A.Dd+ – Genocide

blame it on Meka October 27, 2011

The latest loosie from the Texas duo is produced by Blue of the Sore Losers and Picnic Tyme. It sounds different from what I’m used to hearing from them, but it knocks nonetheless.

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  • Ro


  • PimpOfTheYear

    A.Dd+ Hoe!!!

  • Hoe


  • caliMADEcat

    Dope !!!



  • MightyJoeBong

    whaaaaaat the hell…. this shit is ridiculous fuck they killin shit #ADDHOE

  • killa



    A motherfreakin’ DDHOE!

  • BrainGangBlue>

  • KNUT

    Heard their manager is out there boppin for placement.

  • ay dee dee hoe

  • Ro

    ol’ let-me-discredit-these=dudes’-talent-and-say-some-cliche-shit-about-their-voluptuous-female-manager lookin’ ass mofo. and let me do it anonymously cuz i’m a bitch. yeah, you KNUT.

  • holmes&green

    A.Dd+ Hoe!!

  • Taco John

    That taco in the artwork looks delicious.