Yung Nate - Let Her Go f. Woody

Second single off Nate's upcoming album, Meant To Be Broken, dropping this Halloween.

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  • Detroit89

    i never heard anything from yung nate that made me want to dl, he is one of those cats who just never brought it to that level.

  • A “George Clooney/Airborne/fulltimeboss/D $cience/MartyMcFly/red(you are posting…)” Stan fka Answer Me!

    ^ So true. Its not his bad or we be "hating" but... dats not considered a compliment these days!

  • J

    Yung Nate dont want gun play he want cum n tongue play

  • yung nate is skilled. he has a promising passion behind what he does and is one smart mother fucker. HOWEVER, i do feel he needs needs to drop akboyent ASAP, they're just awful - fucking terrible. terrible motives and they think they are way cooler than they actually are. he needs a better more creative producer to think outside the box and encourage will take him to the next level. where the fuck is charles? - what a killa team that was. this ain't hate, it's the truth.


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