Jean Grae: Inside The Mind Of A Jenius pt.1 (Video)

blame it on Meka October 26, 2011

Jean Grae sits down with TheWellVersed while in Las Vegas to discuss why she performs songs that nobody has ever heard before, what’s the holdup on Cake or Death, how important the mixing process is to an album and how disposable music is today over vodka water pistols. Yeah, seriously.

“People have the attention span of gnats. Even if you put out an amazing album, in the next two weeks they’re like ‘Ok, so, what’s next’ (or) ‘Oh my God! That’s classic! That’s so old school!’ That could be fucking January. Is January old school? So taking your time (with an album) versus instant gratification is a good thing. If nobody is doing that then pace the audience… we can put out a single right now and put out another one months later and keep riding it out. If it’s timeless, that’s fine. If it’s for right now then good fucking luck.”

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  • Grandma42

    big fan of jean grae! love the music

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  • Wonton Soup

    scrolling and reading too fast i thought this was a lil b interview at first glance

  • NiggerPass

    Genius Please. Jean Grae is wack. Ms. Jade and Trina came and stole her crown. Maybe if she didn’t have to sell herself as a sex symbol we would respect her.

  • SMH

    Hahah this chick is dope but damn I thought it was Wiz Khalifa at first. Jean change your look, I know you ain’t a beauty Queen nor do you want to be, I hear your music, but don’t get confused for Wiz, that aint a good look.

  • Complacent

    Who is this narcissistic broad and she ugly as hell

  • RDCJ

    You guys are wack listen to the music son!! Who cares how she looks plus Ms.Jade and Trina got shit on her. She looks like that because she’s hard son and she’ll cap you one in the face pussy. Listen to her classic album This Week maybe you’ll learn something.


    Ms. Grae is an artist with the words yo, her catalogue of music is ill. Not really surprised most don’t know of her, and as far as commenting on her “look”, really?


    You probably like light-skinned girls with chests out to here? Me, I dig Jean.

  • thetruth

    wow. 2dopeboyz is truly the home of the fuckin’ haters. you could be feature the most undeniably dope person on here, and some dickweed with cheeto fingers in his pops basement will find a way to shit on it. we need to uplift our talented women out there doing something for more than FAME AND MONEY, not shut them down for everything they’re not. do you know how hard it is to be stand-up and be a respectable female in this industry, not slangin’ ass or on magazine covers with your twat out? show some fucking respect for people who are out there grinding, unafraid of LIFE, while you fucktards sit at home typing about it.

  • thefalse

    @thetruth: TL:DR

  • Lologram

    thetruth, You know what it’s like to be in the industry as a Female artist, first hand experience? No, you don’t. So stfu Mr. Holierthanthou.

    So just so I , and everyone else has this straight. You come on comments boards, not to talk about what’s posted but to belittle and look down on, people that have left THEIR opinions, like you’re better then them? If you don’t agree, so what. You don’t have to go into why you are so much better then anyone that doesn’t agree with your opinions. Grow up.