The 10 Greatest Wide Receivers in NFL History

blame it on Shake October 13, 2011

Normally I wouldn’t highlight a sports-related list that our family over at Complex has compiled, but considering I’m a die-hard Niners fan and Jerry Rice (rightfully) got the top spot I’ll make an exception. Check the write up below and click here for the rest of the list.

Jerry Rice
– 1,549 Rec, 22,895 Yds, 197 TDs

If Jim Brown is Bill Russell, then Jerry Rice is Michael Jordan. He’s the greatest to do it by a landslide, it’s not even close. And yes a lot of it had to do with Montana, Young and Bill Walsh’s revolutionary West Coast offense, but Mike had Scottie and Phil’s triangle. On any given sunday, Jerry Rice was the best player on the field, hands down. He owns all the significant WR records, has the most all-purpose yards (23,546), all purpose TDs (208) and all the receiving Super Bowl records. Jerry did all this as a class act and never took a play off, something we can’t say with a couple cats on this here list. He can credit his success to his father making him catch bricks with his bare hands. From a little tike, Jerry Rice was bred for football glory.

4-1 and we’re coming for the Lions neck this weekend. Believe that.

  • Prepare for your Niners to get stomped on.

  • ^ it’ll be a good game for sure, its most likely going to be the Calvin Johnson show, but well see
    I’m glad that Harbugh is actually letting Alex Smith play the QB position, he’s doing well at it, we just need to get him an elite receiver and this team is set

  • ^ it’ll be a good game for sure, its most likely going to be the Calvin Johnson show, but well see
    I’m glad that Harbaugh is actually letting Alex Smith play the QB position, he’s doing well at it, we just need to get him an elite receiver and this team is set

  • bzo

    ^ when you have crabtree, edwards, morgan (til his broke his leg), vernon davis, and frank gore, you shouldnt need an “elite” receiver.

  • detroit

    lol, coming for the lions neck… shake is a character. 5′ something carlos rogers on megatron. lions by 10

  • zane

    yes, shake thank you.

  • Pauly Dee

    Saints >>>>>>>> 49ers.

  • B. Emerson 909

    How can you have a greatest receiver list and not put Isaac Bruce on it?!

  • inside information

    15 years from now calvin johnson gonna be on top of this list. GA all day.


    ahahah calvin johnson will never be better than jerry rice fuck outta here wit that shit inside information lmao. u stupid. Niners bitch NFC West champs playoffs this year boii..and we beatin tha lions next week. You heard it here first mufuckas

  • southcakc23

    I call bull shit on that list……..If T.O. isn’t #2 on the list, it’s bullshit. If Cris Carter isn’t #4 or #3, it’s bull shit. Randy Moss isn’t top 5 material. He was a shitty blocker and never gave 100% unless he was getting the ball.

  • @bzo & Z Dub,
    Yeah, I think Crabtree, Edwards & Davis are all fairly elite receivers. I know Vernon Davis is a tight end but y’all know what I’m sayin’. That’s one of THE best pass catching corps in the league. Gore’s a pretty good pass catching running back, too. Ya couldn’t ask for anymore weapons than that! Alex Smith is doin’ a good job, doe, finally!

  • And Won

    Jerry Rice
    Randy Moss
    Cris Carter
    Calvin Johnson
    Terrell Owens
    Marvin Harrison
    Michael Irvin
    Isaac Bruce
    Andre Reed

  • And Won

    Art Monk

  • DetroitMike

    Your secondary is terrible, and were going to expose it! Your teams coming back down to earth this week bro… 9ers are still trash

  • And Won

    Oh wow, this Don Hutson guy was crazy put him in my rank after Irvin. Monk & Reed tied for 10th.

  • Fernando S.

    Gold Blooded!! Working on that second hand! I’m with you, Niners are pulling it together again. Finally!

  • nah_dude

    YEEE the lionesses will get murked…there time for there right column to have a # is sunday

  • Right, Crabtree is definitly a good receiver, but Morgan is out and so is Edwards is what I meant by that comment
    Who I like the most is that kid Kendall Hunter he’s young and has so much potential, he could be a Ray Rice/Darren Sproles type player

  • The Truth

    All these lion fans got they panties in a bunch you guys have not won nothing since winning became popular. Niners have the best D in the league and who is going to run the ball? with Willis, Bowman, and the freak Aldon all over your QB not to mention Justin Smith I could keep going on and all the weapons on offense get ready for that first L this weekend PERIOD

  • Nasty Nass

    Rice has the best stats, work ethic, and catches but there isn’t no one better than Randy Moss in his prime when motivated.

  • GQue

    LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all day baby!!!!! YES im from Detroit, and YES i been down for the Lions even when they succed ass!!! (which is a while)

  • SFStateOfMind.

    Lions deserve one good year since they’ve blown nothing but DICK since barry sanders retired. but no more undefeated this week. Go red & gold.

  • Ace Julio

    MEGAtron creates match up problems, but so do Vernon D. We’ve been slept on all season, watch out now Deetroit

  • timboslice

    its good your a fan and sticking up for your team but COME ON MAN. they dont stand a chance. hopefully frank does well though hes on my fantasy team

  • Frenchie

    Idk if u heard of him, he’s supposed to be pretty darn good, I think his name is MEGATRON!!!! Stafford will be beastin and Suh will be slaughtering y’all with the rest of what Gruden calls “The Silver Bullet”, we puttin the clamps down baby.