• brock

    sandman usin a notepad???? blu>>>>>>das racist>>>>>>errything

  • 1

    sand man was dope as fuck
    could do with out outlaw and illmainds take on a khalil beat tho

  • realtalk

    damn ive been lookin for this video EVERYWHERE after that promo dropped wayyy back.. finally, props..

  • BounceB

    Blu, Oddisee, and Final Outlaw ripped it but errybody did dey thing this should a been a BET award show cypher imo....

  • T

    Damn Blu fucking went in. Das Racist's back to back was kinda entertaining. Sandman went in as well, even with his notepad.

  • mark

    blu & das racist>>>>>>>>>>>

    even tho heems recycled most of his bars

  • AFA

    These guys are fucking killers. Wow. So dope. This article is really relevant to these dudes. “Making It Mainstream: The “Blog Rapper” Crossover Album”: http://www.kidswastingtime.com/2011/10/making-it-mainstream-blog-rapper.html

  • blu my wenis


  • Shabazz

    Doesnt work on mobile.

  • Maga D

    They all did it well, even with the notepadd, lmao. no shame. This shoulda been on the BET cyphers instead of Tyga & Chris Brown.

  • spirit equality

    blu and sandman took this. i don't care if sandman used a pad, i care that he spit something raw off of it. better that than memorizing some subpar s--t

  • http://boards.4chan.org/mu/ JustAFanOfMusic

    Blu & Das Racist!!! Nice ass bars, and Sandman went in... even if he used a notepad. What he read off of it weren't shitty bars... that's all that mattered.

  • DB

    we need to get a link to this mp3 asap

  • McBreezy

    Is there any way someone can write down the lyrics... cuz im sure blu killed it, but id rather look than listen like 500 more times lol

  • mcbreezy

    cosign.. DB

  • http://www.yaboyrampz.deviantart.com/ rmpwolf

    How the fuck can niggas gonna go in on Drake when he used his Blackberry but then laugh when Sandman used a notepad? That's some next shit.

  • live


  • Zero Kool

    What in the FUCK!!! Jesus baby fucking Christ! This is ill. Man we need more Oddisee on the mic. I love how much Sandman is in love with rap. Man everyone is nice on this. Man I almost got that feeling of why I fell in love with hip hop feeling back.

  • F.A.

    Can i get an audio download?

  • Shabazz

    Shake, audio please lol.

  • http://www.cavwins.com Cav

    I'm proud of all these future kings on this man. Time to not be corny and support heads really signaling the changing of the guard.

  • Jasper

    4 times isn't enough.. must hit the replay button!!

  • pig fuker

    blu > kendrick lamar

  • IsUSeeTheE

    BLU >>>

    and my nigg a oddisee

  • buhbis

    blu's verse is dope but not really riding the beat well - kinda run-on. everyone showed up though, could def use the audio mp3

  • Justin

    y was blu off beat? idk final outlaw but he was really dope, real punchlines. homeboy sandman uses a notepad but drake uses his phone n nobody has a problem? haters

  • pablo

    Oddisee was ill, fact everybody was ill, looked like a hella good time.

  • HipHoff

    SHAKE? I need an mp3 of this!! Please?

  • JOSH
  • HipHoff

    I owe you one JOSH, thanks!

  • DB

    my man JOSH good looks been waiting on this link for days!