Mac Lethal: Elect Bill Clinton & Bill Murray in 2012 (Video)

blame it on Shake October 12, 2011

Continuing his Fastest Rap Every series, Mac Lethal puts his vote in for Bill² for 2012’s Election.

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  • Samana

    haha…that was dope..
    Apple Giving away iPad 2’s in Honor of Steve Jobs Death (founder of Apple) .. i just went ahead & got 2..lmao

  • hwmnbn

    fuck this guy

  • spitta

    haha this is so wack

  • Ryuk


  • Ben

    Is he aware that Bill Clinton isn’t eligible? Good message anyway.

  • damus

    this dude is so fucking lame.

  • tam

    I like it, I have no idea what you guys are on.

  • Randy

    pre recorded… you can here it cut just before he starts rapping fast right after he says “bill fucking murray”. why is this idiot posing with a microphone as if he’s rapping live. he’s lip syncing. its dope but dude stop frontin, you’re not fooling anybody.

  • Charles

    that is not how live audio sounds on a video camcorder… this is definitely recorded. faker

  • charles

    the reason i say its fake is because he’s trying to front like its live. just upload the audio by itself and people wont think youre stupid

  • McKinleyDixon

    It may not be what it sounds like live, but either way, he spit it, better than most of the guys calling it whack can.

  • max

    Who cares if its live or prerecorded, the dude is still a douche.

  • aggzworth

    what. the. fuck?!

  • siNce

    “Who cares if its live or prerecorded, the dude is still a douche.”
    cosigned, fuck yall

  • ClarkR

    What a childish ignorant asshole.

  • ClarkR

    “Good message anyways”
    Really? What was the message here?