Immortal Technique - Civil War f. Brother Ali, Chuck D & Killer Mike

Although my posting might be wildly sporadic this week (due to the fact I'm currently enjoying the sun rays out in Miami), that doesn't mean I can't come through and hit y'all with a (2)Dope world premiere. Some of hip hop's most prevalent emcees (especially when it comes to politics and world issues) join forces for the latest drop off Tech's upcoming project, The Martyr, which will be available (for the free) sometime tomorrow.

DOWNLOAD: Immortal Technique - Civil War f. Brother Ali, Chuck D & Killer Mike (prod. Southpaw)

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  • Immortal Technique may be the realest dude left in Hip-Hop.

    Add Brother Ali in there and you have a got a certified cunt-kicker.

  • Excellent track all across!

  • who cares

    Fuck yes we get a new Chuck D verse!

  • who cares

    Never mind he only hopped on the hook :/ Anyways it's still a dope track

  • Heartanemic

    Fuck yes.

  • Big Bird


  • fuck yesssss

  • bobs1

    will this be on The Martyr?

  • bobs1

    can anybody tell me what the arabic writings mean in the background?

  • immortal technique has got no fucking voice. he has nice lyrics. damn, such a shame.

  • doodman

    I can only make out two words that mean determination and revolution.

  • Jigsaw

    ^One of them says "applesauce"

  • WestLos

    "immortal technique has got no fucking voice" You better be a girl...


  • tyler d

    killer mike sounds like ice cube

  • GODr.

    samboism, HA!!

  • DanielOrosco

    Immortal is Che, Ali is Martin, Killer Mike is Malcolm and Chuck D is Marcus Garvey. THE MARTYR may JUST BE ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Technique brought a powerhouse together for some real talk. 2dopeboyz is the realness

  • useAbitch

    (due to the fact I’m currently enjoying the sun rays out in Miami)

    shut the fuck up you faggot ass nigga. you flew south....nobody here cares that your boyfriend Kendrick invited you to Miami, bitch.

    wait. i guess yeah, all the other Kendrick stans who wish it was them DO care. nevermind, you're right. feed the masses.

  • str8jckn

    only missin' Mr Monch!

  • southcakc23

    tyler D must be 15 years old and new to hip hop. PSA to yougins.....Killer Mike has BEEN labeled as the New School Ice cube.......10 YEARS ago.

    as for the record......this shit is fresh 1984 CRACK!!!!