• haventlistened

    We gotta number the tracks ourselves? Wack.

  • ATL Officer

    We gotta number the tracks ourselves? Wack.


  • SMH

    ATL Officer: You, sir, are a fucking moron. Music is free. You can bitch, it our right. You on the fuckin bandwagon with touchy faggots.

    Anyway, this dude is a fucking moron on the cover. Covered in Blue and blue all over his fingers with a Dare Shirt over his face... Fucking gimmicky faggot. Get a clue dumb shit.

  • http://co manum

    Xisnt that kreayshawn's dj? Hahaha


    Hate is a beautiful thing. This mixtape is off the hook. You got flamers talkin bout what color dude wearing, that's what you base your post about? LOL.. These dudes are bringing real rap back.. Meyhem Shaz Bronson Gemz ...

  • Lil Papi

    Umm these track are not in order...very amateur...quick tip for next time..label your tracks in order and include cover art....im just saying

  • Atiker

    That "gimmicky faggot" will stomp you.

  • yaboysibz

    this shit bangs. shoulda numbered and added artwork himself for presentation purposes but idgaf, its only 12 tracks. i thought the cover was real dope with the tape and blue fingers, an ill pic with no photoshop craziness.. very 97. sounds like some war report rap, cant ever go wrong with that.

  • whocares

    LOL @ the fag complaining about numbering the tracks himself. This is a good mixtape, if you're going to miss out because you want to be a sensitive bitch then go ahead, it's your loss.