Jay Electronica – Call of Duty: MW3 f. Mobb Deep

blame it on Shake October 10, 2011

Art by RIK.

This is what y’all been waiting for right? Just as folks started (rightfully) doubting Jay Elect, he comes through in the latter half of the day with some new tunes. Enlisting the Infamous for some modern warfare. After listening, what do y’all think? Worth the wait?

DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica – Call of Duty: MW3 f. Mobb Deep [via]

  • PRalines

    yeaaaahhh buddy!

  • RealHipHop
  • those lyrics and rhymes… not sure why Bandana had to make an appearance tho

  • DK

    Honestly I think Prodigy went harder than Jay

  • chuck

    i been checkin ALL day for this.

  • Yo

    So glad he took almost a year to put out a mediocre ass song. If the name Jay Electronica wasn’t attached to this shit, no one would give a second look.

  • Thrill Murray

    Sick, but why do I not hear Havoc?

  • e-meka

    SHake is fcuked..i mean it..i fcuking h8 all of his posts..Meka..take ova..pls..

  • dedxsad

    this beat is wack

  • Johnny Blaze

    I only heard P…? Anyways this is hot, but nowhere near Exhibit C’s epicness


    I like the song, but its no where near the hype surrounding it.
    Keep up the good work Jay E

    Peace 7

  • Where… is Havoc?? And yes, this is a tad bit underwhelming for me, personally.

  • Canuck

    I feel bad for saying this because jay e is so dope, but this is shit

  • the guy who said this

    please tell me i’m not the only one who thinks this beat is garbage? i wish jay would stick to ONLY just blaze beats….

  • Vizion

    not really feeling the beat either… good track… but jay got some better shit coming..

  • kosis

    Damn, Jay had no idea how to flow on this beat. Unfortunate.

  • Seriously

    This is hella dope, lyrics and shit over at the spot: http://www.kidswastingtime.com/2011/10/jay-electronica-call-of-duty-modern.html

  • lucidity

    verses are all sick, just not really feeling this beat either

  • asfasf

    who cares about this wack ass nigga

  • Detroit89

    jay electronica knew dilla and works with just blaze, why are these beats sound like ass. honestly jay-z has to have his label signees always equipped with great production, it is his label, he has to make sure it is represented as best as it can be.

  • the 10 year ETHER theory

    so no one else finds the humor and irony in PRODIGY of all people saying “PUTCHA DIAMONDS IN THE SKY”?! Thats the most eventful part of the track!

  • GeeZuP

    This song is cool it ain’t all that jay elect just needs to drop that act II already tho I’m glad he referenced in this track how his album being like detox cuz the shit really is but this might just see the light of day

  • jay

    I swear jay elect drops science on every verse dope verses from jay elect and prodigy where havoc at dope track peace to the gods

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEo_ONSMj5M

    song on youtube. Not spamming a rap song since I don’t rap, lol.

  • cam

    so no one else finds the humor and irony in PRODIGY of all people saying “PUTCHA DIAMONDS IN THE SKY”?! Thats the most eventful part of the track!


    This joint wasn’t even really that nice… Waited this long for this shit?!?!?!

  • Chadwick

    Never thought I’d hear P rapping about throwing diamonds up

  • Manny
  • dev

    damn I see alot of hurt feelings in the c-section. im loving the beat, im guessing Havoc did it? Jay Elec always comes correct even if it is once a year. wasnt really checking out for dude but i fucks with whatever he drops



    Jay Elect and J.cole been making good music and are here to stay

    PUT YA FUCKIN DIAMONDS IN THE SKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    NO WAY niggaz prefering this Jay Elec joint over a leak from Take Care or something.. I appreciate Jay Elec & his contribution to hiphop & showing alot of these new niggaz what it means to make HIPHOP music, but i will literally commit suicide if this get more thumbs up than thos 50 joints, or a Blu joint, or a Drake leak, or a Common leak.. I copped Jay Elec’s previous mixtape, found the rhyming impressive, but this nigga’z music sound the same B.. Subpar beats (great beat ey once in awhile) and great rhyming.. but cmon man, so ppl just gonna ride son cuz he’s got lyrics? what about melody? what about flow? what about a hook? what about a beat? what about a DOPE CONCEPTUAL song like “I Used to Love HER” or “Lost Ones” or “Thieves In The Night”??? Nah? ya’ll just gonna give Jay Elec (and not hating him neither, other rappers like this nigga that just give you dope lyrics and nothin else) a pass? i swear you 2dopeboyz frequenters will ride ANY UNDERGROUND rapper’s dick that has an extensive vocabulary and has co-signs from legends and shit….

    SIDENOTE: Not a Mac Miller fan, but i seen ya’ll THUMBS DOWN ey post of his music…. BUT NAW, The second Shake post a joint by Mac Miller that has Premo on the production, the THUMBS UP button be sky-rocketing and shit. Smfh

    I love Shake & Meka’s taste in music, but I hate every ignorant ‘hiphop head/hiphop purist” that frequents this site.

    That is all.

  • Yes…

  • Zeezrom

    Real hip hop is back! Eat a dick if u think otherwise. Abstract lyrics over abstract beats. The average set of ears won’t appreciate this. STRICTLY FOR SUPERIOR EARS ONLY!!!

  • And Won

    this guy might be too late. i’m still buying the album but my expectations are lower. this song is pretty good. the beat is kinda weak.

  • If I hear that grunt birthday party yay shit one more time…

  • wurd

    yo Jack you mad bro?

    Exhibit C > Shiny Suit Theory > COD MW3

    Jay E needs to leave the boardwork to Just Blaze


  • 4th ear

    @Jack check out Jay Elec’s “Act I” its got everything you asked fir, now shutup

  • jay

    i feel no one relates spirituality metaphysics god history and religion to hip hop like jay electronica does just my opinions abstract hip hop something different

  • the lyrics are great… but the beat sucks…

  • rUANHOLLghk

    why do the net fall head over heals over dudes who make 2 hot tracks

  • jay electronica they call your album detox because it feels like its never coming out not because its gonna be a new chronic… lol pretty good song though, weird for prodigy to say put your diamonds in the sky and I liked the rothschild shit in jays verse

  • surereef

    Let’s be honest here…as an entire song, it’s mediocre at best. Don’t let Eletronica mystique fool you.

  • Iokno why but jay elect just comes off as a lazy rapper to me.

  • c

    lyrics came threw simple beat but dope thats hiphop a beat shouldnt over take the verse ,,,,now a days they make beats that too much shit going on fuck all that keep it simple

  • Chicago

    Why try to change everybody’s opinion on how good he is?
    “false alarm everyone! hes not a good rapper, i’m smarter than you so I can see that hes average and you cant.”

  • visionBlur

    This song is amazing, possibly the next tupac. Jay elec is up!

  • Anthony

    Uhm..nobody else realizes he’s jacking MF Dooms whole style?

  • Cubano

    Im tellin yall let it grow on you i wasnt crazy about it at first….but this shit is epic and its only the first single….i can deal with this being one of the worst tracks on the album cuz thats what the first single usually is

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jack you talking like this shit is wack or something like its another artist in the same position dropping the same kind of material right now. Smh you sound like you’ve heard every song on Jay Elecs album already and can come to a reasonable conclusion about the full potential of his contribution to hip hop. You talking about hooks and melody? Homie go listen to Drake and Lil Wayne cause this shit is just hard beats, rhymes and science, this aint that sing some bitches a lullaby music. Jay Elec aint Drake or J Cole and he aint talking about killing everybody on every song like 50 cent. You compare him to Common which is cool but Jay Elec aint trying to come across as a nice guy like Common is. He just making his shit and who ever dont like it can go back to some other shit no problem. Some of you people want dope lyrics but soft beats and subject matter that you can snuggie with a bitch to but thats not what this is. Aint this kind of music what you been saying is missing from hip hop anyway? Then dont complain when you get it cause you people expecting to hear Drake bust out a melody over some softer vibe on a Jay Electronica song? Im sorry but I doubt thats gonna happen. If Ghostface made this song and called it Supreme Clientele 2 you people would be acting like you super hip hop heads. Now when you get that real shit from Jay Elec you asking for melody, hooks and some kind of recycled flow like Big Sean on Supa Dupa or something. This song is not Exhibit C or A but dont act like its wack just cause you cant close your eyes and sing about the girl shit to it. Tickle me elmo ass mothafuckas GTFOH

  • truth

    Wow.. y’all been waiting over a year for this?

    JCOle’s “Work Out” sounds better.

  • jiz

    Beat-4/lyrics-8.5/flow-6. He sounded MAD out of his element in the first bars of the track but the god always drops gems. side note: Funny how everybody screams Exhibit C but nobody mentions Exhibit A when that shit was just barely inferior.

  • Str8cash

    Pretty impressive the parallels Jay thinks he has with Churchill- the speech he imbedded was from Churchill’s first radio address as Prime Minister and the photo that Jay used was from Churchill’s first stateside visit during a speech tour in 1900. I may be out on a limb, but Jay’s about to get ready to come full force with this shit.

    I have 0 issues waiting for quality, well thought out hip hop. Fuck the beat, I’m more interested in what Jay has to say. He could rap over a frog croaking for all I give a fuck, so long as he is dropping knowledge.

    Let’s give this man a chance, and see what he has in store for us.

  • ILL

    People are so hard to please, keep listening to it and realize how good this shit is.

  • 4th ear

    The song aint wack it just didnt reach the ridiculous hype and expectations, doesnt necessarily mean it sucks..and b4 u say hes wack atleast do your research and listen to songs like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Exhibit A”, “Exhibit C”, “Jazzmatazz” and “The Announcement”

  • Dope as hell. Nothing more nothing less. Keep dropping that science Jay.




    After listening a few more times, its obvious Jay E should have made this a solo mission and left Prodigy off the Verse (possibly the hook). Prodigy is a rap legend but he is washed up lyrically and can’t compete with Jay E lyricism. Plus Prodigy’s voice dont even sound right on this song.

    In summery the song is underwhelming because of Prodigy and possibly the beat choice. Jay Electronica is still the best rapper alive (IMO) but he just got off to a bad start with this song.

    Again I still like the song and I cant wait to hear more of what Jay E has to offer.

    Peace 7
    Are you watching closely?

  • Fred

    people jock this dudes shit way too hard. appreciate him but yall just OD on the praise and dickriding. they will give this a 10/10 and never listen to it ever again. typical jocking.

  • JOSH

    I think jay didnt help by hyping the track so much, but this track is already growin on me. and it isnt an act 2 cut. i agree he never sounds as good as he does over a just blaze beat, but he obviously wants to explore dif sounds, the shit he put out with bullitts was fire imo.
    Get ready for The Turn.
    Peace Elohim.

  • yo all you faggots who think this song is wack………please tell me what INCREDIBLE FUCKING ALBUMS YOU STOPPED LISTENING TO BEFORE YOU CAME TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG SO I CAN BE PART YOUR SUPER STANDARDS,YOU LOOSE-ASSHOLE,BRAT FAGGOTS.i maen really,what……..carter 4???weed plate ,r.e.d///ash tray…….watch the throne………..boutique/one listen decorative glass holder. bunch of whinning little bitches,move out your moms crib and go get money.

  • Enlight

    Jay’s dope but this song wasn’t perfected, it feels like an essay that was written a night before it’s due. I honestly feel like he wrote and recorded the shit today (steve jobs reference)…Idk what that’s about

  • Jimmy

    All that for a fucking verse, Jay either put some music together or just forget about it all together. Christ.

  • Weass

    most of yall decided this was dope before you even pressed play. cant take your opinions seriously

  • J-easythegreat



    @ jack…did this nigga really just say what about melody???what about a hook???/ does this dude have a dick in his ass right now now………..a leak off take care,what is drake going to be rapping about, your nipples nigga,you like it when niggas sing to you.I HAD DINNER WITH ROTHCHILDS,drake is telling his fans to take care,how fucking sweet.YO JACK EVER HEAR A FUCKING M.O.P SONG WITH A MELODY YOU HOMO

  • This song must have been complete before Mobb Deep came into the studio today. I wonder if there was a previous, solo version of this with only Jay Elect on it?

    And was this shit sponsored by Call of Duty or is it a single off Act II? (hope not)

  • J-easythegreat


  • ddasfasf

    lol 1 verse every year , umm ok
    god the internet loves the underdog

  • isp23

    Anyone else think this isn’t the original song COD was supposed to be? The way they were hyping it up and with a name like COD MW3 you would think there was gonna be something said about someone. Anyway, different than what I thought we were gonna get but it’s dope. It took a few listens to come to that verdict.

  • Radnd

    jack pretty much just ethered all of you with that dickriding shit. you fake ass hip hop heads like and dislike based on who the artist is not the actual music

  • JOSH

    on second thought i am a bit disappointed….
    this track was so hyped. he has had that much time, to hit us with this?
    dont get me wrong i think it is a good track by todays hiphop standards, but for jay e?
    nah. we want to hear that act 1 type ish, that exhibit a + c type ish, that dear moleskin type ish, close your eyes, shiny suit. that is what i wanted to hear. this doesnt hit me like those tracks did.
    but ill give it time. you know he will be back with more.


    Jay Elect took a loss for this one.

  • yawut

    this song honestly sucks

  • Spike

    I’m guessing Havoc produced? The beat ain’t actually that bad.

  • dmdpro5

    its not wack but the way he trys to make the realse of his music an event like he has a jay-z catalog or something this isnt good i mean its good but he never puts out music i would of thought he had some game changing end niggas career type shit to put out great lyrics but damn lyric wont get anybodys attention with out a dope beat it was to repetive its like the sample was just trimped and somebody looped it and just kept replaying it and threw a couple claps in here and there, i thought this was sopposed to be a j.e and just blaze track they were takn pics and shit imagen jay electronica over that rick ross i love my bitches beat!!!!

  • I honestly think this track goes

  • Jeek

    Lyrics is cool, but the beat is too simple mang, that shit just loops, it gets annoying. Im just sayin Jay can do betta, tell me has he heard that lately

  • Jack

    @ Marty

    I stayed up til 1 am to watch BlackStar perform “Fix Up” on that damn Comedy Central show just because I’ve had a busy week and haven’t been able to do the shit I’d like to do like enjoy BlackStar perform some new shit. Nas is my favorite emcee period. I love Jay, Big L, Pun, Pac, Big, Canibus, Ice Cube, Jadakiss, Scarface, Common, MF Doom, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, and a bunch of other shit that you’d probably be like “oh awright this nigga knows his shit..”

    Mind you, I’m only droppin that shit above right there ^ because you seemed to like the fact that I made a reference to Common (Which more than likely means you wouldn’t give my opinion any credit whatsoever hadn’t i name-dropped a legend, WHICH makes me despise you knowing you’re just another biased, close-minded “hiphop head/hiphop purist” douchebag)

    With that being said..

    Stop assuming that i listen to music that’s oriented around women and swag and shit, cuz there’s only 2 ‘rappers’ that i absolutely won’t ever listen too, and 1 (soulja boy) is the pioneer of all that swag shit. I’m not saying that this joint is wack, cuz i know who Jay Elec is and i been on him for a little over a year now, and not to mention that Mobb Deep’s THE INFAMOUS is personally one of my fav hiphop albums ever… ALL i’m saying, is that everyone dickrides the shit outta this mediocre music, and gives rap niggas a pass on not being original and shit.. SAME THING goes for all of these gotdamn annoyin Cole fans saying COLE WORLD’s a classic and shit smh MIND YOU, I thought Cole World was a solid album (not classic), LOVED the warm up & FNL, and The come up was a dope tape (considering songs like LIL GHETTO NIGGA, DOLLAR AND A DREAM, RAGS TO RICHES) I’m just annoyed w the way you niggaz judge shit on this site… And Big Sean’s dope, so is Drake.. So is Rakim, Black Thought, & Common for all you other faggot purists that have heart-attacks every time someone say one of these new niggaz is dope……

    point is, this shit is mediocre, i’m not hating on Jay Elec or any other rappers, i’m only hating on all you faggot “hiphop heads/hiphop purists.”

    I’m not mad actually. Got laid earlier, Lions won, had some amazing dinner w my family, and enjoyed the BlackStar performance…. Silly niggaz, thinkin i’m mad just becuz i’m expressing my opinion lol

    fuck marty mcfly tho

  • thatrealshit

    sounds like he thru this together in a coupe days, the beat is average at best. his lyrics are on point as always but the steve jobs reference and the fact that he tweeted about mobb deep bein in the studio not even 10 hours ago shows me this track was thrown together. sometimes tracks r hot when they get done quik but thats not the case with this one, jay elec better give us somethin better than this for the album, the production just isnt cuttin it

  • Jack

    Big Daddy Kane, WU-TANG, Lauryn Hill, DMX, Slaughterhouse, UGK, Blu, Kendrick Lamar, Big KRIT, MOP, CLIPSE, Styles P, and AZ….. Just to name a few more “respected rappers by 2dopeboyz frequenters that JACK also enjoys listenin too”

    smh i guess that’s what i gotta do huh? OH WAIT.. I forgot to mention that J.Dilla, Premo, and Large Professor are a few of my FAVORITE producers of all time too.. i fuck w Pete Rock too, Dre, 9th Wonder.. forgot to name drop some dope producers too…..

    i’ll probably scroll thru my iTunes again and find niggaz i forgot to namedrop and be tempted to make another namedroppin comment, but fuck it im tired already…..

    peace you biased faggots.

  • Turtle

    This beat reminds me of Common’s Blue Sky. Never quite drops, but both are hella dope. For the record, with the Steve Jobs reference, he couldn’t have written this very long ago, at least that part. He hasn’t been holding this.

  • the realest

    i went straight to the c-section once i saw the post. and to my surprise(idk why i was surprised), niggaz was hating on JAY ELECTRONICA! the lord himself to the 2dopeboyz commneters who ask for “real hiphop”. smh. like jay hova aint been dropping gems, like nas stop rapping after illmatic, like kanye aint..smh. like kanye aint been in the studio since taylot swift-gate. smh. now all you fuckin complain-ers finally get your precious jay elect song and its watch the throne all over again:

    “it was underwhelming.” “the beat was wack.” “the lyrics were trash.” “P out did jay elec/jay elec should have left P off.”

    smh. same shit, different toilet. muhfuckas just like to be “that guy.” that guy thats always hatin’ just to hate. like its their first meal of the day and just gotta have it. then have the nerve to play that same sad song, “oh, so cuz i dont like the song im a hater?” smh. YES! YES IT DOES!

    as for the song. the song is hard. kinda what i expected. and i wasnt expecting exibit C, cuz i know not all songs gotta sound alike to be hard. and thats what you muhfuckas dont get. you guys get so comfortable and complacent in your own lil small music box, and if it dont fit in that box, you come here to voice how wack the song is as if it is fact. but with alot of jay elect shit, you gotta give it time to set it in. exibit C production was so grand and live that it drew ppl in instantaniously and jay elect delivered with the verses. this is not the case for this song, but that doesnt make it trash either. its just a good song.

  • LittleMs


  • marty mcfly

    @Radnd You talking about people liking who he is and not really judging the music but if you know about some other artists thats just smashing anything Jay Electronica does then let us know so we can listen to them. I think Torae dropped the best song today with Pete Rock but that doesnt mean im comparing everything I hear to this. I see people is stuck on the beat and expecting the angels to come out the heavens when Jay Elec drops a song but did Exhibit C or A have some kind of crazy melodic beat or hook? NO just dope lyrics and that was enough and when those songs came out not everybody was moved by them but if you listen to them now you can hear the difference in those songs and other peoples shit and appreciate them. Looking back on Exhibit C , thats almost a classic song because if that same shit came out in the 90s people would be using that song as the measuring stick of what true lyricism is. So you people judging this song after a few listens dont really know what else is in store for the rest of his album and what role this song plays on it. Not everybody is dickriding because if you cant name another artist thats in the same lane and doing it better then you just mad cause the song isnt what YOU want but people like it. @ Jack No fuck you dumbass cause you talking about Nas is your favorite rapper and Infamous is one of your favorite albums but you say Jay Elect is on some mediocre shit so you hate the people who claim to be real hip hop fans but yet you name drop almost all the great lyricists that purists insist are the truth. So your either a poser or a dumbass or just mad at everything.

  • the beats annoying. Lyrics are just OK. Still don’t get why people are so in love this guy.

  • Nah fuck that, this beat is nice.

  • David

    I like the song.. Just the beat takes a minute to get used to.

  • David

    He need to stay with Just Blaze….

  • GOD

    i got all respect for Jay electronica.. but this song is boring..yeah it got lyrics but the beat sucks… even for a simple beat its wack..especially compared to his J Dilla & Just Blaze tracks.. if you think its hot u must like boring ass hip-hop music.. i still got high hopes for Jay tho cause he’s def among the best out and im sure he’ll have a way better debut album than J Cole..

  • He Def Needs J DILLA!!!!!!!!! & Just Blaze

  • Jonnie

    The 2 most truthful comments were that it doesnt suck, it just doesnt reach the ridiculous hype and that its obvious he put this together at the last minute and is not Act II material which hes worked on meticulously..Act II songs will be alot better than this song

  • vtgvol

    stop hatin , this shit isnt as good as i thought it wuld be ………

  • Jay Electronica over J Dilla & Just Blaze >>>>>>>>>>>

  • Daredd

    im not reading paragraphs.

  • if only J Dilla was still alive tho :( R.I.P.

  • his best stuff was def with J Dilla.. he killed those beats.. and Just Blazes

  • Rodney

    jack wins this battle…. sorry

  • LupeFaco

    beats annoying

  • T-Dot





  • i pray that there’s at least one J Dilla joint on his next album.. at least one!!!!! R.I.P. J Dilla <3

  • McBreezy

    cosign Rodney

  • marty mcfly

    When you find out what he won then let me know cause only thing he did was name every hip hop legend but then say people who really like that sound ( hiphop heads/ purists are douchebags) like if you really like hip hop then your close minded. Im never said Jay Elect is the next 2 pac so that jacket you want people like myself to wear doesnt apply. How you gon talk about dickriding and then name 50 rappers that you like just to make a statement like hip hop heads are douchebags? Fool you just named every lyrical rapper in the history of rap when we just talking about this song.

  • DG

    im still not sold on jay. i honestly dont know why. im not really feeling this joint, it aint trash im just personally not feeling it. ima give him the benefit of the doubt tho, cuz eternal sunshine was pretty dope.

  • G’ed up

    I think it’s evident now that Carter Whitelow’s claim is starting to become true. Jay can’t recreate the quality lyrics/music of Act I.

  • Heard the song; thought it was ok, not great. Figure I’ll keep it on the IPod and let it grow on me after a few listens. Not a bad song so I thought until I hit the c-section and read some of these commentators reactions.

  • AI

    LYRICS O Vs A BEATS I THINK ITS FUNNY HOW YOU HALF BREED FUCKS COMPLAIN SO MUCH shoulda coulda woulda been a sharpshoot who what when where why/how no dilla like ELECT dont give a fuck what we think if your not making music for you theres no point gonna tell me this shit is wack your mom is wack cadillac crack all black whoopi…

  • Keebo

    @Yo you a hater you prolly aint even really listen

  • b ali

    you people need some pussy in your lives

  • Keebo

    This shits dope as hell jay-e on some other shit

  • 4e234634

    lyrics sub par
    beat totally bizzare
    no amount of pussy OR weed could fix this disaster

    much like detox longer u wait doesnt mean more quality
    ya diggg

  • yeayea


  • nelsoncruz

    yo i guess u gotta be high to like this or something b/c i cant stop playing it……jay u r a beast, quality over quanity erday !!!

  • rt11011

    i give it a B- and im a big jay fan. lyrics are there, not the best of his stuff and that beat,…aah i’ve heard better ones for sure for sures.

  • Ifty

    Man we just weanna hear Jay that’s it! Frrrruuuccckk Mobb Sleep / Slob Deep…. Jay Elect need to juts do him, and not mess with features like this. Maybe a J. Cole assisted track but that’s it! Do a Nas still Illmatic approach, little or no features

  • lets keep it 1 hunnit


  • Actual/Factual

    This is ok. He’s definitely dropped better shit this way. I’m a Jay Elect fan to the fullest, but these lyrics weren’t overly impressive or that memorable. P was P as he always is. I think the beat fits his style though, not his style of flow but his style period, he usually has some different sounding beats than what most are used to hearing (Shiny suit theory, the announcement, etc.) Honestly nothing fucking with that common shit that dropped though as far songs that have been dropping lately.

  • jzz

    This guy is amazing, this song is probably my least favorite from him. Still don’t know why he gets haters though, they act like us liking him affects their life.

  • jepjep420


  • Dawg

    LOL niggaz call my album DETOX.

  • Man im right up in them kush clouds, And i fuxx with this joint 100%’a, can you dig it? dopest cut around

  • Jay Electra >>>>>>>>> Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole

  • Noddlez

    This nigga is lier…. He comes out with stuff every 2 years because he CAN’T RECREATE THE QUALITY LYRICS THAT HE HAD FOR ACT I. If you can’t see that those accusations of him stealing weren’t true then you’re lying to yourself. I used to this that story was a bunch of bullshit, but now it’s starting to make a LOT OF sense. FUCK JAY ELECT, HE’S A FUCKING FAKE.

  • polo don 2019

    Jay stole those rhymes from ACTI yo, no doubt about it b! Nigga is no her close to what he used to be. Fake ass nigga!

  • Randic

    @jzz they could say the exact same thing about you liking him. you seem to act like them disliking him affects your life.

  • “Then dont complain when you get it cause you people expecting to hear Drake bust out a melody over some softer vibe on a Jay Electronica song? Now when you get that real shit from Jay Elec you asking for melody, hooks and some kind of recycled flow like Big Sean on Supa Dupa or something.”

    @marty mcfly Lmao @ you not having any concept of what melody is and assuming that it’s usage is limited to a specific type of rapper but then tryna argue w/ niggas. I try not too read the comment section on here cos’ niggas say some stupid ignorant shit but every time you say something, unless it’s to claim how superior Jay E is, you’re hating on niggas. Just stfu for once and enjoy the music if you like it and it moving, man. And for the record hooks and melodies are two of the main factors that make a song memorable, which this song for me, definitely isn’t.

  • Lotlan

    Feels weird as shit hearing prodigy say “put ya diamonds in the sky”, but this tracks not bad. The beat gets annoying after a while but the lyrics are hot like always.

  • milkmedia

    That shit was laughably forgettable. Try again zjay maybe if you wait two years you might actually have something.

  • drew

    straight up, I didnt even listen to this on my comp, I went straight to my car (which has a 1000w stereo system) and this sounded like trash!!!!! The mixing was horrible I could barely hear the vocals over the bass. When you’ve got a team like Young Guru and Blaze around you, one would think the best product should come out. But then again this is Jay Elect. To me this dude is way over hyped, and definately has not proven himself to be a consistant artist in the game. #smh at how he wanted to shut down New York City with this track. lol

  • Why do you internet dweebs like J. Electronica so much? What about his music appeals to you? I mean, it took him a full year, almost, to drop a medicore record, and lyrically, he’s average. He chooses the most horredndious beats too boot. He should apply for a job @ Bestbuy or Starbucks, because this hip hop shit isn’t for him.

  • 3P

    Fuck aula yall guffawing over Pack Pistol Posse P’s hook. That shit was ill.

    Put your diamonds in the sky
    Wave em side-to-side
    Get robbed for your shine

    That’s the perfect Roc dis on a Roc artist’s record without it sounding like a dis.

  • red

    Hm I was looking for some real complex lyrics and the interesting juxtapositions that he came with on songs like Voodoman, but I didn’t catch any. Would anyone be willing to put up the lyrics? I’m about to head to class I could use something to distract me.

  • johnny

    nobody is feeling this song because jay elect is to smart for all of you, time and time again his lyrics just fly over everyones head, he really has to dumb himself down in order to please the critics

  • King Tyrone

    This isn’t a single off of Act II. He recorded this yesterday and references Steve Jobs’ death, which just happened. I’d be shocked if it’s anything more than something he’s just putting out for some buzz.

  • Smitty313

    Jay-Z stay winning. First he basicly became Nas boss, now Prodigy talkin bout throw diamonds up.

  • Rezo

    This dude is beyond overrated and his stans act like he is the future of hip hop. The dude is like 35 and he puts out 1 song every year. His beat selection on almost everything I have ever heard is awful and his flow can put you to sleep. Lyrically he isn’t wack, but he also isn’t great. Overall he is a very AVERAGE rapper who puts out very AVERAGE music. His only future is being a broke rapper who never made it, that’s just the truth.

  • idiot

    Jay-Z stay winning. First he basicly became Nas boss, now Prodigy talkin bout throw diamonds up.

    check It aint hard to tell video. guess where he stole it from lol.

  • Thworldisyours

    Actually “idiot”, Prodigy says “Put you diamonds in the sky, wave em side to side, AND GET ROBBED FOR YOUR SHINE!”

    Prodigy threatens Jay Elect on his own song lol.

  • Thworldisyours

    @ Smitty actually

  • Rocharga

    this is no good…sorry

    Best Buy giving out $1,000 giftcards http://goo.gl/FRWfB ..4 their 30th anniversary..next 24 hours only..got a laptop & a phone..lol

  • real talk

    pretty good, nothing special at all


    Inspired by Jay-Elec, aslways have luved his music…but this is DISAPPOINTING! “we made it out the ghettio, brunch w the rothchilds dinner w the carters”…NO, C’MON SUN (in my ED LUVA voice).

  • six

    song is trashhhhhh..beat is super hot garbage

  • zup

    love the idea of MOBB DEEP and Jay E on the same track that linup is godly but the beat wasn’t commin through to me tho

  • rUANHOLLafasf

    ppl still dont understand ppl like cole and jay elec are 1 hit wonders
    make 1 song like “who dat” and “exhibit c” and then ride the buzz for a yr…

  • 4th

    When Act II drops all you haters will eat your words and you’ll see why he’s so hyped up..half of you judging his music off of this 1 song probably havent even heard Act I before smh do your research

  • d-bo

    Beat sounds off beat. Why y’all like this. It sounds like shit comin out of an asshole.

  • *Fair for a square* I was highly anticipating this joint and I think I was hoping for too much. Kind of a let-down but still better than most (in the industry). Jay-Z seems to not really equip his talent roster or hold them up so long that it makes them go stale. I understand artist development but DAMN, you can’t let artist development steal the artist’s FIRE. Keep pluggin’ away Jay Elect, I know you have what it takes.

  • Turtle

    Peep Jay Elect’s tumblr. He threw this together in 24 hours. Beat, lyrics, Mobb Deep, artwork. Everything. And look at the buzz. Turn up the volume and tell me this does not absolutely GO. This is a war anthem. Act II is coming, and it will be amazing, if he made this in 24 hours.

  • I’m sure Act II will definitely be above par but I’m just stating that I’m not too impressed with this song in particular. 24 hours still isn’t excuse enough for this. I can’t let Jay E slide when I know what he’s capable of. If I do then he may get comfortable with putting out mediocre material. OPTIMIZE!!! Quality is far better than Quantity in my opinion. Unless you are a Lil’ Wayne fan that accepts anything with his name on it and rocks with it like it’s Really poppin’. Let’s go Jay Elect. The fans can wait for a good body of work. At least I can. Don’t feel rushed cause we can tell. *wink*

  • marty mcfly


    How you gon cosign a hater and then say im the one hating? You sound stupid cause im simply reminding you who your listening too. Im not making no claims about how superior Jay Electronica is or isnt cause we all gon see if he is when he drops an album but you defending a hatin ass idiot because this song doesnt have melody or a hook with some kinda easily acceptable melody. Nigga the post says its a Jay Electronica song so you know what to expect and what not to expect before you even press play. Smh what did you think this song was gonna be? Its called Call of Duty ft. Mobb Deep so were you expecting some kinda love song or a club song? You sound stupid as fuck and you dont have to like the shit but dont cosign a hater just to claim thats what I do cause when I talk shit I have way better reasons for it then you. People also mad about the method of how this song was released like Jay is gonna follow the same marketing strategy as everybody else, who so used to bullshit you expect everybody to make those kind of songs. Smh

  • Tiv

    Umm…this is kind of trash lol being “lyrical” is not an excuse for dropping a whack song.

  • LOL, “niggas call my album detox cuz they know im finna bring the next chronic”

  • DR.

    smh for someone who takes months to drop a track and this is what he comes with…………its not horrible but he needs to come stronger if you gonna take that long to drop! 2.5 out of 5

  • Pauly Dee

    It’s not trash, like some of you are insinuating, but it is a track that I probably WON’T be replaying a week or a month later. Sure, it’s pretty okay lyrically, but the beat sounds so basic and on some SoundCloud shit.
    Rating: 3.7/5

  • Pauly Dee

    But I ain’t gonna front and say that that Detox line and Prodigy wasn’t dope…because it was.
    Also, can we stop calling people haters because they don’t like a song? The world is full of different people with different opinions and not everyone is going to like the same (music, art, video games, movies, etc)
    I’m lookin’ at you, “Marty Mcfly”.

  • Wiff!

    @Turtle co-sign. when i heard the steve jobs reference it got me thinking about when he made this… jay threw this together for some dough. i dont know about yall but jays cadence is DOPE…

    played this in my car…shit knocks out the subs.

    kinda getting tired of long speeches before every track tho.

  • marty mcfly

    Pauly you should really stop saying my name cause every time you do you clown yourself. I was called a hater, I was not calling somebody else a hater fool.

  • @marty

    ^(whisper) hey man… actually you did both in the span of a single sentence.

  • zo

    as one of jay elec’s top fans no doubt, i have to critically say this song is a bit wack. the beat sounds like a Watch The Throne throwaway for sure. Even the rapping sounds like something off watch the throne a little. i mean like that album, its just not who jay electronica is to me. really hoping thats not what he will become cuz he is a much different artist than that and it would be a shame. i was worried when he signed to roc nation that he might start making roc nation music. he should just make jay electronica music. with his illest perspectives on the world, blowing minds with every bar. BE YOURSELF JAY!!

  • Nuff


  • K.

    they call your album Detox cuz they dont think its gonna come out. not cuz they think youll bring the chronic

  • L.

    ^^^haha i was thinking the same thing.

  • brandon

    I like it but dude needs to stop producing all his own shit. His beats are kind of cool in how eclectic they are, but I’d rather hear more Exhibit C and less Shiny Suit Theory.

    @K. that’s the joke dude. He knows that people call his album Detox because it’s been delayed so long, he’s just spinning it.

  • QB

    Not feeling this… I hope he doesn’t Papoose himself!!


    NAH that beat flames when you’re high!!

    this shit ain’t bad!

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