The Away Team x 9th Wonder x Sportscenter (Video)

blame it on Meka October 14, 2011

And like Halo and Act Proof before them, The Away Team gets the ESPN stamp of approval. Something tells me John Buccigross has a dope iPod…

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  • BounceB

    yo dis nygga john buccigross killin em wit da subliminals n nyggaz watchn aint even hip..nygga got wordplay 2 lol he said “what the away team is ta jamla records matt barkley is ta usc..then he said “the 9th wonder of the world”..tell me dat aint som slick shyt…

  • adama

    I bet you he has no idea who they are. Most news anchors, even sports anchors read from a teleprompter. So I think somebody else at ESPN wrote that shit.

  • adama

    not saying he ain’t any good though.

  • idk, most of those anchors write their own scripts to fit them. and plus, while watching plays and announcing them, they come off the cuff with that. thusly “The 9th Wonder of the world” comment.


  • Fdiddy

    Having worked at ESPN once upon a time, I can tell you most of the on-air anchors write their own copy…

  • burr


  • aaron


    bucci mane has dropped that analogy like 5 times. i’m pretty sure he knows who 9th is. just search buccigross 9th on youtube

  • So bucci supports the positive movement in rap as well? Lolol . If he makes a blueslidepark reference I’m done. Lmao

  • NotA2dopeboy

    Bucci does shyt all the time, doing the top ten-“what sheek Louch is to D-block” he snaps…n watches adult swim..tru OG I say.

  • adama

    I’m just used to Stan Verrett and Neil Everett in the morning. Guess I gotta start checking for him now.

  • yuh

    like Wiz Khalifa is to Taylor Gang

  • yuh

    what Wiz Khalifa is to Taylor Gang

  • Rio$

    so wait Buccigross is a TRUE O.G. now? Sportscenter anchors are ALL lame….worst part of the show

  • hahaa That was sick! JAMLA and 9th got a shout out on sportscenter! crazy clever word play too

  • AP

    John Buccigross also gave a shout out to DJ Premier the first week that Brett Fave was a Viking.

    AP had that long run against Cleveland and Buccigross said something like Adrian Peterson is ot the Minnesota Vikings as DJ Premier is to Gang Starr.