Devine Carama – Killing Fields f. Sheisty Khrist

blame it on Shake October 17, 2011

On October 28th, Devine Carama is releasing 100 physical copies of Blood Of A Slave that will feature three new songs. Here goes number one.

DOWNLOAD: Devine Carama – Killing Fields f. Sheisty Khrist (prod. Royal Illness)

  • Gangree

    yall feature people i’ve never heard of most of the time..
    Apple Giving away the new iPhone in Honor of Steve Jobs Death (founder of Apple) . i just went ahead & got 24hrs ONLY! lol

  • ^If You Wanna Here People That You Have Heard Of All The Time I’m Sure There Is A Nice Nicki Minaj Or Lil Wayne Song Playing On Your Local Hiphop/RB Station Right Now. Either That Or Go Watch BET/MTV. Thank You 2 Dope Boyz For Giving Us Little People The Chance To Shine.

  • frv

    I agree 100% with royal illness. Well said.

  • Juanka

    If you don’t know Sheisty Khrist then go hang yourself

  • Dj ILL One

    Devine Carama dropped one of the better albums this year. Good stuff .

  • hiphopping

    Devine Carama has one of the top 10 albums this year and Sheist is a wizard.. Get in the know!!!!

  • yptdd

    This is great, this is hip-hop.

  • bluz

    yeah, sorry gangree, but you’re just flat in the wrong here.

    all the while spamming them damn bullshit links. gtfo.

  • Tony the Cokie

    Gangree needs to get a fucking life and start hearing about good music.

  • 9th Wonder

    Wow.. This shit is crazy! 10/28?! I’m on it!

  • Signified


  • gose

    I think i saw devine at a rap show in the Cat’s Den at UK… too bad i couldn’t stick around this is dope

  • mememme

    By offering no info about the horrific “killing fields” in modern world history and then trivializing the phrase by associating it with relatively trivial issues in modern American society, the artist fails to impress at best.

  • david

    never heard of any of these but glad i checked this out it’s ill, royal illness made a REALLY nice loop outta them piano notes from earth song, gonna check some more of his stuff now

  • MommyDearest

    #NP Blood Of A Slave via bandcamp. Incredible album!

  • Everyone Thanks For The Listen & Comment.
    @david or anyone interested: I have an Album I Dropped Earlier this year That Features Both Sheisty Khrist & Devine Carama Called “Armed Forces” That Can Be Heard At It Also Has Features By Deacon The Villain,King Magnetic(of AOTP) & More. Also Currently Working On An Album With Sheisty Khrist Called “Soundtrack To The War,Vol.2” Set To Drop In January. You Can Follow Me On Fb & Twitter(@royalillness) As Well.Respect To You All.

  • Hot track, hot content. Get with it…

  • gretchen lee

    beautiful work,ya’ll!