Bow Wow – Sweat f. Lil Wayne

blame it on Miss_Peas October 13, 2011

Bow Wow links up with Lil Wayne for the latest single off his upcoming Underrated.

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  • RihannaBoyFriend

    flow on this is crazy even the autotune

  • Y3K

    “I like a shaved pussy.. No razor bumps”

    Really though?…… Really?….. Really?

  • rUANHOLLsafd232
    Filename: Mac Miller – Blue Slide Park

  • Bp

    you weak as hell if you listened to this all the way through

  • NO NO NONONONO.. not right after Slaughterhoue puts their shit out… GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE!!!!

  • SLAUGHTERHOUSE >>>>> this bullshit

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand


  • “underrated” is an overrated word.

  • im going back to the SLAUGHTHOUSE JOINT…they ILL

  • Rozko

    Song is typical as fuck

  • Rozko

    And wit the “underrated” album title this song
    Makes no sense..

  • Like homeboy said, if you listen to the whole thing you a fag lol this was the worst shit i heard all day

  • Jay Cole

    Fuck is this son, no really tho, fuck is this??

  • DoubleD’s

    I knew this song was going to suck but i gave it a try and couldn’t even finish listening to it. So bad. I feel bad for anyone who actually likes this song and I’ll literally LOL if i hear this on the radio, but i wouldn’t be surprised cause this is the type of garbage they play on the radio these day.

  • Maga D

    LMAO, I saw the comments trashing the song so I peeped. Comments are 100% fair. This shit’s garbage. How can you be “underrated” when you’re working with Wayne, Soulja Boy, & have worked with Dupri & Bow Wow. Nigga, you fell off, that’s all it is.

  • t-mech

    hey yo everyone dissin on bow weezy i’m from ohio and he is undderrated back off every one because bow goes h.a.m. look at all his songs don’t hate on one song i mean no one is fresh az he iz and i mean come on he is a rapper doin his thing reppin his home town aand he aint bullshittin he raps whats real he des everything real he doesn’t lie like wayne or soulja boy the real rappers left are bow tip and eminem so back off

  • Seriously

    Don’t take shots at The Throne! “Will Kanye West Only Find Redemption in Death?”:

  • yep

    Haha peeople hating hard on the kid bow wow. Well deserved absolutely….

  • lildoubled

    lil bow wow – bow wow (that’s my name) is my shit

  • Ghost

    Who’s the dyke in the background?

  • YUPP



  • L

    Cut the song of after a minute

  • SR

    Didn’t Snoop make this already???

  • swaagggg

    nigga think he drake now lol retire bow wow u wak

  • ahwh

    radio?i think so…he dont need our approval!!

  • Hybreed

    This is definitely a club banger. Yall club rats know what I’m talking about. Outside of that setting, or during the time you’re pregaming outside the club, I probably wouldn’t be listening to this track anywhere else.

    It’s ALMOST like a new version of Lollipop. It’ll get your girls panties wet and that’s it really. Don’t over think this.

  • Blizit


  • carol

    lil bow wow

  • VJ

    this is straight ass sweat.

  • dre

    its just noise. Like the shit i hear when i would tune in an old tv.

  • red

    Cosign Hybreed

  • Ben

    lil wayne + lil bow wow + sweat…. this shit just sound too gross i ain’t even wanna take listen