2011 BET Awards: Cyphers (Video)

blame it on Shake October 11, 2011

Big K.R.I.T. x Tech N9ne x Machine Gun Kelly x Kendrick Lamar x B.o.B | DOWNLOAD

With the BET Awards currently in progress, figured I’d start a post for the only thing worth watching. UPDATE: Cypher complete. Shady wins.

Reek Da Villain x Teta Chico x Busta Rhymes x Ludacris | DOWNLOAD

Lady Of Rage x Blind Fury x Dom Kennedy x Skillz | DOWNLOAD

MMG (Wale, Pill, Stalley, Meek Mill & Rick Ross) | DOWNLOAD

Soprano x Lecrae x Nitty Scott, MC x Estelle

Chris Brown x Michael Corleone x Kevin McCall x Tyga

Shady 2.0 (Eminem x Yelawolf x Slaughterhouse) | DOWNLOAD

  • nc

    Krit and Lamar made the rest seem average

  • peteROC

    Nice, Kendrick and KRIT are two of my favorites at the moment. I heard Busta killt it too

  • Maga D

    They should get somebody like Nas on one of these, they got Black Thought last year, but Nas would be another good look I think.

  • Pauly Dee

    Everyone killed the first cypher! Tech was too beast, Bobby Ray had some slick lines, and Krit and Lamar…well, you already know bout them.

    That second cypher was pretty cool, considering I’d never given Reek a chance. 2Chainz had some good bars as well. Busta killed it and I honestly feel that Luda coulda done a lot better. It wasn’t bad, but still…

  • EricDean

    Is there anywhere else to watch this? It’s downloading extremely slow.

  • rell

    fuck outta here tech9 the only 1 killed shit

  • limassacre

    Whats the beat?

  • EricDean

    And is Kendrick Lamar freestyling? I heard Busta came off the top, too.

  • afoXbehindthewheel

    Im watching this DMX performance…wtf? why did i even turn to BET?

  • Crazy-C

    how the hell is there only 1 comment on Tech N9NE… he fuckin murders everybody best rapper ever any1 who says otherwise doesnt know shit and needs 2 get off the mainstreams dick

  • Wiff!

    @EricDean…for real! its beeeen loading and im on T1.

  • Apollo

    Kendrick bodied this…

  • Dave

    Tech KILLT IT!

  • Fuerte

    I like MGK, but why does it feel like he always takes other people’s flows?

  • hurry

    is this taking years to load for anyone else? alternate link?

  • tXL

    the absolute fucking worst buffering rate of any video ive ever tried to watch…

  • bradster

    taking forever and my internet aint slow

  • Detroit89

    is it just me or would it be better if it was at least live. I mean, i know most rappers have their parts memorized, but rather see them handle the challenge of being in front of the crowd. also a new beat would be nice, what is the point of having premo if the beat is basically the same shit year after year

  • Techn9cian

    Tech N9ne killed it!

  • @Jem

    The beat is James Brown’s “The Payback.”

  • illwil

    it’s taking forever.

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Tech N9ne and Kendrick.

  • Dave

    @ Detroit89 – the point of the beats is they are all classic break beats. it is supposed to keep the essence of a true cypher but not doing it live ruins that IMO

  • Pauly Dee

    MMG was garbage. Well, most of Meek’s verse and all of Ross’ was.

  • afoXbehindthewheel

    wait a minute, is Estelle about to kill it?

  • $$$

    That Lecrae dude was tight.

  • Detroit89

    @Dave you are probably right about the classic beat. but if it is not live, then it is just corny. but b.e.t. is corny as hell to begin with.

  • The Void

    It took like fucking 20 minutes just to watch one of these vids WTF anyways Tech, Kendrick, and MMG murked dat beat bring on the shady 2.0 cypher!

  • Stay Frosty

    Busta has been using that Ringling Bros line for YEARS

  • hurry

    If you dont wanna wait until you’re old and grey go to rapdose[dot]com and see the videos in a normal speed.

  • Frank

    videobam is the worst video uploader on the internet

  • Ikem


    Wow, good lookin’. I thought sites knew that you shouldn’t use videobam ffs.

  • Randu

    wow some people still use videobam?? its the biggest piece of crap video host available

  • Eeric g

    take these videos down and use a different host. videobam is fucking ridiculous. id rather just not watch.

  • zachariah

    and now, we wait for Shady 2.0 to destroy the competition and close that show down.

  • john

    that shady session is gonna be monumental

  • ill be switching out the videobam BS with other players as people put it up live. relax.

  • Pauly Dee

    Can’t wait for the Shady crew to completely SHIT on every single person in every other cypher. This shit will be legendary, quote me.

  • adding download links to the audio as well

  • Ikem

    Yo Shake, use RapDose’s(they got you guys on their yeah) videos or anybody else. Videobam is garbo, I got HHDX hip.

  • dreamy genie

    Am I the only one who thinks Busta’s lookin like Robert De Niro?

  • Ikem

    Oh damn, excuse me. You sure do work hella fast.

  • Amazingnesssss

    Happy about all the cyphers (MMG…meh) but what i really hate is that they didn’t even show the XV cypher on TV =\

  • Ikem

    Phuck Rapdose too >.>

  • inside information

    slaughterhouse and eminem good god


    Tech N9ne killed it. MGK is embarrassing. Kendrick continues to be the truth.

  • all of them went down

  • $$$

    Royce was my favorite overall probably.

  • Pauly Dee

    Ahem…I dare ANYONE. I mean ANYONE to say that Em is wack after this cypher! To say that Yelawolf is wack after this cypher! To say Slaughter is wack after this!

    R.I.P Cyphers 1-6.

  • mark

    that shady 2.0 cypher>>>>>>>>

    they pretty much made mmg look like a bunch of c-list rappers

  • Is the cypher with Estelle and Lecrae gonna be posted soon?

  • marty mcfly

    Busta Rhymes >>> Everybody end of story

    Sidenote: LL Cool J verse that he read of his phone when he won his award was also better then 90% of all those metaphorical battle raps that were off beat and delivered sloppy by some of the new blog era rappers.

  • Tr3s

    What was the instrumental used for the Shady Cypher?

  • tucows


  • Maga D

    Damn kid, BET crackin down on internet leaks. lmao. They’ll end up on youtube eventually though.


    Whats the beat?
    limassacre said this on October 11th, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Black Coffee by Heavy D homie

  • John Doe Tha Pro

    My God. Shady. Nuff said.


    My bad The Payback by James brown.

  • shady was niiiice

    holy shittt shady 2.0 cypher and tech and krit killed that shitt!!! murked erryone else

  • Pauly Dee


    East Flatbush Project – Tried By 12

  • Ikem

    …lol why is videobam working now.

  • real talk

    once again…crooked i.

  • Ikem

    Nevermind..I lied.

  • Tr3s

    @Pauly Dee
    Thanks, I remember Biggie and alot of people freestyling to this in the 90s.

  • dnice33454


  • Killacam

    It wasn’t really fair to put slaughterhouse+em+yela last. Completely made every other cypher look amateurish. Em killed it tho, liked that he was having fun w it while every one from the other cyphers were trying to impress fans like their careers depended on it.

  • Pauly Dee

    Now I just need the mp3, the Youtube video (for download) for the Shady cypher and I’ll be done for the night!

  • Anon

    Shady 2.0 were leagues ahead of everyone

  • Danny

    omg make it work please make it work

  • 325

    Shady 2.0 fucking killed.

  • MPFranco

    fuck viacom for blocking that shit so fast. ive been sitting here refreshing waiting for that shady video to show up

  • smfh

    hey shake, these videos are fuking worthless u lazy piece of shit, get it together asshole

  • 325

    Shake can we get LL’s acceptance speech too, please?

  • Randy

    @killacam. you sound dumb. so them going first would have been better? you would have said the same dickriding shit “it was fair” fuck off.

  • Ikem

    Viacom is savage.

  • working on fixing the issue and getting a DL for the shady2.0

  • shitttttt


  • GeeZuP

    Its safe to say Shady 2.0 made everybody else look like they just started rappin yesterday they fuckin killed dat shit!!

  • BOOM!

  • Shady 2.0 >>>>>>

  • Shady <— shady 2.0 cypher

  • Slaughterhouse

    Anyone know what the 2.0 beat is?

  • Pauly Dee

    Marty just said that Busta >>>> Everybody…

    …Where do I start on this fuckery?

  • Killacam

    @Randy I’m pretty sure you understand the concept of sarcasm, which it was. It wouldn’t have mattered the order, they would have killed it regardless. Just relax… Opinions are not that serious it’s just a blog.. It obviously bothered u. I apologize.

  • Ikem

    rofl..BET has them all up now.

  • marty mcfly

    I see Pauly pussy is extra wet over that rhyme Em spit with his old style from one of his old rhyme books from 1999 but Crooked I, Tech ni9e, and Busta smashed on Ems comedy punchlines about nothing but bullshit.

  • nigga please

    ^^^^ patronize that sensitive nigga

  • Mr. Bogus

    Diggin the homie big krit after his cypher. was only feelin meek mill and stalley from mmg. shady cypher was flawless. oh and tyga better than wayne imo,lol.


    eminem, royce, budden, luda, and kendrik killed it

  • Mr. bogus

    kendrick on point as always….tech been around fro aminute now, didnt like him then and dont like him now.LUDA, step your bars up homie!!! did i see really see baby dee in a cypher???

  • Hota

    yo Slaughterhouse
    2.0 beat is:

    East Flatbush Project – Tried By 12

  • BlaqueSon

    Yo busta and luda killed the cypher, the shady clan MURDERED the set. Chris b had some good bars that last line for rihanna was vicious! but in the end busta, shady and slaughterhouse DESTROYED the cypher

  • daiurs davis

    guess skillz was talking about dom kennedy his shit was horrible

  • Slaughterhouse

    Thanks, Hota

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    Damn near everybody was cold, this was dope as fuck

  • Dorian

    They fucking need Elzhi in one of these.

  • BT

    i really just want a dirty version of the freestyles to download

  • Jeanius

    Did anyone notice Blind Fury’s shirt is misspelled? Somebody fucked with him haaaaaaaard

  • Cici

    So is the Chris Brown cypher gonna be able to download anytime soon.??

  • Ed Holiday

    Eminem was the best hands fucking down!!! what the fuck. are you fuckin serious…. this fucking man is not fucking human. FUCK!

  • 2dope

    My goodness. Shady 2.0 was disgusting. Busta killed it. Loved Em’s verse. And of course Kendrick Lamar. What a great rapper can’t wait till his next project.

  • DJHoBo

    I think Skillz was talking about MMG. I know I will catch heat from that, but those dudes were ad-libbing all day. Not a freestyle. Shady 2.0 was truly dope. They killed it. If you don’t know what that beat is google it. #goldenerror

  • Maga D

    Estelle put it down, wow, haha. Her cypher group was the best besides Shady. If not hers it was the B.o.B group. Kinda unfair shady got a different beat like they’re better automatically so we give them a new beat, smh, they shut it down though.

  • Mr. Battle

    Next Year they Should Have a cypher with METHOD MAN, SNOOP , SPITTA, MAC MILLER
    i hate mac miller but this would be dope

  • dnice33454

    @djhoboo skillz was not talkn about mmg somebody asked him on twitter and he said no he thinks meek and ross killed it and there ad libing because they are on the same group and in the studio together so they know each othere shit NOBODY freestyled mmg just happend to be in the studio wich ohter DO YOU THINK SAHDY REALLY FRESSTYLED? they did skits in between the raps they obviously practiced there cypher niggas got stop hating on mmg because unlike ymcmb them dudes cana ctually rap the gretest rappers of all time have co signed meek and are hoping on tracks wit him

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Skillz was definitely talking about Dom Kennedy.

  • delco9

    skillz was talking about dom kennedy

  • who cares

    Only one’s worth watching is Shady 2.0, & one wit Krit, Tech, Kendrick etc
    Em was whack, Tech had one of the weakest verses of his career, and why does Machine Gun Kelly rap? The dude’s a joke. Kendrick went in, but looked bored. B.o.B spit ill like we know he can when he’s not on that commercial shit. Krit wit in. Slaughterhouse & Yela went in.

  • Teddy

    Well Skillz said 2 rappers that are all over the Blogs. Dom hasn’t been all over the blog lately but he is a Blog worthy topic so he’s eligible. I really hope it’s not him. I’ve been a fan for too long. I know he’s not a spitter, but he mekes quality music, and I expect him to have a prepped and ready rhyme for a major event like this in his career. Sadly, his freestyle was pretty lack luster. I know he could have brung it a little bit harder than that. But Dom is definitely a contender for on of those 2

  • i would watch these videos except the format or whatever thing its uploaded to is retarded and doesn’t load at all…

  • The Kid

    This man Chris Brown has dance routines with his raps

  • Toronto

    Shame on you if you don’t know the instrumental…

  • mgetem789


  • dadukee

    i can’t download the chris brown cypher,but that was the dopest one! fuck that…mad repsect for the dl links

  • Swageezy

    Was anyone surprised with Shady/Slaughterhouse? Nah of course not. They all went in. Kendrick was dope obviously but MGK wasnt too bad either. Tech N9ne easily had the dopest flow but he was NOT saying anything special. Everyone who said he killed it needs to quote 2 hot punchlines, I’m betting the majority of the people that said he killed it couldnt even understand half the shit he was saying. But yo, 2 Chains (AKA Titty Boi from Playaz Circle) definitely went in. I think he was the dude who’s gonna be slept on. “These niggas anorexic, bunch of no-bodies.” “Put the gun to their eye call it glock-oma.” Plus his flow was on point. Dude definitely surprised me. Good cypher all around from almost everyone.

  • rap bandit

    How is Dom Kennedy who had one of worse verses going to diss the blind guy? Dom Kennedy took 30 takes though lol… fucking loser making Leimert Park look bad.

  • eminem just rekilled hip hop i think maybe he should put less bullets in his gun cause he just killed every one including his crew

  • Cannons

    Where is the XV Cypher?

  • Johnny Blaze

    Tech Nina look like a damn fool lol

  • Someonewhoknows

    i’m just gonna keep it real…if you go back and really listen who spit that REAL sh*t…CHRIS BROWN…not being funny. Go back and listen.

    1. Chris brown
    2. Busta Ryhmes, kendrick lamar, technine
    3. Crooked I, Eminem
    4. Joel Ortiz, tyga (yes i said it), joe budden, royce
    5. Machine Gun kelly, BOB, yelawolf

  • Vers_Vari_408

    …wasn’t there more cyphers than just this? What about Term’s cypher? I for damn sure was not gonna waste my brain cells watching BET for just they cyphers, but they least should of shown all of them.
    Side note: Wackest Cypher Award was a tie between Skills cypher and MMG. When Chris fuckin Brown verse kills other supposed “real rappers”.. I think people should start updating the resume

  • J

    @Someonewhoknows Sit the entire fuck down.

  • Kizer

    MMG looks dumb ad libbing every line like they was spittin fire and they had the weakest cypher lol

  • Fire

    Lecrae is dope!

  • Jeuse Kastoan

    it was funny how lamar came in all non chalant after mgk. they both killed it though.

    shadys cypher was the best. it was funny and lyrically the best period

  • SidVic

    B.O.B had choreography with his. Respect to the ones that actually went off the top.

  • yeah

    No one went off the top dumb ass. It’s not a freestyle session.

    1. Eminem
    2. Busta
    3. Joe Budden
    4. Kendrick
    5. Royce

  • yeah

    It’s kind of sad when Chris Brown was better than some of these MCs

  • unique osmosis

    2.Big krit
    3.joe budden
    5.blind fury

    and fuck dom for the shot at blind fury

  • justin2345

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  • BUT WHY KENDRICK?! WHY?! There are other niggas tryna come up in the game it’s not fair to do that on TV, man! Fuck this nigga I hope he gets laryngitis LOL. I’d bet my house that he’d eat any rapper in the game in a battle. You could bring Biggie back from the dead and old Rakim and Illmatic Nas and he’d still win.

  • Tommy_s

    any1 got a dl link for the jay rock cypher???

  • LoveHate-HateLove

    I guess y’all didn’t know that it was Big Krit with the 200 takes!!! BET did a GREAT JOB editing his freestyle…he literally never said his whole verse all the way through! #embarassing LOL

  • Sjukkz

    Skillz is old and tired.

  • VizzyPOWER

    Wasn’t The Kid XV supposed to be in one of the Cyphers. I saw a video with him in it a supposed cypher sneak peak. I’m kinda mad he didn’t get to be on the award tho. FXCK you too B.E.T. Give a Kansas boy some love.

  • Danny Tanner




  • Yela came through like always. Eminem proved he’ll always be one the best rappers alive. I can’t stand chris brown but he impressed on some kanye shit. Krit’s always got that sound and flow to keep you interested. MGK sucked lol and then MMG came through like good music last year and killed it. The most partial to is Dom, no label, westside get the money up.

  • califreshness

    call me crazy, but go back & look at Eminem’s flow…i swear dude’s long verse looks pre-recorded & he’s pullin a Milli Vanilli with his hand & mic covering his mouth the entire time. it also looks like at the top of every bar he looks off to his right as if he’s reading cue cards or something! still a sick ass flow, but i was watchin it thinkin i was trippin. anyone else agree?!?

  • jcriscuo

    obviously shady 2.0 killed it
    kendrick lamar impressed-someone said he was off the dome, anyone know if thats true? same with Busta?
    After watching i think Skillz was talking about MMG, ross and wale, probably meek too.

    as for next year, i’d love to see Nas or even Jay Elect.
    They should just have Doom do one with 5 of his different personalities.

  • hirihanna

    @califreshness I thought the exact same thing when I was watching it but after seeing it a couple of times you can tell that he wasn’t by the reaction of everyone else. Besides em doesn’t really need to do that everybody already knows he can rap. He usually raps the same exact way when he has a mic anyway.

  • califreshness

    @hirihanna…true, but everyone would react that way whether it was live 1st take or pre-recorded just to give the right appearance plus that dude signs their checks so they better play along!! Em is dope regardless & this is in no way a swipe at him, but i could understand him doin it just to make sure it all sounded the way he wanted & there was no fuck ups. he’s the person everyone has been waiting for since the very 1st bet cypher so he had to impress.

  • paulv1luv

    got more blue j’s (jordans/jays) than toronto. but real shit tech. busta, and kdot killed it

  • Peter

    My man blind fury killed it

  • hoosiernation


  • Mdot

    was it just me, or was Luda xtra whack … anywayz… Em. Busta. Kendricks. Krit.

  • bEEj

    Cypher Complete: Busta Rhymes wins… Shady only wins because of fan vote majority.. PSSHH.. mad respect to the dude, but if you listen to Busta Bust, his freestyle dominated with kick explosions

  • Tech N9NE – my Duuude – Best rapper ALIVE – went in Ninja style – nobody knew they were getting bodied till it was too late. Other ppl that went in – EM! MGK, Busta, Lamar, Krit, Budden, Crooked, BOB, Yela, Royce, Meek, Blind…thast about it – the French dude from that cypher was aiight – everyone was was “ehh”..oh..and wtf was estella doing on there? Its like asking Mary J Blige to rap…wtf?

  • dörk

    Shady 2.0 killed everything, I don’t need to watch them other wack-asses.

  • Howedo

    @crazy-C: Big ups on your comment playa. TECH N9NE!!!!! bow down rappers…

  • Jest

    The reason why it sometimes looks like they’re lip synching is because BET used the straight audio feed instead of using a camera or a boom mic and they sync’d it to the video slightly off.

    This is also the reason why you don’t hear any echo or natural reverb even though they’re in a big ass empty room.

    As far as rumors of people actually freestyling.. both Em and Busta REALLY can rip off the top like that with that quality. Whether or not they actually did do that here is hard to say.

    I’d speculate though that Busta using no double time at all supports the idea that his could’ve been completely off the top.

  • Hewhopaysattention

    Uhmm…Isn’t it obvious that Skillz was there for the whole taping of all the cyphers because they were probably shot in the same day? He wasn’t talking about Dom Kennedy because he said there were 2 cats that kept messing up – not one. And Dom Kennedy is not flooding the blogs like some of those other rappers. Plus, his simple ass verse was so basic and wack that there’s no way that he could have messed up 32 times. More than likely, he was talking about Machine Gun Kelly and Kendrick Lamar. Look how intricate and particular their flows were. And It looked like Kelly rehearsed his whole performance, from the faces he made to the way he stood. And Kendrick looked bored and tired like he did 32 takes and was ready to get it over with. And for the record, just because Busta Rhymes rapped for an O.D. long time doesn’t mean that he killed it. You guys really need to get of the Big K.R.I.T. bandwagon. He truly didn’t say anything cyper-worthy or memorable. It was pseudo conscious nas shit. People want to hear flows and punchlines or some shit that resonates. That’s why the rappers with lines and personality get the best reactions. Case in point – Shady.
    Some rappers just sound better on songs, and some rappers make better songs than cypher raps

  • mk

    Nitty Scott got big tits. Shady was the best one. Tech9 was dope too.

  • dörk

    Kendrick Lamar & Busta Rhymes were dope, too!

  • Jest


    The rappers were not there for ALL of the tapings. As you can see from the leaked cypher list, they filmed each cypher completely seperately in different locations throughout the day, complete with lunch breaks and all that.

    Here’s the production list:×800.jpg

  • RoshaneRonan

    Listen now, Dom Kennedy may not have the best lyrics but dis dude knows how to rock a beat. That shit was smooth.

  • Fourth

    @Hewhopaysnoattention Kendrick kicks on the spot verses and freestyles all the time and doesnt mess up and he always has that bored look in his videos too kinda like Charles Hamilton kinda showing that this is too easy for him

  • RoshaneRonan

    Shady 2.0 was the best tho.

  • allitiz

    was really hoping for something better from kendrick lamar… and what the hell is machine gun kelly doing on these… hes wack as shit and cant even rap. smh.

  • califreshness

    @Hewhopaysnoattention there ain’t no way in hell messed up 32 times!!

  • raymond

    its the pay back by jame brown…but diddy used it with total and biggie in the 90’s

  • based

    chris brown, rick ross, lacrae, busta, tech n9ne, and luda killed it. all the others are jokes.

  • Howedo

    Luda didn’t kill sh*t….he should’ve killed himself. So disappointed in him….

  • the rap bandit

    Dom Kennedy took 30 takes LMMFAO… him and Cap Gun Kelly had the worse raps.

  • DJHoBo

    @dnice33454. That is what I get for not using my words correctly. Sorry. When I said ad-libing, I meant them completing each others rhymes. In a “Cypher” that is wack(imo). I am fully aware that they did multiple takes so most likely no one did a one take freestyle. I am by no means hating I like Ross and Wale. I will leave it at this. I think that all parties involved should have done a better representation of a Cypher and really freestyled, but I supose that is nearly impossible in a made for TV production. It is what it is.

  • Tech N9ne Machine Gun Kelly Yella Wolf Eminem and Slaughterhouse and Blind Fury were the best one’s and Tech N9ne still beats all of them!

  • GrizMode

    Torae had an interview where he mentioned he was at the cypher set and said someone from “Saybach Music” (lol) had the multiple takes…and they weren’t from Philly, MIA, or D.C. So you figure it out…

  • Turtle

    Wow, the whole first cypher was really dope. BoB actually came incredibly correct, he stepped up. His verse was hysterical. Kendrick of course though, wins.

  • #justsayin

    I was expecting better from my manz MGK but w.e. he ended tuff idk I liked it all the best overall was the first and the last groups i was impressed by the lecrae guy might hav to look him up

  • Mr Von

    Shady/Slaughterhouse kileed all other Cyphers Busta and Luda were far behind in 2nd place Peep this Crooked I song he kills this one too!!! SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!

  • Lifterquits

    They need to put Qwel, Immortal Tech, & Evidence. They would murder cats.
    RIP Eyedea but he would fit perfect in this!

  • Does it fuckin matter?

    WTF TECH!!! He couldv’e done som much more than just creep people out. But fuck it. They all killed it.
    SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!> Anybody

  • twan804

    Joe budden had the tightest verse em was tight but lacked flow until the end Cris brown ripped it tech nine got busy as usual and yelawolf got flow The rest were alright or wack anybody who said buster or luda was tight dont know shit bout rap Joe said the most overall he sounded like he was ahead of the class his verse was professional compared to these younguns oh yeah estelle was actually entertaining

  • Tech is better than that, so if you were impressed you are definately a die hard fan. I know that man could have literally shut down shop on all cyphers but for ME he just kind of fizzled on the track. My favorite was Lacrae, Busta, and Shady 2.0 So proud Tech made it but I KNOW he’s better than that verse.

  • WhoCares

    I Would Like To Have ALL Of The Cyphers… Can They Put It Up For Fucking Download.?

  • el rey

    no one talking of french soprano ?
    better than all your US rapper, deal wit it, bros

  • idris

    buddens, royce, busta, mgk, ace

    everybody else just didn’t come wit it, sorry.
    this is where they’re supposed to shine, but it felt like they were kickin old and half-assed lines wit no energy passion or thought.

    tech9 crooked and kendrick could came way better than they did.

    dom was just plain boring

    and eminem was lame…big kids meal? squeegee? GTFOH most overrated rapper ever

  • Jen

    from a 32 yr. old woman’s perspective – Blind Fury, Two Chains, Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown – those were my personal favorites. Eminem is just in a league by himself, he was King of the cyphers. Instead of MMG they should have gave that spot to young emcees around Diggy’s age and have Diggy as the host of tat cypher.

  • Jen

    no one talking of french soprano ?
    better than all your US rapper, deal wit it, bros

    el rey said this on October 13th, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    YES! Soprano was the best of his cypher, even though I had to read sub-titles, his flow was incredible.

  • Cheph

    Everyones verses were good except Dom and MGK thy sucked.
    Budden was tge best no doubt. BoB suprised me

  • Cheph

    Everyones verses were good except Dom and MGK thy sucked.
    Budden was tge best no doubt. BoB suprised me. Blind fury was sick

  • MMG didn’t need their cypher aired quit being followers em didn’t kill it wasn’t saying nothing but his crew bodied it 2chainz had barz chris brown did better than I expected believe busta was easy for him to shine cuz his cypher was weak skillz was wack he used to have barz but I think he fell off heard last cd garbarg needed some more classic freestylers like phonte, talib qwali or ras kass

  • 1234568

    It’s not Black Coffee by Heavy D & The Boyz that’s the beat…

    It’s “The Payback” by James Brown.

  • franchise

    this is why i love hip-hop. i will say this the first one wiht kendrick, bob, tech n9ne, krit was dope as fuck, as was the shady 2.0. i liked mmg, they just stay in their lane. stalley is an odd fit, but he is one of the nicest new artists out.

  • figas

    tetech n9ne and that with boy who was with eminem killed that shii… just sayn… figas from mozambique

  • tuco

    crooked >