• Pops

    Wasted beat. Quan missed his chance. The whole singing/rapping thing has now been mastered and done better than Quan has ever done it. Dude had so much potential and just wasted his chance.

  • Dumbla

    ^^^ Tite music has no age..if he delivers people will still listen. Hip Hop needs you Quan keep puttin out dimes like this.

  • scott

    the realist shit thats ever been wrote

  • GodisNotReal

    Pusha-T Alone in the vegas

  • c-allah

    wasted beat? Are you serious... He murked this my dude. Stop judging on the technical aspect of this song and feel what he's talking about. Dude's son died yo! I think this song is legit. holler back

  • Ricki Lutes

    one helluva track