• rklwonder


  • Fraww

    photoshop is a muthafucka

  • i’ll break batman

    i wonder who is fucking mary j blige? she invests so much time into looking good, it cant be all for money

  • birolex

    take officer ricky off and i might take a listen

  • rikmalkolm

    Dis is SMOOTH, right here, there shouldn't be any negative replies!

  • Blizit BKNY

    Agree maybe check it out without big titty officer ricky on there

  • Yessir!

    Can't she just hook up with Method Man and make some magic again.

    I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By!!

  • Bubble Lover

    I'd still bury my face all in Mary's fat cakes.

  • prob

    who produced this ? ... production is TOUGH!!!! .. seriously mary got that ear ... maybe ross picked this joint .. shit is too ill