Rochelle Jordan – Shot

blame it on Shake October 20, 2011

Yeah, I’m still religiously jamming to ROJO. Here’s to getting that Sophomore effort sooner than later.

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  • JohnDoe


  • first comment.. as usual.. Rochelle Jordan kills this. smart team behind her too. 5/5

  • 0112F

    RoCheeeellleee, JORDAN!!!! *Drizzy voice* Club paradise. She takes it for these Toronto Bitches!

  • IfyourOnOne

    I like how 2dopeboyz Post Rochelle Jordans shit. And Rnb in General. Good Taste!!! This Song is very well written too i must say!

  • HisNumber2

    I wonder if she has any haters yet.. I feel like i should be one Just to Start some BS haha


    Like her way better than Jay’s new Roc Nation chick. Shit, I already forgot her name . ROJO anf Jhene. Two of the baddest chicks in the game now!

  • Blogger1

    @K1LLYASELF If your talking about Rita Ora.. Thats a Given. Rochelle Will destroy a lot of these RNB chicks. Im still trying to figure out if Rochelle is signed.. Does anybody know? These Labels are SLEEEEEEEPING if she aint signed.

  • EmptyMinded888

    Not my fav song by her but its still a Banger! Im on that ‘what im sayin’ Type shit!!!! Yo dat stripper in the picture looks Shut down LOL!

  • say whaaat

    I’ve heard alot better from her, but this is still hot! She’s doing her thing! Rochelle Jordan is really bringing good quality r&b music back! She and her team are always making hot shit! She’s not signed, I don’t think. When she does get signed, I hope they don’t try to water down her music. Can’t wait to hear more though. I wonder if anyone has her first EP AlienPhase… PROTOSTVR

  • It’s a shame. I was kind’ve hoping she’d go the Aaliyah type route, instead she went the Amerie way. The only thing that separates her from Amerie is Klash (Her producer for those who haven’t done their research).

  • Number1Lover

    Wow.. This song Touches me. sometimes you look down on a person until You realize what they have actually been through in their lives. Rochelle Captured that feeling.. I get it. Its not about being some Crazy Hyped Song (even though the production is crazy) Its about the Story behind it all. The Story of Life that has effected each and every one of us. Rochelle jordan… I want to see you win.

  • Blogger1

    What is @graywolf talking about? did he not hear ROJO? That has Aaliyah written all over it.. But at the end of the day.. im sure Rochelle does not want to be Aaliyah..OR amerie. She’s in her own lane. If your looking for Aaliyah you wont find her because she is not here anymore. But Rochelle brings that feeling back .. Only ppl who fuks w rojo understand that tho.

  • JimmytheDon

    They Hoes. No excuses. hahaha

  • I totally understand. I’m just seeing nothing new in Hip-Hop, R&B, or rap. I’ve heard Rojo and honestly her leaks were better than that album. We Need A Revolution, How To Feel, & Take Time were 100% worth downloading. Anything other than those songs don’t really stand out from those. I’m looking for subject matter, vocal talent, & emotion in my music. Respect it or Check it. I’m not looking for Cliche artists in my iPhone.

  • And by the way the reason I said Aaliyah is because of the fact she’s not around I would rather he be like an older artist than an artist that’s pumping the same product she is.

  • blogger1

    @graywolf But did you hear sleep? Did you hear all i know? The writing in this song is impeccable !!! Rochelle is everything all these rnbs singers are not right not.. Nothing Cliche bout it bro.

  • say whaaat

    As much as I want to disagree with @graywolf. He does have a point. ROJO was alright. But it was NOTHING compared to some of the stuff she had out before her mixtape dropped. “Telescope, Cat & Mouse, Sing” all of those are some dope ass tracks. ROJO has some good song too “Sleep, Oblivious, Feel The Same Way,” are hot. Some of the interludes should have been FULL songs though. Maybe it was rushed. I don’t know. lol but I’m loving this new song.

  • say whaaat

    About her being “cliche”…I have to 100% disagree. There’s nothing cliche about this song alone. Thanks to KLASH, her sound is UNTOUCHABLE. Hope she doesn’t stray!

  • blogger1

    Rochelle brought That Aaliyah feeling back in the game but in doses.. I can tell you right now.. No new artist wants to constantly have a TAG of another artist on them.. then Be compared .. There has to be a balance. They have to stand apart.. and The reason why people are connecting to Her is yes.. she Has the feeling of Aaliyah AND/OR amerie.. But she has found a way to make it her own. The music is Dope.. If people dont see it now.. they will see it later.

  • say whaaat

    Yeap…Yeap. True. Whoever the fuck posted Cat and Mouse on Youtube took it down. FUUUUUCK! I wonder why they took Alienphase off of the net! That sucks.

  • say whaaat

    There are only two female singers that I’m bumping right now. Rochelle Jordan and this other chick named Stacy Barthe. She has a mixtape out now called “Sincerely Yours.” I know this post is about Rochelle, but I wanted to throw out some other good R&B music lol. CHECK HER OUT. I PROMISE you won’t ever listen to the radio again.

  • That’s exactly what I’m saying she has to keep that up. She has too many songs like this too me. The music industry is hard, therefore we have to give our honest opinion and if that means telling her to go back to the drawing board for not pushing out something with a little more substance than talking about shots, then so be it. I’m not trying to see Rochelle end up like Drake. As for the cliche part I was saying that in the sense of, I don’t want every Rochelle Jordan post ending up with her singing in harmony to a synth beat that she could have just gone crazy on with the subject matter instead. I like the more intellectual side of her, those inner thoughts she has, that’s what gave the artists in the 90’s heart. And if that’s what she’s trying to portray then I want her to take time to perfect her sound.

  • say whaaat I have Stacy in my Phone as well as Rochelle I have to say Stacy is at peak form. btw you gotta tumblr or something I like people who appreciate keeping real music around?

  • say whaaat

    @graywolf Post your tumblr link. I always forget mine. SMH Anywho…I feel what you mean, she does have her own sound. But She’s dope nevertheless. And as for Stacy Barthe…MAN… that’s another post. LOL! There are a few other people under the mainstream radar that are dope…but Rochelle happens to be my fave.

  • blogger1

    @graywolf listen to the lyrics of this song again please. its not about shots lol its about a stripper whos hurting .. thats deep. drinking her Sorrows.. not about partying>!!?? whos written about that?? i aint heard this type shit on the radio.. ok im done. Rochelle is a Beast. carry on.

  • just click my name its always linked to my tumblr

  • say whaaat

    Yea, The song does have a muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch deeper meaning. It’s funny that it took a while for me to grasp the concept. But when I DID!!!!!!!! BOYYYYY!!!!!!! I was blown away. The lyric when she says, “I hope you’re proud of me.” I wonder if that’s a response to Drake’s “Make Me Proud” . She’s not the girl that’s in college, but she’s the girl stripping. It’s deep as fuck.

  • Newfoundlove

    FIRE!!! This is Amazing.. seriously.. I love when writers/artists think outside of themselves. And to the person above.. Rochelle Jordan is NOT signed. They are sleeping.

  • I’m well aware she’s not signed and I hope she stays indie.

  • I wonder if she has any haters yet..

  • LMAO… Apparently the young lady doesn’t have haters yet… But she sure has got some WOLVES! You okay, gray? They straight attacked!

    I’m liking the sound though… and valid points from all corners. She definitely could focus her sound IMO, but if y’all like it, y’all like it. That’s the important part, right?

  • gustavo
  • say whaaat

    Yea, the mixtape was about a 7/10 IMO! But I still love her! I’m expecting her to shut some shit down with her new album “Light&Love” –if that’s the actual name. I just see her tweeting that alot…

  • KeenanLoss

    You Cant win em all Rochelle! ROJO was amazing . Writing, Production.. it was Hella Dope. I cant wait until your signed so the world will know..Fuck that indie Shit. You deserve the world. ROJO 10/10 Not hype riding.. Shit is Cray

  • YourGirlJada

    If she released, fallin, Sleep and feel the same way before Rojo.. She would Be getting Hated on for NOT putting them on Rojo over take time, sing and revolution. It really is a lose lose situation with listeners. Falling is like Take time on Steroids. lol Rojo was a Great album. Cant wait to see what she comes out with Next!!!

  • say whaaat

    I just want her to really blow me away with her music with her new shit. Alot of her songs give me goosebumps when i first hear ’em. “Stars Align” had me deep in my feelings the first time I heard it….

  • OnMyTip


  • hearts01

    lmaoooo the convo on here is SOO intense!!!! I think the reason why everybody is so on Edge with Rochelle is because we know she is going to Sign to a MAJOR… and there is a chance Her sound might change.. We dont want it to change.. i get it. But lets just watch her create and Be Happy she is doing her shit and its FREE right now!! I LOVE THIS SONG FYI

  • say whaaat

    Call me crazy, but I think it would be SUPER dope if Drake got his own label & signed her and others like Stacy Barthe, The Weeknd, Jhene Aiko lol That would be sooooooo crazy! I guess I’m saying Drake cause in a way her music somewhat reminds me of him…

  • Kickit

    ^ Drake Does have his own label.. OVO ?!?!

  • Tingzagwan

    She dont sound like Amerie..the fuk

  • Hah

    She sounds like a mix of Brandy and Amerie. When she’s chill it’s very Brandy-ish, and when she comes agressive she turns into Amerie. The background harmony “aaaah” and the hook = Amerie, everything else = Brandy

  • Brittney Taylors

    Really feeling this song writing is sick…she keeps giving good R&B Music period

  • Obvious

    Is people on her team writing in these comments? This is so obvious lol

  • ^^why must it always be a person hating on something good? there is always one..if you dont like it why post? honestly.. i highly doubt rochelle herself is paying anybody to do anything on this website.. if people like her they fucking like her… i guess she is paying the other thousands of sites too huh? smh.. i like ROJO yea but she aint paying me to do shit. this is all my own thoughts. im sure its the same with everyone else.. you just dont want to believe somebody can be so dope that people fuck with her like that and without a cosign. simple and plain.. you are hating dude. stop it.