50 Cent – 50′s My Favorite (Street King Energy Track #11)

blame it on Miss_Peas October 10, 2011

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DOWNLOAD: 50 Cent – 50′s My Favorite (Street King Energy Track #11) | Mediafire
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  • dum_fucs

    50 sounds hungry got damn!!

  • dj khaled is an arab

    another banger this shit is hot and again he does it all by him self

  • GGG-G-Unit

    Even tho I’m old 50 fan. these new tracks were kinda okay till
    It came to non stop, shady murder and this one right here. I can only give it one listen and don’t feel like listening to it again.feels like his just throwing shit out there even tho it’s weak just to keep that momentum I guess

  • VJ

    Fif needs to stop throwing tracks out and needs to compile them and put it out as a tape. That way, it automatically has more replay value..

  • ThaTruth

    50 need to drop the mixtape already, He sound hungry


    kick push bitch niggas yall know u was bumpin 50 before anything u culd remember and he back with that hard shit now so go head and remember and hop on that bandwagon.

    fyi he wasnt dissin lupe cuz lupe go harder than shake mom dad dick in her clit

    nah im jus playin hahahah

  • Ty$

    LOL at this ^^^^ Nigga
    But u right 50 go hard still and although niggas don’t fuck wit lupe he still one of the best mixtape artists

  • jimbo

    50 gotta be the realest rapper ever to make it commercial and as big as he has i just wish people would open their eyes and stop supporting all this fake soft bullshit and keep it real

    good track

  • rUANHOLL346

    damnnn 50 back on that steady fire
    even the hate trolls have a tuff time hating on 50 now

  • lindaliudf

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  • If you think about it 50 is dissin Weezy again for that skateboard sht NOT Lupe, think back to “Public Service Announcement” video by Lil Wayne. CONNECT THE DOTS .

  • Jono

    is 50 really anybody favorite???

    Target giving out $1,000 giftcards ..4 their 30th 24 hours only..all my school shit paid 4!

  • QZA

    Jay elect Jay elect Jay elect Jay elect Jay elect Jay elect Jay elect Jay elect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blizit BKNY

    Jona i listen to fif and banks most outta my music, J Cole Cole world album is ill son

  • MyFiddyCents

    From Street Kings FAQ

    How much of my purchase goes towards charity?

    Street King will purchase a meal for a person in need for every unit (shot) of Street King sold.
    There’s better ways to donate to charity then buying fif’s products

    These tracks are nice though

  • Angry Hoosier

    The last strong project 50 has put out was war angel ( if you love fif’s aggressive music). These series of songs have 50 trying to please “old and new ” Hip Hop….in a weird if you follow him at all he just sounds out of place on these songs…. or maybe ……

  • Seriously

    Daaamn Fif stays winning. Check out “50 Cent in 2011:

  • Kennyis22

    @Angry Hoosier, Before I Self Destruct was a strong album. One of the softer songs, Do You Think About Me, was actually a good song. I feel like people overlook that album or don’t even give it a chance because it didn’t sell.

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