2Deep: (Mad) Skillz 1994 Stretch Armstrong Freestyles

blame it on JES7 October 8, 2011

In response to Skillz’s much needed rant about the latest 2011 BET Ciphers, I wanted to throw up two freestyles (off-the-dome and written shit) from Skillz to showcase to the dopeboyz / girlz, for those who may not be familiar with his skills (no pun). These two freestyles came a couple years before he released his debut album (I still think it’s flawless), From Where??? Apparently the definition of “freestyle” has been lost in translation, and so has the skill of coming up with really dope similes, snaps and punchlines (and not the Big Sean / Drake “punchlines” either). Besides the obvious, respected artists, what are the dopeboyz and girlz’s favorite freestyle MCs, of yesterday and today?

Q-Tip & Mad Skillz – Apr. 94 Freestyle

Mad Skillz – Oct. 94 Freestyle

  • leutrim rexhaj

    from where??? is far from flawless, theres no swizz beatz on it
    favorite freestyler from yesterday is easily big l, no doubt about that and from today it is a 5 way tie between royce, crooked, joell, kendrick lamar and skyzoo

  • Yung Freshness aka Lil Oak

    Lil Wayne is the best freestyler. I heard he battled Eminem and beat him back in 09.


    Take care.

  • The_Villain

    fav freestyler – Kurupt. He was the on the Wake Up Show taking any and all challengers and MURDERING them. If anybody remembers when he battled that kid Grafh, and just cut in everytime that kid took a breath knows what I’m talking. The kid was practically crying, Sway had play referee cause he was whining and bitching.

  • Rev

    Eyedea, Kristoff Krane, J.U.I.C.E., Eminem, Crooked I.

  • KO

    Black Thought all day… Theres actually a video on youtube with Black Thought and Skillz on a tour bus trading bars back and forth doing a hip-hop trivia type battle. Shit is dope.

  • Higgs


    great call on Eyedea and Kristoff Krane. I gotta add Carnage too.

  • SuperNat. he’s real genuine

  • weebeethem

    I STILL have these freestyles on tape somewhere. I miss this shit!!

  • Supernatural for damn sure. I like Eyedea too. It looks like these cats above have some similar tastes.

  • Supernatural for damn sure. I like Eyedea too. It looks like these cats above have some similar tastes…

  • l3lackstar

    Black Thought sold me as my favorite MC of all time when he was freestyling with ?uest. Musta been the early 90’s, it was unreal. Now while Black Thought is a dope freestyler as, to me, he’s a quintessential MC but the all time freestyle champion is MC Supernatural hands down.

  • jyel

    Crooked i on the wake up show is crazy

  • Juanka

    Percee P, PackFM…

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  • b.

    freestyle fellowship… (REAL EMCEES OFF THE TOP) & the good life/project blowed L.A.liens! MURK MUTHAFUCKAS! shouts to eyedea too…

  • Lyst

    Sage Francis!!

  • Hjack2111

    Ras Kass ia dope off the top I remember seeing him spit on rap city back in the day

  • Alpha29

    Gotta be Big L, Percee P, Mos Def, Jadakiss and Slim Shady… Big L on the Stretch and Bobbito Show ’95 Pt.2: gotta be one of the best all time, and that freestyle jus showed how Jigga jacked a shitload if not all of L’s flow, flava and delivery when rhymin’ [and passes it off as his own today]… and I always liked [a young] Jadakiss freestyle, with Ma$e, over the ‘Hands Where My Eyes Can See’ beat…shit was dope… to me, its the little idiosyncrasies and style that make a freestyle… oh and yeah let us not forget Slim’s freestyle in the ’09 BET Cypha… shit was GAME OVER *shakes head*… but definitely BIG L was the best and still gets no props to this day… R.I.P….

  • Alpha29

    139 an Lenox!!!…

  • Nasty Nay

    That nigga Locksmith can freestyle his ass off… the battle between him and A.Wolf was a school on freestylin’… I remember him on MTV Freestyle Battle aswell… muhfucka done been had skills… Locksmith’s a talented dude and is crazy slept on… but the freestyle between Mistah FAB and Clyde Carson back in the day was epitome of how NOT to freestyle… lesson to you all: DO NOT Step Into The Arena if you KNOW you can’t spit for shit!… even now when I watch that shit back it’s STILL so painful to watch… funny AS FUCK tho… Clyde *shakes head*… tut tut…

  • Nasty Nay

    Matter’ fact… what tha fuck happened to F.A.Beezy?!?!…

  • 5th


  • Nasty Nay

    Oh shit! How could I forget the G.O.A.T.?!?!… Mr. Eli Porter!!!…
    I’m da bess maaaayne… I diiid it… classic shit…

  • UNCtimus Prime

    Black Thought… nuff said.

  • epic

    Big L & Lord Finesse