Mac Miller - OnDaSpot Freestyle (Video)

Blue Slide Park, November 8th.

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  • J-Walk

    First... Off, you suck.
    Second, you are not good a rapping.
    Third, while you continue to suck you also steal beats and don't credit the producers.
    Fourth, your music is super gay. And I don't mean gay like it sucks a dick... I mean like it's gay like it sucks five or six dicks at the same time.
    Stay up!

  • ado010

    First off, lrn2grammar.
    Second, opinions are like assholes.
    Third, the latter half of this is an actual topic to bring up
    Fourth, homophobia is pathetic, get your mind up.

  • 2 thumbs down

    No but seriously, this guy blows 8 or 9 dicks EASY

  • paulv1luv

    lmfaooooo!!! at j-walk. i agree with him this shit is weak, way to ruin a classic faggot


Azekel - "Linger"

The British singer/producer returns with the first Raw, Vol. 2 single.

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KatiaH - "Proud" (Video)

Directed by Katiah, produced by KidCarnation.

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