DJ Premier – Regeneration f. Nas & The Berklee Symphony Orchestra

blame it on Meka October 27, 2011

I’ve been waiting on this to drop ever since I caught the trailer a few weeks ago. Backed by the Berklee Symhony Orchestra, Nas and Primo reunite for the first time on wax in years for the documentary RE:GENERATION. Props to VIBE.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Premier – Regeneration f. Nas & The Berklee Symphony Orchestra | Mediafire
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  • HOLY FUCK !!!

  • Maga D

    Ooh, this is mean. On some “Get em Nas” type of vibe. Fresh. I know it’s Premo featuring Nas, but Nas shoulda got another verse in. Never been fan of classical music, but this was ok. Hope classical doesn’t become the new synthesizer of rap though, lol. Big ups to everybody though, gem.

  • London

    This sounds great but Nas needs to do another verse. It just doesn’t feel complete. Still I like the style and hopefully more rappers spit over classical music.

  • Rompadomp

    Do you know if there will be a video of this with Nas actually preforming with the orchestra? That would be epic

  • Daniel Orona

    Honestly, this isn’t that amazing. Ye does better with orchestral touches. This isn’t bad though and Nas does his thing.

  • conor

    good lord

  • Ready

    Here comes the HATERS! If anyone ever questions Nas’ talent needs to b slapped!

  • union

    Nas, Premier and Berklee did GREAT! This showcased everyones’ talent equally!

  • herecum


    Seriously tho this fucking sucks.

  • Real


    This hit is EPIC!!!!!

  • herecum


    I know it because you like this pussy ass faggoy music.

    Where do you wanna meet to try kick in my teeth? This weekend ok?

  • dKm

    got shivers when nas went in

  • SirCatalyst

    I love classical more than hip-hop, then combine it with Nas & Premo?! Nas & Premo together on anything these days is a treat. I don’t mind Nas having just one verse, it lets the orchestra get some shine.

    Overall, I like it a lot.

  • Cage

    This shit is ill…

  • six

    nas n premo..lets gooooo..too short..just need more premo n esco..they just sound ill together

  • Damn we needed another verse but it was still dope!!!

  • This is pretty damn epic. Shows how much talent premo has. I wish there was more from Nas, but still sick nonetheless. Click my name to check out my blog for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • the realest

    . . . and niggaz swear hiphop dead. nigga we just getting STARTED!

  • don king

    This wasn’t as great as all that, you shouldn’t just get an orchestra to play a boring loop over and over. I feel like they’ve missed an opportunity to make something more epic here…

  • this is tight. definitely would have been doper if nas came back in with another verse in the end, going Nasty style. Really can’t wait to see what Pretty Lights does with his track

  • the realest

    alright, let me say, the fact that people are complaining about nas only having one verse or “an orchestra to play a boring loop over and over.” (are you serious, really.) just proves how little appreciattion rap fans have for music. not rapping or lyrics, but music. not to say that their the only ones, but with rock and jazz and others, their fans have an appreciation for the MUSIC. the sounds.

    i say that to say, the nas verse is the LEAST important thing in the song. its the music thats the subject and focus. the composition and orchestra mixed with dj scratches(most dont have an apreciation for that either), and nas just adds few bars of fire to display the ART of rhyming.

    and all that is just to show a lil bit of the evolution of hiphop. niggaz forget its only like 30 somethin years old. hasnt even fully matured yet. just going threw a midlife crisis.

  • Psyence

    Goddamn I love Hiphop. Beautiful music.

  • Maga D

    @the realest: The ART of rhyming is why most people come to this site so, poor argument there. That’s just the rap music, it’s traditionally boom bap so you can hear what the MC has to say, not to zone out to it. Music is listening to everything, Nas’ verse is part of the rap music, you can’t hate on that. Some people are rap fans, nothing wrong with that at all.

  • wow!!!

    Some hip hop fans are NOT bright at all…no wonder Nas pays you fools no mind and collaborates with other artists/producers from different genres. Nas is to creative to be considered hip hop! GREAT job to all involved in this project. Nas keep EVOLVING…you are blessed!

  • Maga D

    Hip Hop = Music “any sequence of sounds perceived as pleasing or harmonious”

  • Epic Music

    @the realest
    Co-sign! I really enjoyed this!

  • Maga D’s taking his lunch break time just to write on the site. haha

    “an orchestra to play a boring loop over and over.” only one person said that, just look at the thumbs up vs down, people like it. Another Nas verse wouldn’t have taken shine from the orchestra, the song woud’ve been longer is all.

  • the realest

    That’s just the rap music, it’s traditionally boom bap so you can hear what the MC has to say, not to zone out to it.

    ^ and its shit like that that will hinder hiphop’s evolution into a legitiment music form. first, when beats are made, beat where the verse is gonna be rap’d on, is already taylored for the verse. SO THAT you can hear what the MC has to say. i heard nas pretty clear, did you?

    you want tradition? its DJ PREMIER! obviously he sees the direction in which hiphop should be moving to. so, i dont see the arguement anywhere.

  • the realest

    and i know only one person said that, but it was a great example of the point i was trying to make. im not gonna post every statement made by the people who expressed a dislike of the music, thats stupid.

    damn niggaz just like to argue just to argue. dont make any kind of sense.

  • bobby wombat


  • zig

    Holy fuck. Spectacular. I just hope primo and nas don’t stop here.

  • When J57 told me he was recording cuts for DJ Premier on this new Nas track I was already waitin’ to hear fire…. This just torched down the building I’m in. My ears don’t believe what they hear, so it’s on constant repeat.

  • Thworldisyours

    Fuckin excellent… Nothing else needs to be said

  • indeed!

    “You know the flows administered by The Deputy Rhyme Prime Minister Sir Nas I’m certified.”-Nasir Jones

    Nas and Premier are EPIC together!

  • FakirWise

    Thank you for the music!

  • david

    @ ‘boring orchestral loop over and over’, 99% of hip-hop is a loop over and over then switched up for choruses/bridges, 99% got a basic 4/4 beat, difference is with this it breaks out of that 99% and it uses music in a more pure form, could do with another verse but the drumbeat, instruments, scratching, production and originality place this way above anything this year, feel sorry for narrow-minded fans that only look for that conventional sounding material

  • homieomey

    Primo is *probably* my favorite producer of all time – though I’ve always been a sucker for Just Blaze – but I don’t see what he adds to this at all. Those cuts sound HORRIBLE over the instruments and those thumps towards the end aren’t much better.

  • yeah


    The point of the orchestra is to take it beyond what normal hip hop is. For the most part, this was just a crappy loop played over and over until the end, then it changed up a bit.

    Playing a loop over and over works if its a dope break etc., but it didn’t work for orchestral instruments like this track. Good idea though.

  • yeah all your corn ball purists up top are just in denial. yes premo is one of the pioneers of this hip hop shit and production, but even with a fucking orchestra at his disposal…this is all he could do? his typical punch bag sounding kicks that were cool 10 years ago for 8 bars over instrumentation he probably had nothing to really do with. completely underwhelming and if you say otherwise you’re an idiot. yes im sure 100 people will respond saying im stupid hip hop this boom bap that, but sorry 2011 theres plenty of producers that could have taken this to the next level and ran circles round premier. have fun telling yourself otherwise.

  • Shawn


    You are retarded and no, I don’t need to tell myself shit. This song is ill, point blank. And today’s producers? AHAHAHAH.. most don’t even hold a candle to Premo even on his off-days.

    Lace up and fall back.

  • yeah kill yourself^ most dont hold a candle to premier? word? break it down to me as to why most producers cant hold a candle? cause theyre not using an mp 60 for 20 years? chopping different samples from completely different songs yet somehow coming up with the same beat over and over? using no original instrumentation? not adapting after 20+years in the game? being irrelevant? yeah im retarded. how bout you go void your life. you obviously dont listen to enough artists or genres of music to claim that most modern day producers cant hold a candle to dj premier. yeah im retarded.

  • david

    @yeah, i see what you’re saying and he could’ve done a bit more but it seems like he’s tryna keep it more hip-hop based with a classical twist rather than a classical joint with a bit of hip-hop thrown in, it’s not the best work premo’s ever done but it makes his production discog more versatile and it is the most original idea i’ve heard in a long time, he remixed that louis jordan track well too for the l.a noire soundtrack, it’s good how he works with other genres, and @… exile woulda been good with an orchestra but pharrell worked with one for despicable me and that didn’t work very well

  • Jarobs

    This isnt anything relatively new, if you look up a japanese group named cradle orchestra they have done something like this and worked with great artists like C.L Smooth, Black Thought, and Talib Kweli.

  • Jarobs

    And if you don’t want to google them or even look around on youtube, 2dope had put up their work with Black Thought

  • Musikfiend

    Yeezy taught em. The track is cool, but i really wanna see the documentary.

  • c

    real hip hop u faggots

  • sky

    great Track..

  • BIG P

    HONESTLY…Someone mentioned Kanye does it better. This is true. But Premier should take a couple more notes from Yeezy on how to blend it in more cause the fact that Nas essentially rapped over a layered orchestral loop made it sound dull, but before and after Nas jumped on it shines. Nas did his thing. PREMO did his thing. Orchestra did their thing. If DJ Premier’s gonna do it more often it needs more syncing together thats all.