commenting on the thumbs up/down:

    It’s clear (almost) everyone is sad to see him go. It’s just that some people are hitting the thumbs up to show their support and desire that he may RIP. Others are hitting the thumbs down because the news is sad. Don’t be so quick to think the community is that awful.

  • eYePTyOu

    Any idiot saying that Steve Jobs has no relevance to Hip Hop needs to stop and think for a second. Some of your favorite artists are able to get their music to the masses because of the iPod and the iTunes service that came with it. There is little point explaining beyond that, but suffice it to say Steve Jobs has affected music/ hip hop greatly.

    RIP Steve Jobs
    And to people confused by the thumbs up/down, it’s kinda confusing what to do when it’s bad news. You dislike the news but like the person and what they did or is doing.

  • peteROC

    This news fucked me up man. rest in power, king

  • Mr. Freeze

    @charley browne I was talking about all the tech that has made this society lazy fatasses that people don’t even go outside anymore dip shit

  • WittyFrittyKitty

    Rest In Peace Globalist!

  • Ermac

    U dumbasses who are tyrna connect steve jobs to hip hop are fucking retarded just because he made devices for music doesn’t mean he’s related to hip hop u fuckin idiots

  • mmkayy

    RIP Steve….legend of our time

  • dedxsad

    he changed music by creating the ipod, and itunes is where tons of ppl get their music

  • doclvly

    this man was an entity. He had a crazy vision. Computers ould never exist as they are if this man never came along. He was a social puppater.

  • realtalk

    ^hi hater

    RIP from my macbook, bumping J Cole in iTunes

  • slaughter

    @ermac yeah dude your right hip-hop isn’t related to music, who the fuck even keeps their music on an ipod these days. Walkman’s are much better for listeing to hip-hop if you ask me, and cds are definitley the way of the future…what a bunch of idiots making connections and shit, thinking is for retards…

  • NoName

    Rest in Paradise

  • your mom

    @ zbMrOG Keep using your “WINDOWS” computer and ihope it last more then a year, your just jealous you can’t afford a mac and have to go buy some beat to shit windows computer from best buy.

    Rest in peace Steve Jobs

  • wordtobigbird

    ^^LOL wow..

  • who cares

    What the fuck is up with all the thumbs down? o.O

  • Grievance

    Rest in Peace you changed the world as we knew it. Typed from my iPhone

  • redd

    RIP. Never been an Apple fan, but dude is a genius.

  • 325

    R.I.P. to such an inspiration….
    but..I am confused to whether I should thumb up or down. I feel like if I thumb up I’m in some sick twisted way happy that he died. I want to thumb down because this loss sucks but I don’t want to give the impression that I don’t like this post either. What to do what to do…

  • G

    Thumbs up for the post, n thumbs down for his passing.

  • Ermac

    @slaughter ur are exactly one of the dumb fucks I was talking about just cuz u put hip hop or what the fuck ever on a iPod don’t make steve jobs hip hop idiot

  • iSad

    There should be a sideways thumb specifically for posts like these.

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs

  • No Mercy

    Mr. Freeze is just mad he can’t afford anything Apple, not even their batterries

  • inside information

    “Some of your favorite artists are able to get their music to the masses because of the iPod and the iTunes service that came with it. ”

    true, but shawn fanning and sean parker have a lot more to do with that than steve jobs, and most of the dumb fucks who post here probably have no clue who they are

  • marty mcfly


  • Run

    @inside information

    Actually, they’ve probably contributed much more to the death of music than the promotion of it.

  • hewasaleechtothetechindustry

    Irotting, Idead, Icold,

  • The Polo Posse

    rip steve jobs damn…

    is that an old ass pic of J.Cole and his girlfriend

  • Reel Talk

    Fuck him…still mourning the victims in Haiti and Katrina. Where’s their blog post at you idiotic bitches?

  • B

    He created the company that gave us Toy Story and the man is a genius. Rip Steve Jobs

  • @Reel Talk

    Haiti looked better after the storm.

  • Coolin

    LOL at the guy who said “on A linux”…wow.

  • Drain

    R.i.p. From the touch

  • Complacent

    He didn’t create Pixar lol he just bought the company from George Lucas….anyways RIP but ipod is just another part of the illumanti new world order tracking device

  • rUANsf
  • Chea

    Hipster haters who arent the norm in society have the nerve to dislike this.

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs

  • veezy

    Rest in your iGrave.

  • illamdh


  • scram

    iGuess one apple a day doesn’t keep the cancer away.

  • BuffaloMillz

    RIP from a Macbook

  • what

    im about to to get iDrunk tonight

  • IAmKneeGrow

    an apple a day keeps the Dr. away? guess this wasn’t so true for Steve Jobs….. :(

  • Uh-Oh, you know what this means… ZUNES FOR EVERYBODY, NIGGA!!!1

  • Moses


  • YoungCosby

    Seeing a lot of these comments is the reason why I don’t even like coming into the c-section, but sometimes I have to come in to look at the idiocy that gets posted.

    Being a career software technologist for over 10 years, and a computer user for over 20 years, I admire Steve Jobs for having the courage to innovate in a market where everyone tends to copy one another. He revived a dying company into being one of the largest and innovative tech companies in the history of modern computing. Him and his team have been responsible for creating products that have molded themselves into various markets that the PC dominated for so long. No matter where your brand loyalty lies, Steve Jobs is responsible for directly effecting the products you use. From design aesthetics, to GUI, to marketing strategies, Apple is a brand that you must mention when discussing technology, and that is largely due to the vision of Steve Jobs.

    So pay your respects for not just a great visionary, but a human being that affected so many lives in positive ways. Leave the ignorance alone for at least just a brief moment.

  • Boner Boy

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs…

    You’re soul will always live on through my iPad.

  • Dylon Duncan Fuckers

    yo for all you fuckers questioning this shit for being on 2DB…..Itunes motherfuckers

    #justsayin #basegod #swag2themaximum #swag2thehundredtrillion

  • MotherFucker Jones

    This site probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him.

    And he did not create pixar.. he started it under a different name and sold it.

  • YoungCosby

    “This site probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him.” –

    WHATTHEFUCKAREYOUTALKINGABOUT? He didn’t create the internet or TCP/IP !!! He was the CEO of Apple. He didn’t even invent the first Apple computer, that was Steve Wozniack’s engineering genius.

  • Revolutionary,Genius status.

  • lZ

    crazy thing is some of you idiots on here bashing Steve Jobs for whatever reason own a an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or iTunes. #Thinkbeforeuspeak

  • LZ

    crazy thing is some of you idiots on here bashing Steve Jobs for whatever reason own a an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or use iTunes. #Thinkbeforeuspeak

  • D1

    people say it has nothing to do with hip hop, a lot of your favorite producers wouldnt be producers without steve jobs. You know how many people use macs? smh. RIP

  • fuckthisshit



  • fuckapple

    hiphop was, will and always will be alive…

    witthout mutherfucking ipods

    so fuck you crybabies

    probably satan came down to claim his soul

    fuck apple

  • SmartassNigga

    ^ This nigga is stupid as hell

  • Pauly Dee

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

    Just terrible and a great legend and innovator. I’ve actually seen people crying over this…CRYING! Damn…

  • PC

    What do cancer and Mexicans have in common? They both took our Jobs!
    What do a Prius and Steve Jobs NOT have in common? One can hit 60.
    Too zune?

  • Zephyr

    Pretty much every single producer in the world uses a Mac. You kids are like those religious freaks that show up screaming at a dead soldier’s funeral.

    RIP, and thanks.

  • YoungCosby

    @ D1 – Sooooooooo how was music produced before computers? What did people use before ProTools? You do know there are plenty of people who produce music on Windows based PCs right? What about the Neko that’s built with Windows XP?

    Point is shut the fuck up…

  • Vlad

    How can there be more dislikes than likes on a man who had a HUGE influence on modern day technology?? Some people just make me sick, show some respect you punks with no life. It’s not about APPLE PRODUCTS here, it’s about a visionary who changed the way we use computers, phones and music players.

  • so

    Because we don’t like the fact that steve jobs died…

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