Bambu On The #OCCUPY Movements (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas October 28, 2011

Bambu took a minute to speak on the Hip Hop community’s involvement in the #OCCUPY movements happening around the nation and some parts of the globe. More footage after the jump…

Taking footage from the now half-completed Blue Scholars Cinemetropolis Tour, Bambu compiled a short montage to the tune of BANG. Bang was produced by 6Fingers and is featured on the Diamond Supply Co. X Bambu EP which is available for free download.

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  • Occupy America

    Please check out my song Occupy America and pass it along to all the people who still dont know whats really going on. Im not just making songs about this issue im actually here at occupy Oakland and have been since yesterday. There are groups of people here all forming think tanks trying to figure out what the next move should be and we appreciate all the people thats been networking online and coming by to show their support and bringing food and other supplies to keep this movement going. Thanks and this is just the beginning.

  • I would have to disagree with him. Occupy isn’t about stopping everyone from being or getting rich. It’s about stopping corporations and families who have wealth (in many cases, as a result of taking advantage of an unfair system) and use it to control policy in a way that negatively affects the 99%. The Occupiers aren’t pissed off at Oprah or Russell Simmons. They are pissed at the Koch brothers. I think this is an important distinction. Word to RapRulerDOTcom

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    Am i the only one that clicked play thinkin BABU was gonna talk?

  • capital

    @Jerel i dont think thats what bambu is saying at all actually. bambu said that the occupy movement was about corporations influencing government through lobbying (and shit). and it is about stopping people from becoming “rich.” this country is built on greed and it is proven when corporations are allowed lower taxation and the ability to use overseas labor in order to profit. the american dream is built on the idea that you too can join this 1% and thats simply not true. bambu is saying that as a hip hop community we are not representing the true essence of our community and instead we’re supporting the ideals of the 1% which is profit over people (money over bitches, money over everything, etc.) the occupiers are looking to equalize the playing field through ideals taken from marxist theory and trying to balance them with small business capitalism, but never tipping the scales in favor of the few who exploit the people.

  • yves

    @Jarel I think you are wrong. You see in order for people like Oprah or Russel Simmons to make money they need an efficient financial system. And in order for people like Russel Simmons to run a successful company and reap some of the rewards from their risk taking they need investment bankers to raise money for expansion and to be able to best capitalize on the equity in the business they have created. And last time I checked Russel Simmons and Oprah are definitely in the 1%. So your important distinction in fact just shows that you are a clown that doesn’t understand how the world works. I don’t like seeing people who needed a bailout paying themselves large bonuses without having earned their keep and I definitely think there are important ways to make this country better and have a better future, but blindly blaming successful/rich people and capitalism in general is not the answer. Fuck occupy wall street.

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  • Wake Up Zombies

    @yves so you gotta a problem with the 99% of the country that say these wall street bankers should stop bringing down the economy like idiots that dont ever think about the next generation but not the 1% rich that throw hundreds of millions down the drain every year on bullshit instead using that to maintain America? Unless your rich STFU.

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    we are the 99%, love from melbourne

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  • EricksonAdrienne
  • ado010

    yves, you are incredibly stupid. occupy wall street isn’t against rich people or corporations, it’s against our politicians being bought buy them. no one is blindly blaming rich people, we have the numbers to show how they’ve skewed our politics and reaped the benefits of a corrupt system.

  • yves

    @ Wakeupzombies you are a fool if you think that 99% of the country supports occupy wall street. Pretty much everything you said just shows that you have no clue what you are talking about. I am not anywhere near the 1% but what do you mean the rich “throw hundreds of millions down the drain every year on bullshit instead of using that to maintain america” ? Last time I checked people are allowed to spend their money on what they want. If Russel Simmons wants to buy a Rolls Royce then there is nothing wrong with that because its HIS money. If that bothers you then maybe you should mind your own business and quit whining. Sorry that in a market based economy there are recessions and financial crises every so often. Its better than being a bunch of communists and having garbage standards of living continuously.

    @ado010. Since when do you speak for what occupy wall street is against or for? All I see is people marching around with signs that say “end greed” and “destroy the fed.” Both jokes of ideas. I agree that politicians shouldn’t be bought by corporations or anyone for that matter but if you think occupy wall street is anything less than populist economic anger and anti-capitalist sentiment then you are seeing only what you want to see. Its no better than the tea party and you are a fool if you think other wise.

  • ado010

    I just facepalmed so hard that I put a hole in my head. Stay ignorant, my friend. I couldn’t give a fuck less.

  • Wake Up Zombies

    @yves I guess your lost or you just havent been living in this country the last ten years. Or maybe everybody where you live is a self made millionaire but your a fool if you think 99% of this country dont support OWS cause if they dont its probably cause they just dont understand it. Yeah rich people can buy whatever they want but its not as simple as you trying to make it sound. If those rich people contribute to the price of living going up and then pay the people that work for these rich companies less and then ask for bailouts, thats one problem right there but I have a long list. The rich can buy whatever with their own money but dont take money outta poor peoples pockets to give business owners who have been multi millionaires for years a raise and then complain about paying taxes when poor people have to live by the same rules but without much money. If you cant see whats going on or you havent heard about the corruption that goes on in politics behind these corporate bankers influence then go figure it out. Its no way that millions of people are all over the country expressing that there tried of this shit are just crazy and have no reason to be upset.

  • Wow. Y’all didn’t get what I was trying to say. I figured that would happen though. It’s hard to come across clear through these messages. All I’m saying is that there is a percent of the one percent that Occupiers have a problem with. They have made it harder, for others to reach that level because of their greed. People like Oprah and Bill Gates just so happened to find a way around the unfair system. I could give more of my views but I don’t fuck with some of y’all, not saying any names. Why the hell do folks get so fired up and disrespectful because someone has a different view than them?

  • RR

    Educate yourselves. If you are defending the EXTREMELY RICH and say they made it “fair and square”, go jump off a fucking building.


    Does Oprah justify the 1 million who are being imprisoned in a corrupt justice system that values greedy corporations over the greater good? The economy and racial prejudice is the very reason so many have to rob, steal and deal for a living. Check the statistics of other countries who’s governments have free healthcare/daycare, livable wages, rehabilitation programs, paternal/maternal leave. Why do they have so little crime?

    The UNITED STATES was founded on GREED, SLAVERY and WHITE SUPREMACY and expects its citizens to believe in “FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”. If you believe that crock o’ shit AND YOU’RE A PERSON OF COLOR who’s country is still crippled from US IMPERIALISM and military occupation, do yourself a favor and GET LEARNT before you open your mouth. No one blames you for your ignorance, but you have a responsibility to know the truth about America’s corrupt history and stop perpetuating the myth of the “American Dream”. Check the CEOS. Check the people with money. THEY’RE WHITE. THEY’RE MEN. THEY CONTROL THE RESOURCES, THE MEDIA, THE NEWSPAPERS, THE POLITICIANS, THE WORLD. And they will do everything in their power to make sure you don’t move in next door.

    That’s who you’re defending?

  • read-a-book-hoe

    Some of you niggas are stupid as fuck, defending the rich while you go to work (or not?) Everyday making next to nothing…and you think its because you haven’t found “a way around an unfair system”? NO! its because the system that you’re trying to be apart of isn’t MADE for YOU TO WIN. One lay off and you’re homeless, a few pay cuts and you’re dead ass broke, your stability lives on stilts while those who are fuckin you (like the person who more than likely owns the corporation you work for) gets away with financial murder. They make 10x your pay and you pay 10x the tax. Please open your eyes and quit trying to go against the grain…cause on reality you’re going right along with it. If you had any sense you’d take your ass down to your nearest bank and pull your money out before they go and spend it on multi million dollar raises and charge you double the interest next year. Silly muthafuckas.

  • face-palm-that-bitch

    Whats fucking pathetic is all you people looking to blame someone else for all of your problems. seriously keep telling yourself everything is rigged against you and that the reason other people are more successful is because the system is 100% rigged and you are powerless to control your own destiny at all. How about this, study mathematics, engineering, biology, etc., and get a decent job? or study business and go into business? or study finance and go into finance if you think the whole world is rigged to give them more money. oooh every rich businessman gets away with financial murder. don’t tell me to open my eyes when you buy every line that tells you that your troubles are perfectly explained by blindly blaming anyone who works on wall street or is successful in business. fucking pathetic i am through, no wonder you are broke.

  • U mad? Smh

    People like you just say dumbass shit like the answer is just as simple as that. Get your nose out the air and come back down to reality cause you probably just a couple of paychecks away from realizing what people been saying.

  • waaaaa

    @ “U mad?Smh” – what can I say about you that your name doesn’t say already, namely that you are a huge faggot? now you basically claim that people only get mad when they are going broke so at least you don’t act like you have a balanced opinion. you are they type of motherfucker that believes whatever works best for you regardless of reason. if you were rich you would be a republican and seeing as you are broke you buy every scheme that blames your problems on someone else. congratulations.

  • Wake Up Zombies

    News flash bitch not everybody thats protesting is broke cause theres just as many middle class people with money out here that want change as there is poor people.

  • waaaaa

    i know that i was referring to “U mad? Smh” when he said “you probably just a couple of paychecks away from realizing what people been saying.” there is nothing wrong with being poor I just said that it doesn’t shock me that when someone goes out of their way to blame all their problems on someone else and acts like the world is a giant conspiracy that they arent very successful.

  • waaaaa

    everyone is entitled to their opinions for sure. i don’t really disagree with anything you said in your second post. there is no reason to subsidize certain big businesses like oil when there are a large number of problems we need to deal with such as people going bankrupt after losing their health insurance and difficulties for hard working lower income kids being able to go to college. But when you say “Yeah rich people can buy whatever they want but its not as simple as you trying to make it sound. If those rich people contribute to the price of living going up and then pay the people that work for these rich companies less and then ask for bailouts, thats one problem right there but I have a long list”. First off all, inflation has been quite low for the past 2 decades, so i am not quite sure where you get off blaming rich people for increases in the cost of living, which really have been negligible and wages have kept up with inflation. secondly most of the most obvious increases in living costs are due to oil and stem from forces outside the united states. Second of all, i do not think that anyone responsible for their company requiring a bailout should get a bonus let alone have a job. but that doesn’t mean that every employee on wall street is the devil and it doesn’t mean that every problem in america today is so simply solved by blaming the “1%” and decrying capitalism entirely.