Shady 2.0 BET Cypher: Yelawolf x Slaughterhouse x Eminem (Video)

blame it on Shake October 11, 2011

Oh yeah… this one definitely deserves it’s own post. Check the rest of the cyphers here.

DOWNLOAD: Shady 2.0 Cypher w/ Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse & Eminem

  • Well done, Shake. Well done indeed


    Rapped like their lives depended on it

  • COB


  • Pauly Dee

    Hahah! This dude Shake is a fool!

    Guess I’ll have to download the video off of Youtube…sigh…

  • Ungrateful

    Where that audio link nigga!! lol

  • ^^ it’s to the right of the word DOWNLOAD haha.


    I must say while I enjoyed them all, , exception of Royce & Em, where the fuck is the energy? Is Eminem & Royce the only one with stage performance? Where they sick? Joell’s voice was hoarse. Was Joe Budden on a downer? Usually he’s got crazy energy. Yelawolf of in the corner all alone. Would have preferred to see them all rip it with genuine passion. More fun.

  • one of the best performances i have ever heard

  • t.bigums


  • TMc

    Crooked I >

  • Shady 2.0 Winning

    Sick…best cypher from all of them.

  • suuuuut

    holyy shieeeeeetttt!!!!!!!
    slaughterhouse game over!!!
    they put these fruity ass bitches rappin kids to bed
    crooked went offffff C.O.B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    finally time for real niggas to smash these lame rappin bitches .. i wish they took more direct shots at the lames..make more enemies

    suuut suuut

  • tha truth

    em>crook>royce>joey>joell>yela..em was ridiculous

  • 325

    I need a link to download the video!!

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    Damn this shit was the sickest cypher I’ve seen in a minute, all of them shut that bitch down. LMAO at Royce with the Rihanna lines though

  • And Won

    em stole that completely

  • Yo

    Yo, Royce got his Jayceon flow on tho with all those name drops lmao. It was fire tho.

  • Wiff!

    thats the illest bars ive heard em drop in since chemical warfare.

  • zachariah

    Its incredibly entertaining to see Em go from MMLP and Eminem show at his peak to the shit that was Encore, the weak comeback of Relapse with the accent at its worst, and then have him find one angry vocal style on the Forever track and just run with it through an entire album. With him getting criticised over that and every track hes been on since with the staccato flow, im glad hes now back on his original level since also growing into it on Bad Meets Evil. Cos GotDAMN, his next solo album will shit over everything

  • Raptorsarefriends

    no one gives a damn about your son’s goddamn socks lady.

  • J.O.

    yea it was the best Cypher since BET started doing them….you will need the rewind to catch all the lines! Gimmie wordplay and intelligence over trendy hooks and last bar lines anyday! #Shady 2.0

  • dannym254

    Joe Beezy

  • kennyis22

    @zachariah, yeah man..
    I completely lost faith in Em after that pop album, Recovery, but damn, this cypher got me excited for some solo Eminem again. His flow is sharp as fuck. If he just stays true to being an MC in the next album, yeah, he gonna shit on everything.

  • joeproblems


  • Idris

    cypher was sick. royce was funny and em killed it.

  • tide with downy is making bank right now

  • CHostOfTupacShakur

    Lyrical Miracle Spiritual Individual, Criminal, Subliminal, In your swimming pool!

  • brianbrown

    What beat is that??

  • I’m surprised nobody mentioned that Canibus diss yet…

  • EA

    can i vote twice. I knew Royce was gonna body this.

  • JaySpaceE

    “Well if they teaching how to dougie, I condoning dropping out”

    I feel bad for Budden that no one caught that

  • yo

    holy shit. this was incredible. everyone murdered.

  • AR

    How do they go so damn hard, everybody killed it. I think that no one will be able to top this Cypher at the BET awards, Unless you put Jay-Z, J. Cole, Bun B, Lloyd Banks, and Nas to get at a Primo or 9th Beat

  • kennyis22

    “Skinny jeans don’t mean your ass shoots, it means your booty claps.” if you talkin’ about best lines, I’m going with that or Budden’s dougie line.

  • Tay

    Relapse was “pop”, get outta here with that lol. Anyway, this was brutal, they all killed that shit, especially Joey, way too many line. Good shit, brings back that real hip hop feel.

  • chuck

    joe budden proves his superiority again.

    but they all killed it.

  • Hirihanna

    I would have loved to see everyone elses reaction while these dudes were killing it. It would have been priceless for them to realize that they are really not that good compared to these dudes.

  • Shade

    It seems like everyone came through with a written but Em just came from the dome, you can pick up on that by his brief pauses. But this entire cypher was crack, written or not, this is how a fucking should be.

  • rizzo

    can yelawolf fit a 5th of rum in a big cup between his stick shift & his freakin pick up & drink like a hick redneck hillbilly will tell he gets hiccups? – Eminem THATS LYRICISM! That multi-syllable rhyming with words/bars that are connected and relevant to each other takes Superb skill

  • Jay Cole

    There was a lot of fellow rappers/crews that were watching that saying “these mothafuckas” cause Shady just shit on most of the industry in that cypher. lol

  • Rizzo

    The beat is from eastflatbush project ft dres (black sheep) – tried by 12

  • White Mike

    The beat is East Flatbush Projects’ “Tried by 12” to whoever asked

  • Rizzo

    plenty of whiteboys to pick from this year but b4 you pick up a pepper u better pick up ya heater cuz even peter piper could pick up a mic but whats its like to pick a fight with me is like putting nike’s on a like a cheetah….betta speed up or atleast in my case adidas – Yelawolf DAMMMMMMN! People said he’s corny? lol

  • realasrapyaheard

    im sorry em is trash none of that shit he spit make any sense tell me one hot line if im wron

  • Rizzo

    you bout to see peace destroyed it will never be restored. when i unleash these beastly hordes on ya cd stores. wanna stop it you gonna need a priest atleast 3 swords, license to ill from the beastie boys, 3 ouija boards a squidgy and please be warned. dont ask whats the squidgy 4 or the holy water acid rap that will eat these floors. eat a whole in the rhyme book. you see these horns? as for me you ask when he’s gone will he be mourned? is puke lukewarm?

  • Rizzo

    hey b lets c, you said your gonna do xyz, till u fuck around & get dropped liked an E, when you add an i-n-g dont put a K in front of that tho, when i m.c.

  • who cares

    Slaughterhouse & Yela >>>>
    Eminem didn’t totally ruin it, but just because he wasn’t shouting don’t get all excited saying he’s back to his old self. He’s rappin’ like Wayne now, just more concerned with rhymin’ as many words as possible. No depth anymore. And you can tell he thinks to highly of himself now. Like he’s the greatest of all time. GTFO you had a shot at the greatest, but you sold out homie.
    @Shade that wasn’t off the dome. Em doesn’t spit off the dome, all his “freestyles” have always been pre-written. Back in the day he would perform the same “freestyle” on 6 different radio stations.

  • whaaaat

    you say im from the new school
    imma say check ya tone and watch ya mouth
    if they teachin how ta dougie
    im condoning dropping out
    forced to wile
    yall birthed me and gave me up
    i just perfected bein hip hops foster child
    now check it
    dont blame yall for being trash fans and coppin it
    the radios the crimescene, the masses are the hostages
    in my youth i’d throw shots the ??? was dodgin it
    im grown, i aint watchin the throne im sabotagin it
    you see that four-headed monster and the storm loom
    snipe em from a distance, the scope got a long zoom
    you super mario thugs is in the wrong room
    gotta figure here you wont get bigger if you on shrooms
    ???? to me, id ???? with the ???? ?????
    I done took the wine outta amy house
    enough rap from you scrub cats bout cockin a snug back
    wayne couldnt teach me how to love that
    but i got this shit from uptown she my summer bunny
    both parents broke but she come from money
    think my bread is her paper to burn
    so i lock her out, and now she doubt david is stern
    she so bad, i make her hit the telly from a taxi
    and dead her at the holiday inn, learned that from Max B
    thats why the haters envy, kinda wanna send me llamas
    i made it right before they eyes like i was benihanas
    is it me, or is what im hearin just pitiful
    airwaves the same, now the stereos typical
    my skin thick so the critics ignored
    so unafraid to die you’d think i did it before
    the boys Rodman with the trash talk
    magical walk with the black boy
    the way i bounce off the asphalt with ??? porsche
    glass jaw, hoody n mask will be the ??? foreign or passport
    body be found in a mansion in one of my trap doors
    if punks had awards you status whores categore
    probably be that ?? a ??? to michael rapaport and kenny lattimore
    i know hip hops alive and well
    if it died you other crews wouldnt survive the smell

  • fayettenam

    This is my first ever 2dope post to comment on. I usually just view the posts and hit dope or nope.But this shit I just had to speak on.That was the illest cypher I seen and Em rapping like the old slim shady glad to see he still got it in him.Appreciate this one shake

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Fuckin’ dope! Imo Joe Budden had best verse.

  • Benzino

    Hey guys, I didnt think it was that great. Two Thousand Elevenzino.

  • Men are too quit to say ‘the realest’ or ‘the best’ or ‘of all time’…but for this cypher. I do believe that unless a conglomerate of super rappers/lyricists gets together, this will be the best cypher group of all time to grace the BET Hip-Hop awards…real shit.

  • (l,k)

    joey=best punchlines, eminem=best flow and rhyming. everyone killed it though. but all of the people who can’t see why people are feeling like eminem might be completely back to normal, are retarded! he straight killed it

  • David

    Did y’all hear that Watch The Throne diss? There has to be a Roc Nation cypher in the future.. It needs to happen. Shit, they all went in. I thought Joels was a bit weak though. Glad to hear Em still got it. Future is looking bright for hip hop!

  • 2dope

    what beat is this yo?

  • jackrandz

    This is so amazing..

  • Haven’t like anything em has spit in 7 years including this. I agree with what someone said up above on the comment sect . He’s just concerned with rhyming as many words as possibles and using a lot of syllables. It’s like “Em it’s cool, we know you are a pro rapper and you have mastered the artform. Now will you please say something” but with all that said royce yela nd Joey went in.

  • dKm

    JOE BUDDEN. wow

  • whaaaat

    lyrical miracle spiritual individual criminal, subliminal, in your swimming pool

    You bout to see peace destroyed, it’ll never be restored
    When i unleash these beastly hordes on your CD stores
    wanna stop it? chu gon need a priest at least three swords
    a License to Ill from the Beastie Boys three Ouija boards and a squee-gee
    and please be warned, dont ask what the squee-gee’s for
    all the holy water
    acid rap, itll eat these floors
    eat a hole in the rhyme book, you see these horns?
    and as for me, you ask when im gone, will he be mourned?

    Is puke lukewarm?
    should Casey Anthony do porn?
    can that chick fit a newborn dead baby inside a friggin shoebox with a shoe horn?
    smothered in chloroform so she can go and get her groove on

    can she duct tape and velcro a fetus
    joell yo… tell Joe i need his empty box from his old shell toe adidas
    so i can put these babies in the fetal position
    they’re gettin elbows to the penis

    yeah big deal
    i took some little kids big wheel and spit in his frickin big kids meal
    quit tryin to bite me and pinch, you wince sit still
    did you just put your six inch heel through my pins windshield?
    is it dust we bout to kick up?
    can Yelawolf fit a fifth of rum in a big cup
    between his stick shift in his frickin pickup
    and drink like a hick redneck hillbilly will, til he gets hiccups?
    flippin the script up like mike vick gettin bit in his junk by a pit yup
    im a sick pup
    Id be a horrible magician
    cuz i fuck a trick up
    fix ya lips up then say something fly, or zip up
    eh B? (AB)
    lets see (C), you said you’re gonna do XYZ
    til you fuck around and get dropped like an E
    when you add an ING
    dont put a K in front of that though, when i emcee
    cuz im not the king of this microphone booth, its more like a phone booth
    superman in this bitch, kryptonite wont do
    its gives me more power, i bump the fat poison
    eat rat poison, take meteor showers
    fresh outta the mental hospital and me not flossin a middle finger while i hop in a mosh pit’ll be like nas doin gospel or, R&B
    you crazy?
    me pushin up daisies?
    that thought is impossible
    is it flashin across the news ??? ??? was caught with a prostitute with a huge johnson, boobs and a monstrous tube of lube
    and a bra, some boots, some panties and aqua blue mazda
    swallowin a popsicle, playin tonsil pool
    so kill the rumors it aint happenin
    imma rap til im fossil fuel

  • The beat is East Flatbush Project – Tried By 12…Classic track from the 90’s.

  • Cubano

    Ight who the FUCK said em is sounding like wayne? this is classic!! even the nerds on are raving about it and they complain about everything

  • bayarea

    how has noone said anything about joes line “i would take the wine outta amy house”

  • eminemfan

    Really, not in seven years ,have you heard recovery? He says some really dope shit on there.
    I thought it was pretty good it reminded me of his Westwood freestyles. ” I’d be a horrible magician cuz I’d fuck a trick up. fix your lips to say something fly or zip up.” but if you don’t like it I guess it’s like jay sad if wanna hear my old shit go buy my old albums.

  • CZR626

    Shady 2.0 boyz all killed it especially Crooked I #COB

  • CP

    “It’s like “Em it’s cool, we know you are a pro rapper and you have mastered the artform. Now will you please say something”
    You clearly need to listen closer to what he’s saying. By the way it’s a freestyle, so he’s not supposed to tell you his life story in it. Freestyles are nothing if not about the craft or “artform.”

  • Me bich

    Y’all who sayin dees niggas is wacc or didn’t spit or got all dis criticism, all y’all who dissin probably write verses on the low everybody’s a fuccin expert let’s see y’all get famous or shut the FUCC UP!

  • emanon

    That beat is East Flatbush Project “Tried By 12”. Classic break beat back in high school

  • emanon

    Dope to see these dudes go in on this beat

  • marty mcfly

    @CP ok then enlighten us on the rare jewels that Em was dropping with his verse. That whole shit meant absolutely nothing. All he is doing his rhyming for the sake of rhyming and then adding some corny jokes. Its not 99-02 anymore when it was funny and even though id rather hear him do that then yell and scream about how he’s gonna do some random act of fuckery, its still not that dope IMO. You can think its dope if you want but people need to stop with the talk about him being the most lyrical at this point. Even Lil Wayne aka Girl pants puts together better bars at this point.

  • Cubano

    Marty mcfly….go to sleep…just…stop

  • stakesishigh

    …that thought is impossible/as it flashing across the news POSDNOUS (De La Soul) was caught with a prostitute…

  • SeriouslyCMonSon

    If you’re saying anything negative about Em in this cypher, you are either a hater (I hate that word) or just flat out don’t understand what he’s saying.

  • whaaaat

    thanks stakesishigh i cant edit my post tho


    ay marty mcfly..i dont even fucks wit em that much…but i kno that shit was clean as sit yo trollin ass down bitch no one gives a fuck wat u got to say…ho

    oh and crooked fuckin murked this shit…Sut Sut! COB!!

  • Drew Ali

    Em def killed it. Those were like throw away warning shots, “don’t test me cuz I’ll still flame ur ass” bars. They all marked that shit. I think Royce was pure comedy, and Budden was the best. He had the most complete verse, really talking about how far ahead his crew is and how trash the rest if the industry really is.

  • 206FRE$H


  • Crooks N Banks

    i was SO hyped for this cypher, BET definitely saved the best for last and you know all the other cypher groups are embarrassed. Crooked I didnt have much energy but this is his first time on BET and he probably was focused on killing it. which he did.

    I think Crook had the best flow, just because it was his trademark flow. Though i wish he woulda been more syllabic like he usually is.

    Shady 2.0 definitely showed who’s boss in the rap game.

  • Spike

    marty the eminem hater.

  • LMAO, i love eminem so much…

  • Shy

    Slim & Crook went THE FUCKKKKK in!!!!!!

  • jest

    I know most of yall aren’t checking for it but Yela’s verse follows:

    Put these mother fuckers in a box…
    and I send em away. Put em in a Gray ‘Lac
    then pop the trunk, hey throw em in the back jack..
    I’ll dig em a grave.
    Put a brick inside that Xerox, when I print up a page.
    Movin keys I can’t relate, cuz I live in a cage.
    I throw up the A, I’ll take em school, I give em a grade…
    An Eazy E for effort, that’s W W A…
    White With an Attitude.. alphabet soup is on my plate…
    All I got is Z’s, they sleepin on me.. I can’t get em awake.
    I’ll spoon feed em the sound in a roomful of decievers and clowns,
    who believe in making it rain cuz all they see is the clouds.
    And I’ll watch from the couch of the V.I.P. like a Patatoe
    with a bunch of meatheads like fuck it.. i’ll just feed em a cow.
    plenty of whiteboys to pick from this year
    but before you pick up a pepper you better pick up your heater
    cuz even peter piper could pick up a mic
    but whats its like to pick a fight with me is like putting nike’s on a cheetah
    better speed up…. or atleast in my case adidas
    I’m out this bitch drinkin Sprite by the 2-liter..

  • Pugz

    Budden went in…

  • My Opinion

    Good Music>Shady>MMG

  • some of you people are a little retarded… its NOT A FREESTYLE… no rapper goes in like that off the top you dumb fucks who are saying this is a freestyle…

  • Beep

    Best BET cypher this year! No doubt!

  • Best cypher tonight, aside from the one with Kendrick and KRIT. Everyone killed it here. and @whaaaat he said “That thought is impossible, As if flashing across the news ‘Posdnuos Was caught with a prostitute’.” Posdnous is an MC from De La Soul.

  • turftalka

    While the 1st & 2nd ones were nice as fuck, I can’t front Shady 2.0 killed this shit. Em fuckin destroyed that shit, and Royce was fuckin hilarious with those Rihanna lines.

    In my opinion:

    But they all killed it.

  • D23

    I honestly dont hear what Em says that is so nice……if i could have this without him in it, Id take it. No hate, but can someone tell me a few lines he said that was nice??

  • Eminem did not have the best was really good.. but you guys need to get off Em’s dick


  • Ken3

    yall stupid 4 real, u cant say 1 had a better verse then the other cuz they all went different ways wit this (how u gun talk energy wen its pre recored n they lip singn). kids try 2 act like they kno wat they talkin bout yet i bet no more then 5 of u evn kno wher this beat is from or y it was pickd. Dont compare or try n choose who best jus enjoy!!!!

  • I Bet mad Eminem STANS popped a boner when EM rhymed “Lyrical Miracle Spiritual Individual Criminal Subliminal In Rour Swimming Pool” thinking he was actually going in before he started his real verse.. meaning he can say anything and you Eminem stans will still think no one’s touching Eminem… he clearly didnt have the best verse on this

  • D23

    Budden > Ortiz > Royce > Yela > Em > Crooked

  • Ken3

    didnt c ppl were aaskin bout the beat…its from 97 scribble jam wen em wen up against rhymefest

  • Stans dont know how Eminem lost to Rhymefest…

  • Jest

    Plenty of Em fans know exactly where they’ve heard that beat before and it was probably picked by Em specifically because of that.

    Just from hearing the teaser vid before I couldn’t help but think “this beat wack as fuck, this shit fit you perfect.”

  • SMF

    good ass job.

  • swk

    daaaamn they all killed it so hard

    Royce > Em > Crooked > Budden > Yelawolf > Ortiz



  • Spook

    Kids on here acting like their opinion is fact. Who cares if you think someone else had the better verse. It’s YOUR opinion, not necessarily everyone’s.

  • Mitch 3K

    LOL A dudes on here trying there hardest to hate on eminem on here, lets face facts he could walk on water and you’d find a way to bitch about it, most succesful cat in the game, gotta find a way to hate on it to keep your internet cool points, fuck outta here, he went in on this

  • Dred

    @ allah its 2011 and youre still trying to preach about the definition of a frestyle. we know its not a literal freestyle grow up nigga.

  • @MadAmyNC

    I can’t lie. That cypher made my panties wet it was so dope.

  • Cubano

    This shit was dope but budden’s lines werent THAT complicated…i didnt need to think to hard lol yall are acting like hes spitting pharoahe monch bars…i mean he killed it but still chill out

  • gose


  • Coolin

    Am I the only person who heard Royce say “come on man kick that shit i wrote you” to Em right before he went in???

  • Ethan

    East Flatbush Project – Tried By 12 (INSTRUMENTAL)

    Search it

  • Tino

    By far the illest cypher, Crooked I snapped I thouht him and budden had the best verses and joells was funny but that booty clap line was a hell of a pause…. shady 2.0 that slaughterhouse album is gonna be a fucking problem!

  • Spike


    And then did you notice how he put the mic on the floor?

  • BT

    its funny that some people just dont see that eminem was having fun joking around.

  • Juan

    Crooked merked it as usual!

  • gasoline

    jesus…they ripped this cypher to shreds..its the vest one ive ever seen to date without a doubt…lord have mercy..

  • rell

    i miss the old eminem the “slim shay lp” ‘marshall mathers lp” & “eminem show” em. all classic albums when he was the greatest rapper to ever touch a mic. im not going to dick eat the nigga just because he is “eminem” true of the matter is the nigga been garbage for the last 10 or so years. he still a legend & maybe the best rapper ever but this nigga shouldve stayed gone & never came back.

  • hh_addict

    Damn ! They all went hard, I’m fuckin with that Shady 2.0 shit !
    Can’t wait for Radioactive and Slaughterhouse album, it’s gonna be a mess! LMAO with that Rihanna line

  • Duke Nookim

    fuckin hate u joe budden, lol.. u dont never be flowin this nice on actual Slaughterhouse released tracks..

  • Ron P


    U mad son? You feel better getting that off your chest? I swear, some of these people’s comments sound like they have serious issues. Go to talk to shrink.

  • nyc22

    Eminem wins. Go read the lyrics and you might agree.


  • nyc22

    Royce may have the best line here –

    “This what 2 million singles sold, and the album is gold, looks like, without having to sell your soul.”


  • AGE

    good to see that eminem looks like he’s having fun again. after recovery dropped he looked like casper the ghost after ten percocets

  • Malkdeezsays

    “how has noone said anything about joes line “i would take the wine outta amy house”
    bayarea said this on October 12th, 2011 at 12:19 am”

    .. Because that was one of the easiest comprehensible lines, you surfaced lyric listening based head.

  • Etherstorm

    ?Rap Take-over— Or are they colonizing? In any form these men will destroy any doubt that rap has been left for dead… Enemies? they have many, for they fear the abomination that has been created, a hybrid if you will…. Look out for shady 2.0—- These little time rappers are about to get a vasectomy of monstrous preportions…. Be well all and live well… these men know what they have started and will be the only ones standing once the dust clears—

  • WAKA!!!!!

    YO! Deez niggaz is str8 WACK!! I dunno y ya’ll kawny ass niggaz fuck wit deez lame ass niggaz!! I’d rather listen to a REAL NIGGA like WAKA FLOCKA spit dem FLAMES!! Ya dig?!!

  • Oh my gentle Jesus………#wow

    Can’t, and won’t say who the hardest is, but Royce was hands down the my personal fav

  • Y’all are tripping. What’s wrong with rhyming for the sake of rhyming? Other people can’t do it like he does so Em was just flexing. And what do you mean he didn’t say anything? You want this mother fucker to throw a hook on here or some shit. It was a “freestyle” …whatever the hell that means these days. Lol. Word to raprulerdotcom

  • Thworldisyours

    Probably the only real hip-hop that will be on BET the whole damn year… Standing ovation

  • Killed it.. Follow the Yelawolfpack on facebook and twitter. @Yelawolfpack

  • Chicago

    Does anybody have a download link for the 09 cypher with Mos Def, Black Thought, and Eminem?

  • DJ Daz-One

    At first I was not sure of Yelawolf’s placement in this camp BUT THAT JUST GOT WASHED AWAY after seeing this.

  • Holy shit..eminem and the boys killed it on this one. Wouldn’t expect anything less, to tell you the truth though. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music.

  • Zeezrom


  • @Chicago, check out this link for the 09 Cypher…

  • Elvis

    Its sad to see people actually arguing about this or who’s verse was more dope. Back when dudes used to really cypher, while there was competition over who could have the better verse, it was all love. Everyone was having fun and enjoying the hip hop culture. Rapping in a cypher is like watching Brazilian dudes go at it with Capoeira. Capoeira is dance fighting. They pretend like they’re fighting but its all about love and having fun. Its the SAME THING with rapping in a cypher. They all challenge each other to get better but in the end, its all gravy.

    We should just be enjoying how dope all of them were. Joell brought a mix of good punchlines and comedy, Em brought straight dirty rhyming, Budden brought a nice concept verse about the weather in today’s world of hip-hop, Crooked I just brought the battle rap venom that he loves to bring, and Yelawolf was just trying to rhyme and hang with everyone else.

    Either way this was fun to watch because they had fun and they all KILLED this.

  • Ryuk

    Co sign Elvis. Why so serious?

  • RUB




  • WhoCares32

    Hi Rihanna.

  • \I/ This Faggot

    The guy that posts under me is a faggot.

  • Nick Oz

    This whole team is sick. Crooked > other rappers

  • Frogger

    Will there be a dirty version of this?

  • Elvis

    lol Ryuk not serious. Just kinda annoyed to see arguments when this should just be fun. Thats what a cypher is. o well. At least Em, Slaughterhouse and Yela had some fun making this.

  • (l,k)

    If Jay-Z would’ve spit that same verse that Em did Marty McFly would be all over that shit saying it’s revolutionary

  • Crooked-I is a problem Eminem was iight

  • yellowflesh

    That was some Slim Shady shit right there


  • hardy

    they all killed it. but i enjoyed joe the most.

  • SutterCaine360

    Not getting on to argue back and forth about Em tryna rap like Wayne (which he’s not), or Em not rappin bout anything (Stop Hearing and Just Listen)… The Cypher Is The DOPEST That Has Ever Graced BET (The Fuckery Factory)!! They Need Not To Have A Now Nother Cypher After This One!! Everone Beasted It!!! I just feel bad for Heavy D…. *shrug*

  • Chicago


    Thank you man i’ve been looking for that for the past 2 years

  • Man…!!! All dem catz 2geatha, gettin’ down!!! They all killin’ it so hard, who in da Game right now is doing anything close to wut there doing. NOBODY that’s who!!!

  • MartyMcfly=douche

    The only thing more annoying than an Em stan is an Em hater who will deny anything positive the dude ever does. if you really didn’t see what was ill about his verse, they probably lookin for u on the waka flocka boards

  • marty mcfly

    @(l,k) Stop it , this guy talking about “I took a little kids big wheel and then spit in his big kids meal” and a bunch of other dumbass shit and you acting like he spiting some dope shit. NO just NO

  • Drain

    Who ever said something about Waka needs to be put to sleep… This whole group of rappers just declared war on people like waka, soulja boy and the rest of these no talent hook heads… Joel Ortiz Puerto Rican line about eating… funny as hell.. if you got it… in case you dont know it was about eating pussy which Pricans are known for doing… Em killed this… Crooked wowed me.. Yela held his own in a room full of giants… Budden was beast… Royce mized lyrical genius with comedy…Joel did the same… did i miss anyone… even sprite looked good in this…

  • marty mcfly

    im sorry yall when i have Jay-z dick deep in my head like psychology i tend to rant about whose better than him lyrically sorry yall ill blow you for free if you forgive K? ;)

  • Jaekwon

    Stilll not feelin Yelawolf

  • marty mcfly

    Whats funny about you emotional stans is you always mention Jayz before I do because you already know whats up without me even bringing it up first. So Em was right with one of his bars when he said he wasnt the king. Sales is his only claim to the throne cause in every other category of being a MC he not even top ten.

  • Juice fan

    Still the best to rip this beat:

  • (l,k)

    @ martyfcfly
    the dude is fooling around. its not like what he said didnt make sense. he was having fun saying funny shit. sorry he doesnt rap like an elitist asshole like jay-z who thinks hes a fucking god. we all know you are a hova stan, that’s why we all bring it up before you do lmao. i guarantee that if jay-z did all the shit you criticize others for, you would at worst be indifferent with it, instead of bringing all of your unjustified negativity to 2dopeboyz lol

  • the realest

    Stop it , this guy talking about “I took a little kids big wheel and then spit in his big kids meal” and a bunch of other dumbass shit and you acting like he spiting some dope shit. NO just NO

    marty mcfly said this on October 12th, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    ^ you guys can get mad and do all that other trolling kid shit if you want, but that is the truth. they always spittin sum “snoop dogg with a boob job” or “smoking canibus in a cab with donovann mcnabb” or sum shit. smh. and have the nerve to sit up here and call them 4 or 5 the best. shaking my fucking head. THATS whats dead about hiphop. niggaz is all confused.

  • the realest

    i say eminems killing hip hop while lil wayne keeps it alive wit “mr.toilet im the shit” WHOOOOOOOOOA THAT IS AMAZING!!! plus marty mcfly delivers pizzas in drags ;) he wishes that he was having jay-z’s kid instead of beyonce

  • marty mcfly

    And let me just also say that its not just the fact that he’s rhyming about some dumb shit because thats the style that blew him up but he just did a run on rhyme meaning he just rhymed the closest words the the end of his last line. Now thats probably amazing to you but that shit probably only took Em 5 mins to think of. LL Cool J was not in the cyphers but the shit he just wrote down probably the same day of the awards was way more difficult to do.

  • Scattered Pictures

    I’m sure we all noticed Em wondering why Joey was going to go in so early?

    My opinion is Joey shoulda been last like the last time he was on a Cypher… dude had solid punchlines.

  • Cosign the realest.

    Just listen to this for the second time eminem is just rhyming words. He is joking in the beginning (subliminal crimanal swiming pool) but thats how he really sounds and is perceived as such by SOME Hip Hop Listeners. Just syllables and Rhymes, (see infinite and every EMinem freestyles from 98-2005)And you idiots eat it up. Reminds me of tim tebow fans but i digress. Crooked went in and royce made me laugh. I enjoyed Yelawolfs cypher performance from last year more than this.

    And its still G.O.O.D> Shady 2.o

    Ye, Pusha, Common , Cyhi BS>> Em, Royce, Yela, Pump it up, Ortiz,Crooked. Em Stans can go crash they cars off bridges

    Free Marty Mcfly. Peace

  • your mother’s dinner date is an idiot

    so Big Sean saying everybody know im coming soon like lebrons ring is better than wutever anybody on the shady roster had 2 say?? and also he contradicted himself by saying im big l,notorious,big pun,sean combs,sean connery all in one and whoever said skys the limit is looking dumb”… uh didnt biggie make a song saying skys the limit and since he said hes biggie wouldnt he be calling himself dumb?? u fucking loser listen 2 wut there rlly saying instead of overrating people that dont have half the skill

  • if u think thats not dope then ure a fag. diggin in it kid theyre becomin a new generation of hip hop. this was performance of years.

  • the realest

    @ my troll(cant believe i had to type that),

    your comparing eminem to lil wayne. you just embarassed all eminem fans who defend his status in hiphop, proved my point in the sense that eminem spits too many senseless bars thats are comparable to lil waynes, and took a major lost for that rebuttal. yes, wayne is killing hiphop, but if u wanna go there, eminem and wayne are in the same lane: rhyming words just to rhyme words and get laughs. its just funny to me to see the irony in eminem fans on how much they dislike wayne. if your a fan of eminem you should be a fan of waynes. but its simply hypocrisy. bcuz its “cool” to dislike wayne and they do so. eventho eminem and wayne are ALMOST parallel to eachother. lol i honestly do get a kick out of that. the hypocrisy and irony.

  • (l,k)

    you cannot say he’s just rhyming words, cuz what he’s SAYING IS MAKING SENSE. when em stopped rhyming as much and went all punchlines on recovery everyone was on him and now he’s back to rhyming more everyone is ripping on him having no content, it’s a fucking cypher! everything in rap has its pleasing qualities. sometimes having lots of punchlines is fun, as is the case with content, storytelling, and rhyming. you guys dissing are way too pessimistic and no matter what eminem does you’ll hate. give it up already

  • stupid

    haha the irony of you responding 2 a troll and also not understanding the sarcasm he said by claiming eminems trash when he had meaning in his verse like u get dropped like an E when you add an i-n-g but dont add a K(as a king for ur low IQ) when I M.C.
    and maybe u listen 2 pure underground and just because eminem is mainstream hes considered trash? u are very narrow minded

  • sick sick sick…everyone went off….much respect to EM and what he is trying to create in the game. Shady Records is on the up and up

  • the realest

    and for the record, im not a wayne fan. and as a result, im not a eminem fan. im just being real. they are the same: eminem went diamond/wayne sold a milli first week. eminem raps about drugs, killing his mom and baby momma, and rhyming for laughs/wayne raps about drugs, eating pussy, and rhyming for laughs. only notch up eminem has over wayne is “Stan”(no pun intended lol). but that last statement is just my opinion considering i dont listen to much em.

  • Cubano

    The realest…..ur acting like em doesnt have any classics….He has slim shady lp and marshall mathers lp as well as infinte and the eminem show (both good but not classics) yes he has fallen off since eminem show but dont you realize wayne has no great albums at ALL (Carter 2 was cool but not great Carter 3 & 4 were embarassing) and what about renegade?? ur just actting like he never made any contributions to hip hop…and em aint even my favorite right now Elzhi is…and how the FUCKK is this other nigga guna say pusha who talks about coke only, kanye with his corny punchlines and cyhi with his simple ass are better than slaughterhouse?? thats just silly now smh and only royce is in my top 5 rappers right now so im not even dickriding its just the truth

  • (l,k)

    and i also wanna add that i feel those first lines that em spits could possibly be a diss to canibus since he raps like that lol

  • the realest

    @ stupid (lol)

    i responded to the troll bcuz he/she brought up lil wayne, which was perfect for the case i made. im not a wayne fan, so that sarcasim doesnt apply to me, all i did was just make my point off his/hers so called “sarcasim”. simple enough?

  • Cubano

    And ur also acting like Em raps like this 24/7…you never heard way i am, brain damage, murder murder, cleaning out my closet, sing for the moment, or guilty conscience? how about take from me off the EP?? all these songs are concept songs…whether deep or storytelling. He was arguably the best rapper in the world from 98-03…wayne tries to be like Em but fails cuz half the shit is mad simple or just doesnt make sense……….but right now my top 5 are Pharoahe monch, Nas, Elzhi, Black thought, and Royce

  • the realest

    @ cubano

    i understanc that. i understand that em does have classics. i reconize him as a great(along with jayz,nas,andre3k,biggie,tupac) EVENTHO im not a fan personally. i can look at things objectivly, its the stans who cant by preaching em is the best with rhymes like “snoop dogg with a boob job” and other countless shit.

    as far as the em/wayne thing, the only point i was making was that they are in the same lane. i didnt mean the content and substance was the same, Dell and Apple both make computers but Apple is clearly better, but they are in the same lane. thats all im saying. its just when the stans come with the “hes the best!” when they are not honestly not being objective or REAL at all.

  • marty mcfly

    @(I,K) Right there are no rules in having a cypher and yes you can rhyme about bullshit and its ok in a cypher because Busta did the same thing BUT look at the way the rhymes are put together. They both make sense but Ems rhyme is just rambling and constructed only to rhyme syllables Busta did the same but his has thought and intention behind each bar. Also look at the way Busta delivers his rhymes, he doesnt have to think or concentrate to do it he just does it cause he has mastered it. He could go on and on all day every day because thats who he is on and off camera. He stays on beat effortlessly which many of the other cats were struggling to do and he makes it look like its nothing. Thats some MC shit

  • Cubano

    @the realist I mean i do agree he does struggle with his psycho/punchline raps nowadays they do sound really forced, back then that persona sounded more natural. But i think he actually made it work for the first time in years in this cypher.

  • Nate Frogg

    Anyone else wondering how much sprite paid yelawolf to spit his last line about “drinking sprite by the 2 liter”?

  • marty mcfly

    @cubano people like you always name drop a bunch of lyricist to prove a point but they are not on the same level. Pharoahe Monch, Elzhi and Royce are not on the same level has Black thought and none of them should even be mentioned in the same conversation as NAS. Just because their all lyrical does not make them comparable on most levels and does not mean that because thats your top 5 that some how your choice of rappers is superior to others when it comes to lyrical opinion. I aint mad at you but im just saying.

  • yea

    its good to see Joe budden have the meanest verse since people claim hes the weakest link and i feel that crooked I is the top one of the group

  • Cubano

    Marty mcfly…top 5 RIGHT NOW not of all time…right now whos rhyming better than them? and i bet a lot of people will disagree with you about pharoahe monch. Hes been around since 91 people forget that.


    when will you faggots realize that all the this guy is better than this guy talk isnt justifiable and is clearly and only your OPINION.

  • marty mcfly


    Evidence ( I could have used Jay Elec or Common but they albums aint out yet )

    Are all rhyming better then the artists you named ( not including Nas ) RIGHT NOW because they all have put out records this year so that makes it right now. I dont think Pharoaches War album was better then Saigons album and I dont think Royce Success is Certain was better then Games album and I dont think Elzhi Elmatic was better then Evidence album. Thats my opinion so hey and has far as Pharoahe being in the game longer then Nas that does not mean he has the same kind of impact or even close. Royce been in the game way longer then Lupe but I dont think he has matched Lupe on a lyrical level yet song for song. Your opinion is cool but im just saying there is differences in lyricists so listing a bunch of them doesnt mean there better then everybody else. Elzhi can rhyme better the Ice Cube but Ice Cube pound for pound is the better lyricist if you consider albums. See what I mean

  • thatrealshit

    @ marty

    look up ems westwood freestyle and tell me dude cant flow on a beat. he clearly does the majority of it off the top of his head. and im not even an eminem fan but i respect the dude, he can still slaughter anyone lyrically. even if some of it is rambling or incohesive, its organic. it shows that he took something, visualized it, and immediately spit a verse about it with incredible rhymes. thats wat hip hop is, it allows u to see a glimpse of ems thought process. hes always had that style lyrically and maybe it just doesnt connect with u

  • marty mcfly

    As for Black Thought who is obviously a great Mc, I still would not compare him to Nas because Nas effect on hip hop is on another level.

  • Pauly Dee

    I suggest nobody respond to Marty Mcfly. He obviously has something against Em. Period. If Jay was in the cypher, he’d have the best verse to him.

    @the realest

    You’re bringing up his bad lines, but a lot of great artists (Jay, Nas, etc) have those same things. Every artist has their highs and lows.

    BTW, haters gettin’ mad at the way Em’s rhymin’? Really? Y’all want some emotional shit? It’s a DAMN FREESTYLE! That means ANYTHING GOES! And by the number of people that actually got OUT OF THEIR CHAIRS and CLAPPED, I’d say that Shady 2.0 (and especially Em) went off!


  • Pauly Dee

    Don’t feed the trolls, people. Marty just wants to be “that guy”. Just like when Steve Jobs died and people were suddenly like, “fuck him”.

  • marty mcfly

    @thatrealshit thats fine but I just dont believe that Em could slaughter anyone. I think he could slaughter alot of people but not everybody and Pauly shut up. You act like Em is still doing underground battles in detroit when thats not the case anymore and one verse on BET does not mean he could go anywhere in 2011 and destroy everybody.


    GET EM!


  • Pauly Dee

    “You act like Em is still doing underground battles in detroit when thats not the case anymore and one verse on BET does not mean he could go anywhere in 2011 and destroy everybody.”

    Well, the BME CD LYRICALLY proves that he can. His verses this year were all on point…unless they went over your head…sorry that your brain is so small to comprehend it all

    But that’s not the point I’m trying to make. The point I’m making is that EVERYONE is saying that Em had a dope verse (even Em detractors) and that the overall census is that Shady 2.0 had the best cypher of the night (and even a while).

    But whatever. I’m not gonna keep going back and forth with trolls. I’ve feed you enough.

    “The hate in your blood can’t stop your soul from vibin’ with it”

  • marty mcfly

    No not everybody thinks this verse or the BME album is dope. Stop it cause what people think is dope os that you can hear some of Ems old style in the verse. The same people that praise the BME album also think Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber are dope too now go back to listening to Diggy and Adeles album cause you caught up in sales by a pop artists. im talking true skills cause even weakass Joe Budden had better bars then EM end of story.

  • I Kno A Bitch Named Marty

    ^^^Bitch you lost it, completely. Please go the fuck somewhere and sit yo dizzy as down, wtf is wrong with this nigga?

  • Pauly Dee

    “not everybody thinks this verse or the BME album is dope.”

    2476 likes, 45 dislikes. Generally positive comments on RapRadar, Youtube, MTV, BET, KillerHipHop, AllHipHop, HipHopDX,etc. You do the math.

    “The same people that praise the BME album also think Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber are dope too”

    Do you have proof? Statistics? Surveys? If not, you’re coming off a bit ignorant and racist in that.

    “now go back to listening to Diggy and Adeles album cause you caught up in sales by a pop artists.”

    It’s sad that you have to bring up the Diggy thing to “try” to win an argument. I said that Copy & Paste would get him BUZZ, I never said it was good! And Adele is pop to you? Really? You’ve shown me that you are truly musically ignorant.

    At the end of the day, this cypher was the shit and it’s sad that you let your bias keep you from enjoying that. Even people on the Ill Community (who, by the way, DESPISE Em to the fullest, are diggin’ this!)

  • Anyone catch the Siagon diss … lol. Spiritual, miracle, lyrical …

  • marty mcfly

    No Pauly you said “everyone” thinks this is dope and even if “everyone” thought it was dope its still not the best. 2nd YES you did say Diggys song was a good song which it is not and 3rd you did say if anyone doesnt think Adeles album is classic then they should kill themselves. Adele is cool but fuck that soft shit this is about hip hop. Then you always call me a racist well thats real interesting cause there is more then enough proof of what the majority of Ems fanbase is and thats not racist its just the truth because if Em has less then ten solo albums but sells three times as much as people with ten albums then I think we can come to a conclusion about why people assume hes the best in the game. When I say all white people are trash and im gonna go hang some of them from trees or discriminate against their legal rights. Then call me a racist until then dont use that shit when we talking rap.

  • marty mcfly

    If I say all white people… Cause I would never say that anyway. Yes Em has skills but this super hype yall put him on is bullshit. Em could have stopped after one line and people would be like oh shit Em slaughter everybody. Smh

  • yeah


    Just stop. You fucking Eminem hating troll.

  • IhateIdiots

    marty, what you said about BME was the stupidest shit I’ve honestly ever heard reading this site. Just wow… Have you even listened to that CD at all? You’re so fucking stupid is unbelievable…

    all you contribute is shitty comments and opinions and you clearly have very limited knowledge of hiphop. This shows from how you how often you are wrong about shit. Just stop posting nigga

  • Pauly Dee

    “even if “everyone” thought it was dope its still not the best.”

    By that logic, if everyone thought that Watch The Throne or The Blueprint 3 was dope, it’s still not the best. Right? WON.

    “YES you did say Diggys song was a good song”

    No, check yaself. I said it was a good SINGLE to garner buzz for himself.

    “Adele is cool but fuck that soft shit this is about hip hop.”

    Now you sound even more ignorant. You do know that genres like Rock, Soul, and Pop are CONSTANTLY sampled in Hip Hop…even for a lot of legendary tracks! WON

    “if Em has less then ten solo albums but sells three times as much as people with ten albums then I think we can come to a conclusion about why people assume hes the best in the game.”

    Because he’s white, right? Because that shit doesn’t sound racial at all…LOL. Why can’t you just admit that he has a loyal fanbase, both white and black. And even OTHER minorities. WON

    Can you actually bring some challenges to this pitiful excuse for a debate, because your logic is terrible and really boring me.

  • marty mcfly ( trolls praise me like a God ) )

    EM UM (Clears throat) NO NO HONEY DEE!!! I know what I’m talking about this little white man ain’t got nothing on my GOD EMCEE. Just because he got a pack of niggas behind him don’t make him hood and his rhymes good, “trust me I should know”. I mean he really didn’t say anything, well not like my boo ofcourse. If he aint talking about them expensive watches or taking yachts it just ain’t hot. Em ain’t shit and neither is pinkwolf(my fav color) and delicate house(boo said gotta keep it fresh, plus if not it makes me sensitive) Anyway HOV is the best in everything, fuck them other niggas if it’s not team Jigga. YUP( MY BOO VOICE)

  • marty mcfly

    Pauly you said “everyone” thought is verse was tight which isnt the case cause if anybody else would have spit Ems stupid verse people would be saying wtf was that about and SOME people see through the bullshit. 2nd yes I believe WTT is better and will have more replay value in the future then BME. 3rd a SINGLE is a SONG idiot you said it was good and that Diggy blew the fuck up. GTFOH cause Diggy was 10x more popular before he started rapping then he is now. 4th we not talking about sampling other genres of music we talking about bars. 5th YES EM SOLD SO MUCH “PARTLY” BECAUSE HE IS WHITE. So one won nothing and to me troll I see you still a faggot and you still praise me like a God.

  • marty mcfly

    I have heard a bunch of white people who are not fans of hip hop say Em is the best lyricist and my point is if they not even fans of hip hop then how do they know he’s the best? EXACTLY so we can get back to the skills or stay on some race shit but what im saying is the truth. I have seen a white person get so upset that somebody said Jayz is better then Em that he was ready to fight about it and he said Jay doesnt have skills its just his distribution that sells records for him. NO

  • david

    em’s flow was nice but look at the lyrics ‘Lyrical Miracle Spiritual Individual, Criminal, Subliminal, In your swimming pool’ what the fuck does that even mean? like them lines r.a the rugged man did ‘Hospitable, hitable, cooler than Digable, Criminal, miracle, lyrical take every syllable literal
    Little riddle, profitable, visible, iritibal, Little brittle pitiful fist still too little you tickle, you typical’ both make no sense but if you’re gonna credit em for having lots of rhyming words he got shit on by r.a the rugged man, nicer than anything on recovery though

  • Higgs

    @david come on man clearly he did that as a joke, he got booed by his own crew. he was just clowning.

  • I Kno A Bitch Named Marty

    Marty I just give up all hope for you, if it ain’t Jay it’s just not right in your perspective. So you mean to tell me, that you can honestly with a str8 face say that Shady cypher wasn’t one of the best cyphers we will probably ever see then you got a bad case of Jigga dog. That was hip hop and if you don’t agree then it’s clear that you don’t know a damn thing about the genre, the musicians in it or the culture in itself. Does Em have white fans, hell yea but what artist that is successful i modern day doesn’t? Who the fuck you think buys the albums and supports the concert and in Jays case buys these expensive ass WTT tickets. Cmon dog, Em is top of the top “gimmicky” or not, he got lyrics and if he didn’t then he wouldn’t even be worth mentioning. Jay will always be a great emcee but he ain’t the flat out best, Em just went diamond fucking twice and I can guarentee you that not all of those records were purchased by whites, cause my people went out and got some. But it’s no need to explain that to somebody who got his nose under another mans nutsack and for that reason that why I call you a bitch. Only bitches go to war for their man day and night, and cot dammit you fit the category. So sit yo dumbass down and turn that shady 2.0 cypher on, it’s ok to like another artist music, don’t be a BITCH ABOUT IT.

  • Pauly Dee

    “you said “everyone” thought is verse was tight which isnt the case”

    How about I use the word “majority” then? Is that better? 2,000+ likes on this site and only 45 dislikes means that MAJORITY of people on here (that includes pop fans, hip hop heads, hipsters) found the cypher and Em’s verse to be dope or musically appealing. The MAJORITY of members on RapRadar, HipHopDX, and etc feel that this song is dope! Now, I’m not about to post links on this ho, but you check em out for yourself. WON AGAIN.

    “yes I believe WTT is better and will have more replay value in the future then BME.”

    Hahah! That has almost NOTHING to do with my point! I used WTT as a counter argument, whereas you said just because everyone likes one thing doesn’t make it good or the best. Won again.

    “a SINGLE is a SONG idiot you said it was good and that Diggy blew the fuck up.”

    Again, I said it was a good single TO GARNER BUZZ. NOT MUSICALLY. Won again.

    “we not talking about sampling other genres of music we talking about bars”

    Wait…but weren’t YOU the one that brought up Adele in the first place? WON AGAIN

  • Pauly Dee

    “em’s flow was nice but look at the lyrics ‘Lyrical Miracle Spiritual Individual, Criminal, Subliminal, In your swimming pool’ what the fuck does that even mean?”

    You do know that that’s a Canibus diss right? Just checkin’

  • marty mcfly

    No you still aint win with that Pauly. Sorry cause all you just did was make my points more valid. Im done with it and to the guy saying if it aint Jayz then it aint right to me? NO cause I can name 25 other artists that are great at what they do ( without including Em ) cause the difference in the first song on Infinite and The Slim Shady Lp and all is other albums is like night and day in skill level.

  • weeks

    Weak cypher, especially that lima bean head ass nigga yelawolf. I wanted someone to run up snatch that shit off his head just so y’all could see what kind of head he fuckin’ wit! Shake & Mecca, or should I say Cake & Rebecca, y’all should of never posted this video. Y’all are like the beavis and butthead of niggas. 2dopeboyz is wack…im deployin over to hiphopdx. DEAD ASS. im out chall

  • Pauly Dee

    ” Sorry cause all you just did was make my points more valid.”

    Jesus man, you need to listen to yourself type. I made your points more valid? Hahah, what?! You obviously don’t have a clue as to what you’re trying to say.

    I see fully now, you just a bitchmade dickrider! Ha!


  • marty mcfly

    Pauly you went from using the word “everyone” to using “majority” which proves that not everyone thinks its dope and you chose the wrong word the first time. WON

    You brought up WTT the throne first then you said my comment has nothing to do with the point about you bringing it up but yet you cant deny that my statement about WTT having more replay value is not true. WON not to mention it had way better subject matter. ETHERED

    Yes saying Diggy has a good single implies that you think its a good song. WON

    I brought up Adele in this section but you did say what I said you said about he album and how others should view it. WON

    Have you ever won anything from the day you type a comment on 2DBZ? NO MUTHAFUCKA NO NOT TODAY NOT YESTERDAY NOT EVER.

  • (l,k)

    @marty mcfly
    okay i am appalled you just said eminem’s flow sounds forced lmfao. he has one of the best flows of all time. if you wouldve said the evil subject matter sounds forced nowadays then i would agree that at times it does, but not his flow. and i cannot believe you just called joe budden a weak ass, i just lost all respect for you lmao. usually jay-z fans like joe budden, and if anyone is gonna give jay-z a taste of his own clever half subliminal punchline disses, its budden. smh

  • marty mcfly

    And you have commented on Diggy having a dope single four other times besides what im referring to so your taste in hip hop is suspect. You said Wayne performance at the VMAS was “Too Dope”, which is bullshit and you said a bunch of classic albums from the 90s were hated when they came out which also is incorrect and proves your knowledge of hip hop is limited. You also said that me not liking Cole World also shows what kind of person I am which is also wrong. I have about ten more examples of your foolish views so yeah STFU. WON

  • Pauly Dee

    1. Yes, my choice of words was a little misguided. But you cannot deny that the MAJORITY of people like this cypher and that obviously means something.

    2. I brought up WTT as a COUNTER ARGUMENT (do you even know what that is, by the way? I’m serious). The replay value of that album is irrelevant to my point. WON.

    3. No. I can say that a Ke$ha song is a good single to GARNER BUZZ, but that doesn’t mean that I like the song. Just like with B.o.B and that Magic song. Was good to gain buzz, but wasn’t a song that I’d bump.

    4. Wait..what? WHAT? WHAT?! Hahahahahahah, you’re a clown!

    Until you actually bring real facts into this, you’re not gonna be taken seriously. (Not like you are now…)

  • marty mcfly

    @(l,k) how many verses do you know word for word from Joe budden in his whole ten year career? Now if I give you the beginning of a Jay verse from the last ten years you’ll probably know the words right. OK then, im not mad at your opinion but its a reason why Joe cant give any rap legend any competition.

  • marty mcfly

    Pauly your point about WTT was IF everyone thought it was dope… Well “everyone” did not think it was dope to begin with so your point has no factual foundation. 2nd I dont know nothing about Ke$ha so quit bring other people into your weak argument about how the BME album proves that Em is more lyrical then everybody.

  • (l,k)

    @marty mcfly

    a good amount, i dont overplay his stuff so i dont have it all memorized. jay-z is more of a “legend” than joe budden but with how fucked up the media is thats not a good reason to write someone off, and with some of the stuff you say about jay-z, you do that way too much lol

  • #justsayin

    the 2nd group i liked joe buddens the best he was sayin some real shit … Im not tryna argue wit anyone who says em but thats the safe choice but this is just my opinion …everyone was good though

  • Pauly Dee (Trolls Are The Result Of Incest)

    My point about WTT was that if a lot of people liked it, then it must not be good. KEEP IN MIND THAT I’M USING YOUR LOGIC.

    And did you really think that this entire convo was about BME? Really? Jesus, marty, just shut the fuck up all the time.

  • Pauly Dee

    Christ, marty, your arguments are more worn out than rape victims in Sweden.

  • marty mcfly

    @(l,k) I could also use Nas, Busta Rhymes, Mos Def, 50 cent, Camron, Common, Game, Fabolous, Lupe, Rae Ghost and Method man, Snoop, T.I, Kanye and about 20 other rappers and even Rick Ross and they all have made more memorable songs then Joe Budden so its not just Jayz but since people bring him up first I just go with him since people drop his name first.

  • (l,k)

    @marty mcfly
    “more memorable songs” and more known songs are 2 completely different things. joe budden has a lot of memorable songs, just because not enough people have heard them doesnt change that

  • marty mcfly

    No Pauly your argument was that the BME album proves Em is better then everybody lyrically. Yes or NO was that not your point?

    Your other point was that Ems race is not “much” of a factor in is sales. These were your two main points and both are not the total truth.

  • Pauly Dee

    “But that’s not the point I’m trying to make. The point I’m making is that EVERYONE is saying that Em had a dope verse (even Em detractors) and that the overall census is that Shady 2.0 had the best cypher of the night (and even a while).”

    That was my point. Again, you FAIL. I WIN.

  • Grimzz

    Don’t get it…a lot of people don’t like it when Em raps like that so why the cyber war over one man’s opinion?…it’s legit since busta MURDERED that shit and had more comprehensive bars than Em…no big deal…

    this year’s cypher was twice as good…only one super trash verse from dom…the rest were decent at the least

  • shady sucks!!!!

  • (l,k)


    because marty wasnt saying that, he was saying eminem’s verse was stupid, and its not a big deal, its just a discussion with a dude with an unpopular, if not slightly bias opinion lol

  • Grimzz

    @ l,k

    ok because i wasn’t reading the whole episode…Dom still pissed me off…so trash…

  • marty mcfly

    there you go again with that EVERYONE thinks Em had a dope verse shit. Smh im done with you. Busta verse >

  • Pauly Dee

    Okay, can we just say that MAJORITY of people thought that Em’s verse was dope? Because, as your boyfriend puts it marty, ‘Men Lie, Women Lie, But Numbers Don’t’

  • ThaGOD

    nearly all of busta’s verse was recycled from a while ago on some radio freestyle

    eminem can rhyme better than anybody has ever rhymed before but shout out doc suess and tech n9ne if anybody heard anything besides cat’s meow- good for you

    kendrick lamar, B.o.B., and the rest of the shady cypher should make everyone else at the BET Awards realize how little effort they actually put into their craft

    and yes my puke is luke warm and casey anthony should do porn- holy fuck did you hear what eminem and joe budden said jesus christ they took a huge lil wayne shit on them

    i just wish there was a YMCMB cypher–

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah so if you changing your words and also dropping the other surrounding factors of your main argument then you damn sure aint winning. We also know the main reason why Ems numbers are what they are cause if it was about lyrical skills the Jay and Nas would be selling more then him.

  • Pauly Dee

    So you’re saying because he’s white, he’s selling? Look at Jay’s fans. The ones that buy his records are white as well. It has nothing to do about that. Em obviously has the more loyal fanbase.

  • (l,k)

    regardless of the effect race plays in sales, eminem has more relatable and emotional songs than jay-z, and more accessible ones than nas, which play a factor in sales. even though nas and eminem are essentially equal in lyrical ability to me

  • Cubano

    Marty mcfly…im going to have to disagree… we talkin lyricists man…yeah to me evidence’s album was album of the year but hes not tooo lyrical… i didnt like game’s album or lupe’s album…but actually i would have lupe in my top 5 hes arguably next to Elzhi the best rapper to come out in the past 10 years….so i’ll have him tied with royce lol but never ever ever in a million years is saigon or game better than pharoahe monch….WAR was dope so was saigon’s album but lyrically saigon aint touching monch….but to each is own brudda mon

  • marty mcfly

    Pauly all rappers have white fans but not everybody claims that this one rapper is the best even during the years he didnt put anything out. Em wins awards for music he didnt even put out that year and it mainly because of one thing sales. If its about lyrics then Ice Cube and Krs one would have sold those most records. Go look at that list of songs I put from Jayz in the Michael Eric Dyson x Jayz section. Now can Em match the number of those songs lyrical? I doubt it but I could crush that list two more times with other Jayz songs. So again when people act like Em is the best it can only be with sales. If Hanna montana and Adele sold more then Beyonce it doesnt mean they have a loyal fanbase ( or an equally or even close number of multicultural fans ) or that they”re more musically talented. So again at Pauly or (i,k) if Em has more relatable or lyrical or emotion songs them Jayz then I just listed some of Jayz songs like that in the other section so either Em can match up or he cant and dont make me list Nas songs against Ems because that is just a lyrical and musical massacre.

  • (l,k)

    lol im not saying nas doesnt match up, all i said was that he was less accessible, which is obvious

  • (l,k)

    and i dont have see a list of jay-z songs, all i have to know is their subject matter, cuz i dont see jay-z as troubled as eminem

  • Stu

    People whoz saying Eminem is rhyming nonsense are just clueless and dumb. Google “Casey Anthony”. He even took a friendly swipe at Budden using the feotus line. Plus the Mic Vick line. If u don’t understand English say so don’t come out saying hez spitting words that make no sense

  • marty mcfly

    @(l,k) the problems that Jay is speaking on in his music Em could never even imagine fully or accurately because the graveyard and the prisons is filled with people who share a similar story as Jays songs. You wont even look at the list let alone get into the lyrics behind those songs and thats partly my point. I talked to a guy who is an adult and has common sense and he was saying Em is the greatest hands down but he never bought a Nas album or a Jay album or any other legendary rap album in his life so what im saying is obviously he and the other people say Em is the best for one main reason cause if you dont even know that much about other people raps then your comparing Em to nobody and just looking at sales.

  • Pauly Dee

    But that’s only the group of people that YOU’VE met! Your logic is terrible, man.

  • marty mcfly

    And obviously thats not true about ALL Em fans but thats the case with millions of them. I rest my case. One

  • Pauly Dee

    White America, Business, Cleanin Out My Closet, Square Dance, Soldier, Say Goodbye Hollywood, Drips , Without Me, Sing for the Moment, Superman, Hailie’s Song, When the Music Stops , Say What You Say , Till I Collapse , My Dad’s Gone Crazy, Lose Yourself, Love Me , 8 Mile ,Rabbit Run

    And that’s only from 1 and a half albums…And Em doesn’t have lyricism and meaning to match Jay?

  • voltron

    “ride around in a rose like wiz khalifa do” – i realize not most caught that

  • Jake

    @ Mcfly…”So Em was right with one of his bars when he said he wasnt the king. Sales is his only claim to the throne cause in every other category of being a MC he not even top ten.”

    This shows he’s not even worth responding too b-c let’s see categories EVERYONE agrees (by Everyone I mean realistic hip hop heads who look @ his 96/97-02/03 Material and him @ his best which I agree is alot less often after being drugged out 4-5 years and other dope emcees like KOOL G RAP, NAS, PHAROAHE, JAY, SLAUGHTERHOUSE, ELZHI, RAKIM, MASTA ACE to name a A FEW who ALL have Em as the GOAT to top 5-10) he’s top 10 in MULTIS/PATTERNS, WITTY REWIND THAT LINES, STORYTELLING (or @ least painting a picture with words imagery wise…Brain Damage, Rock Bottom, As the World Turns, Stan, Lose Yourself, Sing 4 the Moment, Cleaning Out my Closet to name a FEW), VERSATILITY, BATTLING (or Battle Rap Lyrics), FREESTYLING (@ least in the Big Daddy Kane since of it which doesn’t mean off the top necessarily although I’d say he’s top 5-20 somewhere @ that), Beef tracks (yes not always the best enemies to go @ but that’s b-c dope emcees knew better other than Canibus who was dope as fuck, but whose voice gets worse every year…)

    Most Unbiased ppl agree that in those categories I named Em is somewhere between 1-10 (IN HIS PRIME &, so please ignore this hater

    G Rap just listed Em NUMBER TWO behind Rakim ALL TIME, but Marty Mcfly doesn’t think he’s top 10 in ANYTHING other than sales?!?! I’m gonna go with another GOAT aka G Rap on this one…Or Nas, or Rakim (“If Em were black we’d be calling him the Ali of this shit”), or your man crush Jay-Z (had him in. his top 5), or a ton of dope underground emcees over this CLOWN

    PS since is a cypher (almost always pointless TECHNICALLY dope rhymes that just show how dope you are) Em MURDERED IT

  • Jake

    @Juice Fan…Still the best to rip this beat:

    Juice is in my personal top 20 emcee ever PERIOD…Battling, Off The Top and/or Written on Wake Up Show and battling circuit (considered the best ever), plus two has two super dope albums in LISTEN2THEWORDZ & TIP OF THE ICEBERG (not to mention some ill collabs like on Binary Star KGB where he, One Be Lo, and Elzhi…all amazing emcees…all murder it)…

    I think Em may take Juice on that beat only b-c Em was written and Juice was literally off the top for 80-90% of it, but no doubt about it Juice is a SUPER DUPER DOPE EMCEE that’s criminally slept on

  • EM from 97-2004 Top 5 mc.
    EM from 2004- present Top 10 mc.
    Same dude but some of content matter, Voice changes, etc knocked him down the list (my personal list, opinion).
    Dude is still one of the G.o.a.T possible one of the dopest alive.
    As an objective viewer you have to see the change in material, you just have to.
    Call it lack of hunger, Too comfortable, drugs what have you. you can see the change in material. point blank He is a great and this cypher was the best of the night but lets be real and look at objectively.
    Jay Z has had that change too but its about whether the artists still puts out quality music that is listenable. Fuck sells, bias, technical breakdowns, can they still produce quality. Alot of these top tier older rappers cannot produce it anymore and the younger generation is even worse.

  • Pauly Dee

    Unfortunately, Em won’t get any full props until either
    A) He retires
    B) He dies.

  • ThaGOD

    if you’re saying eminem doesn’t match up bc ppl can’t relate to a troubled mind then you’re a idiot

    yea ppl in jail can relate better to jay-z than eminem but ppl with mental disorders or ppl who are in mental institutions, hell even ppl with heavy drug abuse can relate waaaaaaaayyyyy better to eminem than jay-z

    fuck nas, i’m ghetto i’m rich wordplay wordplay i’m rich, nigga…c’mon man

    if given a topic to rap about eminem would come out on top easily

  • ThaGOD

    plus you guys realize you’re comparing eminem to one of the all time greats in Jay-Z
    just that fact alone should tell you that eminem is on that level of greatness

    Andre 3k, Jay-Z, Eminem, Budden, Big L, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Kanye, Wayne, Biggie, Pac will all be legendary to somebody out there whether it’s underground fans, drug addicts, mentally unstable ppl, gangstas, wankstas, prisoners, poets, rappers, or normal-ass ppl so stfu if you don’t have some positive criticism or truth to reveal

    muh fuckas

  • The only reason to thumbs down this is that stupid fucking Drake Sprite commercial playing for 15 seconds at the beginning and end of the Cypher. Grade [A+]

  • marty mcfly

    1996: Reasonable Doubt
    1997: In My Lifetime, Vol. 1
    1998: Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life
    1999: Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter
    2000: The Dynasty: Roc La Familia
    2001: The Blueprint
    2002: The Blueprint2: The Gift & The Curse
    2003: The Black Album
    2006: Kingdom Come
    2007: American Gangster
    2009: The Blueprint 3

    Studio albums
    Illmatic (1994)
    It Was Written (1996)
    I Am… (1999)
    Nastradamus (1999)
    Stillmatic (2001)
    God’s Son (2002)
    Street’s Disciple (2004)
    Hip Hop Is Dead (2006)
    Untitled (2008)
    The Firm: The Album (with The Firm) (1997)
    Distant Relatives (with Damian Marley) (2010)

    Snoop Dogg
    Doggystyle (1993)
    Tha Doggfather (1996)
    Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told (1998)
    No Limit Top Dogg (1999)
    Tha Last Meal (2000)
    Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss (2002)
    R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece (2004)
    Tha Blue Carpet Treatment (2006)
    Ego Trippin’ (2008)
    Malice n Wonderland (2009)
    Doggumentary (2011)

    1992 Can I Borrow a Dollar? Relativity Records
    1994 Resurrection
    1997 One Day It’ll All Make Sense
    2000 Like Water for Chocolate MCA Records
    2002 Electric Circus
    2005 Be
    2007 Finding Forever
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    Busta Rhymes
    The Coming (1996)
    When Disaster Strikes (1997)
    E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front (1998)
    Anarchy (2000)
    Genesis (2001)
    It Ain’t Safe No More (2002)
    The Big Bang (2006)
    Back on My B.S

    Ice Cube
    1990: AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted
    1991: Death Certificate
    1992: The Predator
    1993: Lethal Injection
    1998: War & Peace Vol. 1 (The War Disc)
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    2006: Laugh Now, Cry Later
    2008: Raw Footage
    2010: I Am the West

    Mr. Scarface Is Back (1991)
    The World Is Yours (1993)
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    Dopeman Music (2010)

    1991 2Pacalypse Now
    1993 Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
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    1996 All Eyez on Me
    1996 The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory

    1997: The Carnival
    2000: The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book
    2002: Masquerade
    2003: The Preacher’s Son
    2004: Welcome to Haiti: Creole 101
    2007: Carnival Vol. II: Memoirs of an Immigrant
    2009: From the Hut, To the Projects, To the Mansion

    LL Cool J
    Radio (1985)
    Bigger and Deffer (1987)
    Walking with a Panther (1989)
    Mama Said Knock You Out (1990)
    14 Shots to the Dome (1993)
    Mr. Smith (1995)
    Phenomenon (1997)
    G.O.A.T. (2000)
    10 (2002)
    The DEFinition (2004)
    Todd Smith (2006)
    Exit 13 (2008)

    Black Thought
    1993: Organix!
    1994: From the Ground Up (EP)
    1995: Do You Want More?!!!??!
    1996: Illadelph Halflife
    1999: Things Fall Apart
    1999: The Legendary (EP)
    2002: Phrenology
    2004: The Tipping Point
    2006: Game Theory
    2008: Rising Down
    2010: How I Got Ove

    AND YA’LL WANNA TALK LYRICS, STYLE, SUBJECT MATTER, STORYTELLING AND OVERALL SKILLS? EM is not the goat of anything but selling records like a pop singer. His style on his first two albums were dope but all that other shit which was not the same or even close in rhymes or delivery or overall musicality. Pound for pound, bar for bar and great song for great song if were just talk beats and rhymes EM IS NOT THE GOAT.

  • Chicago

    @marty mcfly

    Thank you for putting Black Thought up there. He’s the GOAT for the grown man music

  • Pauly Dee

    “all that other shit which was not the same or even close in rhymes or delivery or overall musicality.”

    The fuck? Did you even listen to The Eminem Show? That was his best album creativity-wise and is arguably his best album period. I could sit here and give you song lyrics, but I’m not gonna waste my time with a troll. It’s not productive at all…

  • Chicago

    @the realest’s theory on this shit is the truth. You’ve gotta just look at the list of rappers that are gonna appear on like every hip hop heads top 10 list and those are the greats. any one of those rappers you could argue is the GOAT but at the end of the day its just gonna come down to opinion. But Eminem is definitely one of those rappers thats gonna be on almost every top 10 or 20 list.

  • marty mcfly

    Ok we can add The Eminem show if you would like cause that was a good album even though thats when he started leaving his whole original style behind but have you ever heard of Atmosphere(Slug) cause his discography is like Em skills on steroids. Not to mention Lupe has delivered more lyrical displays of skills with his four mixtapes and three albums the Em if you wanna talk bars so yeah Pauly you could list a bunch of great songs but I can come back with lists from other artists that are more lyrical and musically better in every way. Em is not the goat

  • And Won

    eminem>>>>>>>>>>>>>>crooked i >>>>royce>>>>yelawulf>>>>budden>>>>>>>joell

  • Pauly Dee

    I never said Em was the GOAT (though he’s def in the Top 5-10)

    “even though thats when he started leaving his whole original style behind”

    The reason that he left that style behind is that he had gotten off of drugs and had matured to an extent. So, it affected his music in a very positive way.

    When it comes to Lupe and Em, Lu has already admitted that even HE can’t touch Em. Plus Em’s touched on a lot more subjects than Lupe and has more diverse flows and metaphors than Lupe.

  • marty mcfly

    Lupe also said Lil B is one of the best new artists of this generation. So I dont give a fuck what Lupe said when he’s not on the mic but Em hasnt even spoke on half of all the things Lupe has and that is fact.

  • Jake

    @Marty Mcfly….

    Did you really just list SNOOP Dog’s whole Discography on there?

    Doggystyle is a classic and he was on a ton of The Chronic, but after that it’s avg then wack (YOU LISTED A NO LIMIT RECORD!)

    Jay has Reasonable Doubt (Classic hands down), Blueprint (very good album, but overrated imo…quick question who did your idol think to get on his “breakthrough commercial introduce Kanye as a producer” apparent classic album as his ONLY guest appearence? EMINEM PRODUCED and had 2 of the top 5 verses on Jay-Z’s top 3 albums!!!!!!), and Black Album (great commercial album where your IDOL said, on an EMINNEM PRODUCED BANGER mind you, “I DUMBED DOWN my Audience to DOUBLE MY DOLLARS” AKA “I sold out yea, get over it”…again i like the track and even his honesty, but just like when Em said “If I was black I would of sold half” jay’s brutal honesty told the world I SOLD OUT AFTER REASONABLE DOUBT”)

    Jay, like Em has fallen off post 03 (@ least Em had personal drug issues where dude almost died from 2 overdoses, not to mention 2 divorces, and his best friend since 14 being murdered in 2006 so he was out of the game for 4-5 years and had to “learn to write, flow, perform, show his personality again and now w/ no recreational drugs which help alot of dope artists in all generes w/ creativity”) so I’d love to hear you argue that his albums post black album are anything special.

    I love Common, Nas, 2pac (who like Em had had an all time great 6 year prime), Ice Cube’s first 2 albums especially (and even the rest of the 90s was solid, thought not great), LOVE Black Thought and the Roots, Busta is great live (but not in my top 20 let alone 10), Scarface is a legend…

    My top 25 ALL TIME in no order (too hard as all are GREAT Emcees) is Nas, Kool G Rap, Black Thought, Em, Andre 3000, Big L, Pun, 2pac, Elzhi, Pharoahe Monch, BIG, Masta Ace, Rakim, KRS-One, Tonedeff, Ice Cube, Kweli, Common, Juice, Redman, LL Cool J, Louis Logic, One Be Lo, Mos Def, Big Daddy Kane

    That’a a pretty pretty pretty good (larry david voice) group of old school, mid 90s guys, underground amazing emcees, etc

    My top 5-25 flucates quite a bit from this 25, but top 5 are usually NAS, EM, PUN, BLACK THOUGHT, ELZHI/BIG L/ANDRE 3000

    Just b-c non hip hop heads like myself (and others who still know/realize/ADMIT how amazing Em is AT HIS BEST/PRIME) are Stans that praise some of the lesser stuff he’s done post 03 b-c they don’t know dope emcees like I named, DOESN’T TAKE AWAY FROM THE FACT HE’S ONE OF THE ILLEST EVER!

    Why is he ILL ENOUGH to be in Jay’s, Nas’s, G Rap’s, Rakim’s, Redman’s, LL Cool J’s top 5, but not yours? Alot of dudes you love and many others think @ his best he’s unreal, yet you dont?

  • marty mcfly

    Krs One
    Tech n9ne
    even Canibus
    Method man


  • the realest

    @ chicago,

    goodlookin out ma nigga. somebody understood wtf i was talking about.

    and it is common knowledge that em is A<—- goat. keyword, or letter, is A. there is no ONE goat. its impossible. hiphop is about 30years old now. still young enough to grow, but older enough to have more than one goat. and the 6 i named(nas, jay, em, andre 3k, biggie and pac) were only from THIS era. not even getting into the pioneers of the game like ll cool j slick rick krs-one big l ice cube ice t rakim big daddy kane jaz-o, all dem niggaz. just the era when it peaked as far as pretty much everything. like creativity, originality, lyrcial talent, record sales, cultural impact, all that shit. them six are the greatest of this era to do that shit. their like our hiphop mt. rushmore of the modern times. best way i can put that shit

  • marty mcfly

    And yeah I named Snoop so go ask your favorite rapper why I named Snoop and he’ll break it down for you cause unless you have heard or own most of Snoops records then you are underestimating his overall lyrical ability by alot. Rap is not all punchlines and metaphors and Snoop is the whole gangsta & playa lifestyle over music.

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jake so Jayz fell off ugh? Well his last album title had the word THRONE in it and not one rapper had any argument about it. So you know what else goes with throne right? KING

  • Jake

    @Marty Mcfly

    And also every legendary emcee that’s been in the game for 15+ years has some wack to avg albums in there (Nastradamus, Kingdom Come, Blueprint 3 (avg as fuck), Roc La Familia (decent), Volume 2 (is that the one w/ Juvenile? Avg) Electric Circus/Universal Mind Control, Lazers is HORRENDOUS for the most part (and Lupe’s first 2 albums while dope are not on Em’s first 3 level, stop it) pretty much all of Snoop’s albums after his debut,a ton of the 80s/early 90s legends (G Rap, Rakim, KRS-One, BDK, PE, Ice Cube) have done JACK SHIT album wise (pretty much especially considered to their PRIME), Andre 3000 hasn’t rapped since 2000 FOR GOD’S SAKE!

    Very convenvient how all of the above you don’t comment on, but Em has down period (b-c of drugs, fame, laziness, lack of hunger, all of the above) and it takes away from his AMAZING 6-7 YEAR PRIME B-C?!?!?


    That officially ends your argument which was flawed as fuck to begin with

  • Pauly Dee

    You just said…that E-40 is better than Em lyrically. Fucking Christ. Now I can agree with you on Tech being musically better at the moment, but Tech has even admitted that Em is a pure beast lyrically.

  • Pauly Dee

    I mean, that’s the equivalent of saying that Gucci Mane is better than Kendrick Lamar…Jesus Christ of Nazareth, guy…

  • marty mcfly

    You can be mad all you want but I can back up my claims with anybody I named with songs and albums and they will out way Ems and thats not just saying anything thats the truth. List Ems most powerful songs and then pick whoever you think I was bullshitting about. You mite win with Em vs Canibis even though Canibus has way more subject matter but with anybody else ill lists songs or albums that will crush Ems shit. I listed E40 for fun BUT I suggest you take a look at his discography and consider he done rapped with a million styles but hey Em is more famous so its cool but in now way shape or form do you want to compare Lupe and Em because the way ill destroy Em compared to Lupe its gonna be ugly. As for Wyclef? Like I said go song for song and bar for bar and it wont be easy for Em to win that either.

  • ShutUp

    I made a bet with a friend that people are STILL gonna be talking on this post, and you guys just won me a sweet tea from mcdonalds haha. but yeah i dont blame everyone..shady n everyone HAS to be this good for people to be talking about them this much on here..EVEN IF you dont like them, your STILL talking about them on here, so they MUST be skilled to a point even to you haters. I dont see you guys debating or hating over the new people that just released mixtapes on this site so dont even try to be a faggot n be like “oooh no im just saying my *comment* in this box! thats why its here! / i never said they werent good but- dur dur durrrrrr” kinda shit.

  • Pauly Dee

    Fine then. Give me one song, ONE song that can rival the impact of “Lose Yourself”. From E-40, of course.

  • Jake

    @ Shutup….Agree 100%…I’m a 28 year old with a wife who still LOVES dope hip hop and can type 70 words per min, but none the less I’ve WASTED an hour trying to argue someone who says Wyclef (not a typo),Snoop, E-40, TI, Lupe are all MUCH better MCs than Eminem in his prime (or @ his best). You can point out that THEY THEMSELVES all agree Em is one of the GOATs or dudes like Nas, Jay, G Rap, Redman, a million sick underground dudes, Common, Masta Ace, Rakim say he’s in their top 5 and he doesn’t budge from his idiotic stance…

    Great refreshing Cypher (it’s almost 2012 on BET for god’s sake!)

  • the realest

    Did you really just list SNOOP Dog’s whole Discography on there?

    Doggystyle is a classic and he was on a ton of The Chronic, but after that it’s avg then wack (YOU LISTED A NO LIMIT RECORD!)

    ^ are you serious? after doggystyle(classic) the last meal was also a classic and was his last no limit record. i mean do you even remember when lay low came out??? how gangsta that shit was and how that shit was like number everywhere? i could get into other albums as classics for snoop but those debatable and i dont feel like spending all my time on that. but doggystyle and the last meal, (and you most definitly can count the chronic considering he was writing for two people) are to be known as illmatic/RD/readytodie-classics. lets not act like the ONLY good music came from the east coast. i thought we were suppose to objective?

    “I DUMBED DOWN my Audience to DOUBLE MY DOLLARS” AKA “I sold out yea, get over it”


    do you listen to the music or just skim thru it?

    I dumb down for my audience
    And double my dollars
    They criticize me for it
    Yet they all yell “Holla”
    If skills sold
    Truth be told
    I’d probably be
    Talib Kweli
    I wanna rhyme like Common Sense
    (But I did five Mil)
    I ain’t been rhyming like Common since
    When your sense got that much in common
    And you been hosteling since
    Your inception
    Fuck perception
    Go with what makes sense(double entandre. makes sense/makes cents)
    I know what I’m up against
    We as rappers must decide what’s most important
    And I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them
    So I got rich and gave back
    To me that’s the win, win
    The next time you see the homie and his rims spin
    Just know my mind is working just like them
    (The rims that is)

    now, that is reasonable doubt real shit. only difference is that its coming from the rich jay and not the broke tryna-make-it jay. smh. i hope yall understand what i just said and that THATS the reason jay gets so much hate. cuz a nigga is dumb rich. just like some niggaz hate on em simply cuz he white. ignorance knows no boundaries.

    but jay tried that philisophical shit with RD and that shit went WAAAAAAAY over peoples heads and didnt get considered a classic years after the fact. not only did he not get the appreciation, but he didnt sell shit. and thats AFTER being turned down by def jam and all em. so niggaz dont wanna appreicate it, niggaz dont wanna buy it, what is the nigga to do? he wanna rhyme like commonsense, but then he did 5 million and aint been rapping like common, since. and im not gonna dickride(hate that word) and say he on did a bunch of good shit cuz i dont have any facts nor do i care, but i know he on did SOME shit. the only i know for fact is the carter scholarship and water for africa shit.

    but thats not the ONLY thing. so if you get rich you gotta give all your money back? wtf kinda shit is that. so niggaz who been broke all they life gotta live modestly with their own money? sounds like socialism. this is america. but like i said thats not the point. MONEY is NOT the fix. you cant just throw money at mentaly broken problems. how much can jay really do anyway? do you know how many ppl there are? and then you get into how much is good enough and it turns into a bigass circle.

    its the inspiration. that is all. just to let you know you cant do w.e you want. and its true. but muhfuckas dont believe shit unless they see it with their own two eyes. and even after they see it its still false if they say so. lol that is also america but thats sumthing different.

    all im tryna say is if every nigga looked at jay-z and obama and say to themselves they can do anything they set they mind to, it can do much more than any amount of MONEY(smh, niggaz still got the game twisted) can do.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah people like Jake can list 50 different rappers like that really means you know their music to try in express your knowledge of game but that dont prove much and yeah @Shut Up you could say that just talking about Em must mean he’s just the goat or something like trying to change the subject is gonna help but naw I dont think so cause at first I was hearing Em can destroy anybody lyrically and Em is the best but now that im bringing up other artists who can compete that kinda talk is dying out fast.

  • marty mcfly

    You got a whole list of Jayz songs in the Michael Eric Dyson x Jayz c section that you can challenge with Em songs if you like but I doubt nobody wants to even attempt that and those aint even Jayz best songs. Smh just stop with that Em shit cause its not ten years ago anymore when he was lyrically crazy because his jokes actually worked with the songs because the songs stayed on topic and actually had a message. Now this guy is saying anything.

  • the realest


  • Pauly Dee

    “Now this guy is saying anything.”

    Like what? Examples? And don’t say this freestyle, because it’s supposed to be like that…

    And I still haven’t gotten that song that’s better than “Lose Yourself” from E-40!

  • ShutUp

    i never said he was goat…..LOL. IM SAYING (ShutUp) whoever is saying that EM doesnt kill it, or not as good enough to be up there with the other highly skilled great ones through our hip hop history, then your most likely lying to yourself because must love Em enough to be sitting here putting him down on this post, rather then to be saying stuff on other MCs posts about how better someone is than them.

  • ***************************

    lol marty mcfly always gets sucked in and so caught up in blog debates. Has this debate ruined your day Marty?

  • marty mcfly

    If you aint gonna get down to business by proving Em can lyrically destroy everybody then stop talking. If you wanna keep going then list songs and post lyrics and if Em is still out rhyming everybody in the end then thats cool but if not then go watch Ice Cube on Vh1 right now and understand what being a MC is about.

  • Unxpekted

    Shit was SICK but yea YELAWOLF FUCKING SUCKS. Pretty much anybody > Yelawolf “drink sprite by the liter” huh?

  • marty mcfly

    @Whoever dont like it

    This debate isnt about wether Em is skilled or not Its about if Em can slaughter anybody Lyrically. I have named more the ten MCs that I know can out rhyme Em lyrically in all categories so it is what its is. Sales isnt everything just like Jayz money doesnt mean he’s the best. I say he’s the best because of skills and I have never back tracked or said other wise. So if you came out on some Em can destroy anybody lyrically then stand by that or just end this debate.

  • john

    2600 thumbs up, that’s awesome.. yo i hope you guys gonna post an uncensored version, 720p and stuff like that when it’s available too, keep up the good work

  • Chicago

    Eminem is one of the greatest ever. Whether you like his music personally you have to respect that objectively. If you wanna really argue all day about whether he would “lyrically destroy” people then that’s a waste of time because theres dozens of MCs with crazy lyricism and they’re all neck and neck. Who’s the most lyrical is just gonna come down to opinion.

    @marty mcfly

    when you say, “If you aint gonna get down to business by proving Em can lyrically destroy everybody then stop talking. If you wanna keep going then list songs and post lyrics and if Em is still out rhyming everybody in the end then thats cool”

    really what does that mean? ill poat some Em lyrics right now cuz i wanna see you show me some better lyrics and then tell me how it’s a fact that your lyrics are better.

    “Dear Mister-I’m-Too-Good-To-Call-Or-Write-My-Fans,
    this’ll be the last package I ever send your ass
    It’s been six months and still no word – I don’t deserve it?
    I know you got my last two letters;
    I wrote the addresses on ’em perfect”

    i’m trying to be as respectful as possible here but i just really don’t understand you here.

  • ***************************

    marty mcfly, you’ve just got a blatant grudge against eminem, why else would this twist your panties so much? it’s just like how every other time em’s name comes up you try throw dirt on it

  • Pauly Dee

    “‘Colt Seavers’ on a mule, stuntin on that ass like the fucking Fall Guy
    I don’t gas my Mercedes after midnight, man I treat it like a Mogwai
    Cuz it will turn into a Gremlin and run over kids, women and men
    Vrinn-vrinn! Motor’s so big you can fit a midget in his engine”

    “Shady, I don’t understand your flow.
    Understand my flow?
    Bitch I flow like Troy Polamalu’s hair, boy.
    Don’t you dare try to follow or compare, boy.
    I’m raw, you ain’t even medium rare
    stay the fuck outta my hair, boy!
    You can look, you can stare and point
    But you can’t touch — I’m too clairvoyant.”

    –From Untitled

  • smiffl

    These comments are hilarious. Anytime you read about people having to argue over the GOAT credibility of Wyclef, you know shit has hit the fan.

  • Pauly Dee

    “I’ma sh-t stain on the underwear of life
    whats the saying? where there’s thunder there’s lightening
    and they say that it never strikes twice in the same place
    then how the f-ck have I been hit six times
    in three different locations
    on four separate ocassions?
    and you can bet your stanking ass
    that I’ve come to smash everything in my path
    fork was in the road took the pyschopath”

    –Won’t Back Down

    (I’m using Recovery lyrics first, by the way.)

  • the realest

    ^ yo aint that the joint wit pink? not gon lie that was my shit off tha recovery once i saw pink was on it.

  • Cubano

    Yo this guy said TI, WYclef, snoop and e-40 are better than Em….now hes just playing with yall lol This is ridiculous

  • Cubano

    Yo this guy said TI, WYclef, snoop and e-40 are better than Em….now hes just playing with yall lol This is ridiculous

  • marty mcfly


    Oh you dont think Wyclef can get down ugh ok go listen to:

    Year of the dragon
    Where the fugees at
    Pullin Me In
    Peace God
    80 bars
    Welcome to the east
    Industry – which is classic btw just check the video

    Then come back and ask yourself if Em really that dope in comparison

    @Pauly you have you mind made up already so I could post lyrics from Lupes The Cool and the Coolest and you would still say Em could fuck with that so if you gonna list songs or lyrics you better list his best.

  • Pauly Dee

    the realest

    Yeah, I had my doubts about the song, considering the musical place that Pink was in at that time. But it turned out cool.

  • the realest

    @ pauly,

    “musical that time.”? please elaborate. bcuz i hope our not implying that she fell off.

  • Pauly Dee

    “Build the dutch, Im about to tear shit up
    Goosebumps, Yea Imma make your hair sit up, Yea sit up
    Imma tell you who I be, Imma make you hate me, Cuz you ain’t me
    You wait , it ain’t too late for you to finally see
    What you close-minded fucks were too blind to see
    Whoever finds me is gonna get a finders fee
    Out this world, ain’t no one out they mind as me
    You need piece of mind? Here’s a piece of mine
    All I need’s a line, but Sometimes I don’t always find the words to rhyme
    To express how I’m really feeling at that time,”

    “Put some oil in your joints, Flip the coin, Bitch come get destroyed
    And MC’s worst dream, I make them tensed, they hate me
    See me and shake like a Chainlink fence
    By the looks of em you would swear that Jaws was coming
    By the screams of them you would swear Im sawin someone
    By the way they runnin’, you could swear that the law was coming
    Its now or never, And tonight is all or nothing
    Momma, Jimmy keeps leaving on us, He said he’d be back
    He pinky promised, I don’t think he’s honest
    I’ll be back baby, I just gotta beat this clock
    Fuck this clock! Imma make them Eat this watch
    Don’t believe me Watch! Imma win this race
    And Imma come back and rub my shit on your face, Bitch!
    I found my nitch, You gonna fear my voice
    Till your SICK of it you ain’t gonna have a choice
    If I gotta scream till I have half a lung
    If I have half a chance, I’ll grab it, Rabbit Run!”

    -Rabbit Run, 8-Mile

  • Jake

    I never said he can destroy anyone lyrically (although most unbiased parties agree that while Jay was dope on Renegade, Em came harder…PPl you’ve listed to like alot like Nas, Snoop, Common amoung others have said Em came harder) that’s called hyperbole…IN HIS PRIME AT HIS ABSOLUTE BEST he could slaughter most, but again i had a list of 25 emcees (jay is in there 2) that are all great (and it includes em)

    Rock Bottom:

    “I feel like I’m walkin a tight rope without a circus net
    poppin perkaset
    I’m a nervous wreck
    I deserve respect
    but I work and sweat for this worthless check, bout to burst this tech @ somebody to reverse this debt!”

    Don’t have time to list’s all Em’s amazing lyrics from 96-02, but Rock Bottom, STILL Don’t Give a Fuck (peep the way he starts 1st verse and get back to me), Brain Damage (amazing multis while storytelling and making complete since, just like Rock Bottom), Stan, The Way I am, I’m Back, Marshall Mathers, Criminal, his verses on Remember Me/Amitiville, Drug Ballad, Who Knew, Lose Yourself, 8 Mile, Til I Collapse, Sing 4 the Moment, White America, TWO SUPER DOPE VERSES on your Idol’s 2001 Blueprint dope track that he produced, Renegade (jay was very nice on this as well), Soldier, Yellow Brick Road (dope story telling of him growing up and Racist tape aka why you hate him along w/ idiotic non white hip hop fans who like him), Deja Vu, Goin Through Changes, On Fire, Stimulate, Murder Murder, If I had, Role Model, Just Don’t Give a Fuck, Scary Movies, Hellbound vs (w/ Masta Ace), Bad Meets Evil on SSLP, The Sauce/Nail in the Coffin, Bad Influence, Cleaning Out my Closet, Kill You, Off the Wall (ft Redman), 365 (“underground shit that you did with SKAM”…AMAZING Slim verse that makes you press rewind A TON), Anyman (off of CLASSIC 99 Rawkus Records SOUNDBOMBING II Compilation w/ other legends like Black Star, Common, Monch, Brand Nubian….Em had first track on the CLASSIC compilation CD and KILLED IT), Love You More, We as Americans, We Ain’t (ft on Game’s 1st or 2nd album where he Game Says “Em just killed me on my own shit”), Love Me, Patiently Waiting, Squaredance, Love the Way You Lie (played out and annoying now, but @ first tight song if you’ve been in relationships/love his verse are actually REAL/RELATABLE/SOLID LYRICALLY even if it is a lil poppy)….Shall I continue?

  • Pauly Dee

    I wouldn’t say that she FELL OFF persey, but I didn’t like Funhouse that much. It really could have been a lot better.

    But, I will admit that one of her latest songs, “Fuckin’ Perfect” was dope as fuck to me. The video, the energy, everything about that song was dope.

  • marty mcfly

    Cause nigga I dont believe that
    Like 9-11 came from Iraq
    Mayweather on the speedbag
    Automatic weapons keep it same rhythm he has
    Thats how the hood sound
    Grew up in the hood town
    West side ghetto, Windy City could count
    Black skies lookin up, crack pipes lookin down
    Accused of not lookin back, blind nigga look around
    City on my back, so the CHI go errywhere Im at
    Presence so shiny, Mercedes so mack
    Cop that from platinum, the color of my plaque
    I memorize colors off of Yo! MTV Raps
    A nightmare walkin in a psychopaths map
    Defeat your purpose like a weed stash in the rehab
    Guess whos sneakin in the weed bags
    They be me with my mean ass
    Not tryna be anything but free as
    Flow is so nuts, the track is gettin teabagged
    Just wanna rap nice, that aint me tagged
    If you wanna be mean, then you wanna be me bad
    Call it being Pretty Lyrically Swag
    Soulja call it Super Lupe Lyrical
    You cant understand me nor mimic my miracles
    All I see is me and Im a mother lovin mirror full
    Bein dope is all in the muscle
    Its more than just a pause and chuckles
    I bench press elephants, and bowlin ball juggle
    So dont be scared to take the Super Lu route
    Top 5 alive and I only got 2 out!
    School ya on your history, I tell ya what you bout
    Fight for all the right things and let the Huey New out
    Pharrell what these niggas talkin bout?
    2 man Big Pun, a 1 man Slaughterhouse
    A 2 album Jay-Z, a 1 nigga Wu-Tang
    Young and hungry Mos Def, a conscious rappin Lil Wayne
    I dont care for similarities
    Cause Im a pioneer, not a parody
    These are bars, this is barbarity

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jake now take your list and match that up against the list I made in the Michael Eric Dyson c section and if Em can even come close or match that in lyrics or subject matter then cool but if not then Em is not better the Jayz and I got several more Mcs that I can prove the same about.

  • the realest

    @ pauly,

    Funhouse was too dope to me. glitter in the air, i dont believe you, sober, please dont leave me, so what. that album was pretty vicious if you asked me

  • marty mcfly

    You mothafuckas in here talking about Pinks music now? WTF is that about shut that bitchass shit up. Talking about funhouse and glitter in the air, go listen to Cats & Dogs not no shit about puppys and kittens.

  • Pauly Dee


    Yeah, some of those songs I liked, but I just wasn’t feeling the album THAT much as a whole. Sober was my jam for a long while though.

  • Jake

    great verse from Lupe no doubt…Lupe LYRICALLY can be very nice (not the biggest fan of his cadence/tone/flow especially on wack Lazers which he himself calls “commercialized and not what I wanted”….He sold out and then tried to blame the lable yet he mad some pretty good scrill off of it…

    No doubt though Lupe is a VERY VERY good WRITER, therefore lyricist, although his delivery/tone/cadence is not my cup of tea all the time…Mos def like his 1st two albums and mixtapes have some REAL ILL ish on them, but I have a list of 40-50 emcees i’d rather listen to before him.

    When he says, “Top 5 alive and I only got 2 out”, did you know he was asked “Who are the other 4?” he said “not including me I’d say Nas, Em, Jay, and probably Common”

    How can it mean nothing to you that all these emcees you love all think Em is an amazing lyricist? You love their craft and think they’re much better than him in all aspects yet they themselves say in so many words “He’s one of the GOATS”

  • Pauly Dee

    You seem like an attention whore, marty.

  • the realest

    @ marty,

    your arguing lupe fiasco is better than eminem which is just dumb cuz lupe is not a great. when lupe gets a ‘Stan’, then he can go into a discussion. but what your doing is just talking a bunch of hot air for arguement sake.

    lol and i was waiting for someone to show their ass and say something about pink, thats why i brought her up. real niggaz listen to women sing. i think its a naturual attraction but facts im just talking. butwhat did niggaz listen before rap? nothin? smh. ignorant muhfuckas. oh yeah and ghostface is also a huge fan of pinks. again, real niggaz. WE A DIEING BREED

  • marty mcfly

    Jake I dont care if every rap legend says Em is Jesus Christ the bottom line is he cant destroy everybody lyrical. This wasnt about whether he’s lyrical or not it was about if he can destroy everybody lyrically. That may not be what you said personally but that was the debate that you jumped in. Em is not the goat and I can name more then ten MCs that he has NOT out rapped. END OF STORY now im arguing with mothafuckas talking about if Pink fell off or not. Talk to me about rap cause if you mothafuckas taken Pink so serious then you got no business talking to me about bars.

  • the realest

    but i dont have any facts*

  • Pauly Dee

    ” butwhat did niggaz listen before rap? nothin? smh. ignorant muhfuckas. oh yeah and ghostface is also a huge fan of pinks. again, real niggaz. WE A DIEING BREED”

    Hahah, preach to ’em!xD

  • Pauly Dee

    The thing that pisses me off about some rap fans is that they just listen to Hip Hop and spit on every other genre or form of music. Stop being so damn ignorant, marty.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest

    The Instrumental
    He say she say
    The Cool
    American Terrorist
    Shinning Down
    Words I never said
    All Black Everything
    State Run Radio
    Go to Sleep
    If You Want to
    National Anthem
    Tilted in Any Colour you like
    Dumb it Down
    Streets on Fire
    Little Weapon
    The Die
    Put You On Game
    Muhammed Walks
    Intruder Alert

    So Em can fuck with Lupe? GTFOH Lupe aint cracking no jokes nigga and his shit is more serious then Ems personal struggle raps

  • marty mcfly

    Fuck Pink…

  • the realest

    but lupe is dressing up in some leather-stretchy-pants-rocker-type shit to sell some fucking records. thats all i gotta say.

  • Pauly Dee

    Lose Yourself, Till I Collapse, Sing 4 The Moment had a lot more emotion and a lot more impact behind them. Not to say that Lupe’s not dope, but he’s not fuckin’ with Em. Period.

  • marty mcfly

    Em was wearing bullet proof vests and du rags rocking unloaded guns in public and then shooting videos dressing up as bitches and superheros but this aint about that. Jayz and Lupe are better then Em now who next up Nas? Busta? Atmosphere? how you want it?

  • the realest

    lupe is not messing with em. hes messing with wayne and kendrick lamar. niggaz like that. thats it.

  • marty mcfly

    Coulda been
    Letting Go
    The Cool & The Coolest alone have so much substance in them its almost unbelievable and you wanna talk emotion? You listen to Pink and Adele and Cold World so you like emotional shit but sorry Lupe does that better to and those songs with a rock & roll twist on them, yeah Lupe does that too all the time and better Hello/Goodbye.

  • Pauly Dee

    So Lupe does rock better than Pink…a VETERAN rocker? He spits more soul than a woman who’s music is beyond her years? Yeah, I’m done.

    Have a nice one, people.

  • marty mcfly

    Ok the realest go back to listening to Last Train To Paris, talking bout that shit was over niggas heads? No muddasucka its was trash. And Pauly go back to listening to Diggy and Pink and dont speakth to me again about lyrics cause you on some other shit. I mean R&B is cool if you got bitches coming over but the day I hear some shit from Pink getting played in my house im breaking the stereo. Em is NOT THE GOAT OR TOP 5 AND HE BARELY IS ACCEPTED IN THE TOP TEN CAUSE EVEYTHING AFTER ENCORE IS BITCH SHIT. I HAVE SPOKEN AND THOU SHALL REMEMBER THIS DAY AND NEVER SPEAKTH TO ME IN BLASPHEMY AGAIN.

  • WTF

    niggas speakin in roman times an shit. smh…

  • Stu

    I thought Em only sells cos hez white?
    Asher Roth and Paul Wall are white too
    so why aint they selling??

    I dont get it

  • Uwais

    u cant deny this Eminem is gettin better and better with the crew, both lyrical and flow aspects

  • Spike


    Can’t you see that everyone disagrees with your bullshit?
    Fucking idiot

  • iz2sick

    To the dude that said Em is trash… obviously someone doesn’t have the intelligence to understand his lines. He’s a beast with the metaphors and word play. You might want to hit that replay button a few times broksi.

  • 93

    Your all corny for these long ass comments

  • redrum

    anyone else see the look on joell’s face when em started the line about pos near the end?

  • Bossman Jr.

    budden > eminem > crooked > royce > yela > joel ortiz

    all of em went in tho..

  • Nova

    lol someone said Jay is better then Em… go listen to “Renegade”, and if you truly understand the english language, it will be clear to you which of the two is a better lyricist.

    Em is king

  • what does eminem say after “..swimming pool”??
    something like medofish or something? xD

  • almost everyone in these comments above are fucking retarded (the ones that say anyone in this cypher was better than Emin3m) everyone knows that hes the best everyone that said that at least ur smart . props