Tahiry... Just Because. (Video)

At my alma mater, PNC Studios. Maybe one day I'll bring back (2)Dope Radio.

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  • Malv
  • Maga D

    Post something about that new Murs that's out TODAY! (today's capitalized for excitement, not to be rude to yall)

  • bzo

    dude that Murs shit aint anywhere near me. i gotta order if offline. so pissed.

  • sike

    Chains dress FTW!

  • http://www.twitter.com/passportjase PassportJase

    she and I used to be so cool....

  • dadukee

    0:36....lawd lawd lawd

  • wow

    DAMNNNNN LOOK AT DAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    :36 she is definitely trying her best to stick it out, but god damn she thick.

  • Badonkadonk

    2:07 -- enough to make a gay man straight.

  • T-Luv


  • http://soundcloud.com/clintpartie Clint Partie

    So she's famous cuz she has a gigantic ass? OK face, no titties & she doesn't get nekkid! I don't get it. There's a thousand porn chicks better.

  • Dero

    Just a phat ass...smelling fresh after a day of work...
    With all the fake chicks having implants on the scene, it becomes the norm...(sigh)


Le$ - "Dickies & Gold" (Video)

Cruise through Houston in the latest video from the Jet Life rep's Steak X Shrimp Vol. 2 project.

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