XV – Boss Level (prod. Skrillex)

blame it on Meka October 11, 2011

New XV, while I finally go grab breakfast/lunch/dinner.

DOWNLOAD: XV – Boss Level (prod. Skrillex) | Mediafire
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  • frv


  • Juanka

    Well, this is a actual song from Skrillex…

  • detroitnigga

    fucking garbage!

  • i am sam

    Vizzy is the only person that can go in over Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites and actually kill it.
    oh…and Chrono Trigger cover art!

  • phonox

    well ,well
    Looks like someone is trying to win over a new crowd

  • MyFiddyCents

    I wonder if XV actually played Chrono Trigger when it first came out or if he just jumped on the “I play retro video games” band wagon when it was re-released multiple times.

    “Bowser Flow” lol

  • J.Dot

    Hate the chorus, but over all a dope song

  • Deucez

    That hook? Garbage. The song overall is dope though. Art is super dope. Chrono Trigger still the shit.

  • Holy shit this is bad. I don’t get how you can call that jumble a beat. Skrillex dubstep hypebeast trash. This is the first XV song that I haven’t liked in a LONG time. *plays Textbook Stuff*

  • Amazingnesssss

    @phonox if you mean that XV is trying to sell out then you’s a dumb nigga. XV been rapping on beats like this he first started this shit.

    Side note: This shit dope as hell, i don’t see how people can’t like it xD, well to each his own

  • slime

    you must be a new XV listener. XV is a huge videogamer. he has two songs called Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XV. Mirror’s Edge is based on a videogame. he sampled Kingdom Hearts on Zero Heros. obviously he knows what chrono trigger is.

    and he isnt trying to win over a new fanbase. he’s always rapped over dubstep, electronic beats. i hate when these hypebeasts chime in on arists i fuck with

  • Pauly Dee

    “i don’t see how people can’t like it”

    Because you’re on a site that’s practically fulled to the brim with hip hop heads. That don’t like anything thats not BOOM BOOM BAP.

  • And Won

    dude, chrono trigger art, you guys are bringing out the nerd in me today.

  • And Won

    chrono trigger is probably one of the best games ever. #context

  • dr

    this shit makes me want to go fight lavos.

  • quas

    how is this produced by skrillex? u make XV seem like a well connected man. He just went over a preexisting skrillex song.

  • Mr. Coolish

    @quas if Skrillex made the beat, it is still produced by him, regardless of whether it is preexisting or not.

  • Cweezy

    Does anyone else feel like the title mislead you with the (prod. Skrillex) without a proper explanation in the description? Prod. should really only be included if the beat is new and fresh and actually a collaboration with artist and producer. At least comment in the description that he is unofficially rapping over an older skrillex beat..

    @mr. Coolish, it would be better if it was in the description.
    You see other rappers going over other songs that are produced by well known producers but you never see a production tag by them.

  • ssssss

    this shit sounds like ball sack

  • FuhfugginGeee

    Yeah misleading title i thought it was going to be new skrillix……damn


  • Diggie

    pre-existing Skrillex song…

  • GR

    Skrillex is the Waka Flocka of Dubstep.

  • random

    The only reason I like this is because of XV. Skrillex (and most dubstep) is ass.

  • si$co

    RAPPERS should stick to hip hop for real!!!! Dubstep is not for rapping same goes to kanye and jay-z stick to ur own. im a big hip hop fan and a true one and i also am a fan of dubstep and they dont go good together!!!

  • Dubstep is hot garbage!

    Sounds like Optimus Prime with diarrhea.

  • Dubtep iz next, SKRILLEX iz tha GOD, and yall aint even ready!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • framtrain

    this is sick. xv is the shit and dubstep is the shit. skrillex comes correct with Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites and i like that xv is hopping on this. He hopped on mt. eden dupstep with 30,000 feet up and no one complained, so fuck the haters.

  • shit

    dubstep is the shit
    skrillex makes awful music no, where’s the progression
    and xv sucks dick for propagating the whole “skrillex is awesome dub step” that dumb americans seem to believe

  • Nah he brought the Chrono Trigger artwork out lmao that made this song that much better…

  • This shit sound forced. Thats all. Click my name.

  • red

    I’m guessing

    a. Meka didn’t have time to post that this was Scary Sprites and Nice MOnsters
    b. He doesn’t listen to dubstep so he had no idea.

    And fuck you guys-I went to a Skrillex show the other night and that shit was wild. Skrillex is dope, quit hating.

  • califreshness

    Skrillex KILLED his set at EDC in Vegas a few months back!! i wish XV wouldn’t have tarnished a good song. #imjustsayin

  • i love 95% of what XV puts out… but these verses weren’t up to the high level that he’s set for himself. you should peep our artfully executed mixtape of XV’s 40 best songs: “XV – 2XLP (a misshapedmixtape)” [see link below]. misshapedmixtapes just recently posted 2 other dope career-spanning mixtapes worth checking out too: Nneka and J.Cole… only the realest shit.

  • Your Mom

    XV kills this song, pretty dope

  • Kendrick Lamar

    Looking at the comments Im a lil disappointed….you guys need to broaden your horizons smh. This song is fuckin dope, Vizzy killed this shit. Yall dont appreciate shit mannn….

  • vP

    wobble wobble wobble