• http://www.twitter.com/teamyounggliss TeamYoungGliss

    Gliss got next up this new artist out of Philly Is amazing real HipHop

  • http://www.twitter.com/YoungGlissFans YoungGlissFans

    we support Gliss 100 percent this artist grind is something we never seen before please join us and support Young Gliss

  • ms gina kool

    it wasnt bad nice song.

  • http://twitter.com/__vanitylove @__VanityLove

    Amazing... Thank God For Artist Like You... Maybe Those Wack Wannabes Will Give Up B/c You Killed'em. #DEAD

  • wlmmm

    onsmash videos suck ass.

  • ello76

    anybody else think he sounds a little like hov? this is ill tho!

  • _@youngho

    nice track... dope video... no gimmick. doesn't sound like the rest of Philly mixtape meek mills rappers!