• lil wayne


  • mouse

    SHow Tufli XXL Freshman

  • barney

    TuFli goes in! i can't get into Jae though. overall the track is nice.

  • M.Dizzy

    i been riding with show since i heard him with ch all i gotta say.
    HOW FLI. they know ha

  • indianaJones

    Tufli is sick

  • http://charleshamiltonproject.com Tune

    You guys post Tufli songs and not the Charles Hamilton mixtape. This blog...

  • http://charleshamiltonproject.com Tune

    you guys post a tufli song and not the charles hamilton mixtape. smh, this blog...

  • D

    ^^^^ you had to post your hate twice. smh, this guy

  • Me

    Next up

  • TimmySlim

    This guy show tufli is the truth!...i wanna hear more of him