Mobb Deep – Dead Man’s Shoes f. Bounty Killer (prod. Beat Butcha)

blame it on Meka October 25, 2011

Havoc and Prodigy’s comeback project Black Cocaine is set to drop on Black Friday next month, but thanks to AllHipHop we get to listening to the EP’s opening number.

DOWNLOAD: Mobb Deep – Dead Man’s Shoes f. Bounty Killer | Mediafire
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  • zig

    This that ski mask, rob a liquor store music. Welcome back Hav & P…

    Whats with all the thumbing down for the hardcore? First Immortal Technique, now the Infamous Mobb.

  • s the bitch d the don

    new prodigy flow :O woooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww

  • six

    man this is so is the mobb doing..they my fav group ever but this new material they been dropping is super trash..take your time and do it right. dog sh$% was tough but everything else they dropped since pee been out is recycle bin material..real talk

  • it’s a wrap for the Mobb, this shit is garbage just like the other new sngle

  • six

    its sad when i dont even check for their music no more..thats how bad they fell off..havoc’s beats be so generic n wack..jesus sid roams n alchemist be shi$%en on hav’s tracks..and they are just so abc and basic lyrically it is pathetic.just retire before u ruin your legacy with garbage

  • T

    Bounty Killer?! I GOTTA listen.

  • DJ J-Ronin

    DOPE! shout out Beat Butcha of All Elements he produced the joint! he goes in!!! hit him on twitter! @beatbutcha

  • Yo dis dope!


    THEY NEED ALC….BEat butcha?????come on



  • French Touch

    This shit is Hardcore !!!!! Thank you Mobb Deep !!!!!