Future – Tony Montana (Video)

blame it on Illy October 27, 2011

Directed by Jesse Terrero

#IgnorantBrilliance (c) Meka

This video is sort of epic though. Especially the main shorty. Cot-damn.

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  • Randy

    actually, its sophisticated ignorance. And whoever wrote that is just coat tailing Kanye.

  • shits terrible


  • factormax

    @randy people been saying ignorant brilliance alot longer than otis been out dude. and i really hope this dude doesnt sign g.o.o.d

  • J

    Who’s the video ho?

  • pete

    This is on par with Aldus Snow’s “African Child”

  • MyFiddyCents

    “all i got is my balls and my word, f-ck the roaches
    everything we do, we put versace on the sofa’s”


    HipHop is for the lulz these days

  • Frank

    give me a break. the only reason niggas are using sophisticated ignorance or some cheap variation of it is because kanye said it. stop frontin

  • Ian

    I only made it more than halfway through the video to see the main shorty some more. Didn’t happen.
    Oh well. Future won’t last. Song’s weak as hell.

  • Reptar

    “give me a break. the only reason niggas are using sophisticated ignorance or some cheap variation of it is because kanye said it. stop frontin”

    Say word? Then why was everybody saying “ignorant brilliance” in middle school… 6 years ago?

  • Zero Kool

    Sun has a strong speech impediment but the video looks so damn good(production value I mean).

  • Someguy817

    Turning my channel, Turning my channel, Turning my channel
    Lil nigga what I tell you about turning my channel!?

  • MEKANOMiCSx101

    how… in the helll did he afford all this production value?!

  • LMAO @ niggas hating on Shyne’s voice but giving this dude a free pass.

  • delco9


  • Dopeness

    I honestly can’t even sit through the whole music video. This song is horrible.

  • redddirt

    this hit is terrible……couldnt believe they said drake was going to be on this hott hott garbage…

  • Mick Jagger


    Because there are No direct flights from the US to Cuba because of the whole Cuban Missle crisis hella years ago…So we don’t fuck with Cuba…and Dominica is the closest thing that looks like Cuba

  • Gee Dot Que

    its funny lookin at comments about future…trust me, im from Detroit and when i got down here and heard future i was like u cant be serious…but honestly i support future tuff now, he’s easily top 3 in atl right now and has a promising future…theres ALOT MORE to him than meets the eye; he’ll be around for a minute

  • d

    songs not great but this video is dope!

  • Roa

    I assumed that he used that voice as a tribute to tony montana… is that his real voice or are yall just looking for something to complain about?

  • M-P

    I find it hilarious that one of the best “big-budget” style vids in awhile comes from this guy. Let’s just face facts doe-da beat knocks, the song’s hook is catchy, his voice on it was uniquely funny with the fake Hispanic accent, and the cinematography courtesy of Jessy Terrero is top-shelf…

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