Bridget Kelly – Every Girl (FreEP)

blame it on Shake October 19, 2011

Roc Nation’s sexy songstress liberates her debut project (for the free) w/ writing by the likes of Frank Ocean, Ne-Yo, The-Dream, Ester Dean and more. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Bridget Kelly – Every Girl EP

  • CheezyGaGa

    at least write one of your songs smh

  • JBiv

    Typo in the artist’s name.

  • A “George Clooney/Airborne/fulltimeboss/D $cience/MartyMcFly/red(you are posting…)” Stan fka Answer Me!

    So revealing the writing credits for songs is a part of promotion campaign by her team ??

    I mean almost every R&B singers have their shit written with the aid of others BUT they dont particularly like to reveal that.

    But Bridget Kelly’s team is going all out like its some kind of a positive trait of Bridget’s music.

    Oh well lets take a listen! Good music is good music, no matter who sings or writes.

  • Blackaristocrat

    So I have to download each song separate? Really?

  • bigherb23

    @CheezyGoGO…95% of R&B artist don’t write their in music at all…what world u been living in?

  • Reptar


    Just ignore #4.

  • Yo

    I’ve been writing fo ya oooooyaaaaaaa yaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaa
    I’ve been writing fo ya ohhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Eddie

    First of all I’ll say that she can sing her ass off & I love her voice….I’m mad she re-recorded “Thinking Bout Forever” cause the first one she released is a great vocal performance. I’ve only listened to the first 3 tracks so far & I like them but yea, I was expecting her to have written some of the songs. but not one? damn….lol. Maybe she’s not a songwriter.

  • glenn

    what the fuck is this how do i get the zip or all the tracks

  • yugang

    Yeah, most singers have most of their songs either co-written or fully written by other song-writers, and i guess she dont see the reason to hide that fact. Plus, the 3rd commenter made a good point that she might believe showing you the written/production credits as a positive thing like “look at what singer-song writter i have worked with”. With all that said, let me she what shes got *now downloading*

  • wase

    guess she never inished that joint she was doing awhile ago with Ryan Leslie….that beat was dope

  • yugang

    ^OOPS! I meant let me see not she lol

  • ^^ new link added. everything should work perfectly now.

  • dfg

    Bridget Kelly – Every Girl (EP)

    Download > <Download

  • lZ

    about 90% of singers have their songs written by other songwriters… Its been that way since the begin. Motown’s biggest hits were written by Smokie Robinson, and a team of other writers. Dont see why people are so surprised… James Ingram and Quincy Jones wrote P.Y.T for MJ. I could on and on…

  • Eddie

    yea but there’s plenty of singer/songwriters out there. I could name a lot. So naturally we can assume that she may be one too. Its only a plus….by the way Michael Jackson was a singer songwriter too if you didn’t know. He didn’t write every song he sang but he wrote a lot of them and some of the best ones (example: Billie Jean).

  • Son of S.A.M.

    “Seek & Destroy” is a great song. It has the ability to be a great single.