KiD CuDi – Maniac f. Cage BTS (Pics)

Shia LaBeouf puts his directing skills to use on the set of CuDi's new music video. The video is set to be released on Halloween.

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  • someguy

    what happened to shia making that movie about cage?

  • MEKdot

    what happened to you being a gay ass fuckhead?

  • prk

    what happened after shia got the shit beat out of him outside that bar by that fat hairy guy?

  • someguy

    so me wondering about a movie makes me a gay ass fuckhead? thats cool.

  • :P

    what happend to my sammich? :/

  • what happened to ya'll fuckheads?

  • Wet Stain In The Back

    @MEKdot hahaha what a dick, but funny.

  • demise

    lmao @ shia and cage both getting beat up

  • David Stern

    what happened to Smilez and Southstar.

  • james dean

    what the fuck happened to j-kwon?

  • Unstoppable

    what the fuck happened to Megan Fox since she got botoxed all over her face?

  • FuckMekdot

    Why is @mekdot such a pussy?

  • Day-Day

    lmfao @james dean

  • Ramon

    What happened to me cumming in shakes girl?..

  • Red-Rocket

    what da fuck happened to shaq n ron artest rap albums??

  • retardd

    What happened to J.coles CD not selling ?

  • air jordan 5but also brought down

  • What happened to Nino Bless?

    Seriously though.


    What the fuck happenned to Sprite Remix

  • jordan spizikesThe doctor would

  • e

    i guess since hes directing he has to grow a beard

  • Fuck A Shia

    @ e -- Nah it's just to cover the bruises and cuts

  • Ramon

    What happened to my dick hole?..

  • bawksybrown

    I can't believe its not butter!

  • jimsy

    Where's Lil Mama?

  • DaSilva

    Where's Yo Mama ?

  • Birdman

    Prrrrr what happened to that boi?

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  • frostythekid

    what happened to lil zane?

  • Braniak

    what happen to Chief Rocka?

  • fucktyler

    heres the REAL QUESTION

    what the fuck happened to kid cudi making a new cd this year we want a single Bitch not a fucking video from your old ass album!!!!!!!

    come on cudi

  • youngnigga

    why is there a pube in my sandwich?

  • EricksonAdrienne

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  • Ass

    First off fuck Yo bitch and the click you claim WESTSIDE till we die Nigga fuck you lames
    J Cole claim to be lyrical but Drake shits on him, good music and Mac miller sum mark ass bitches

  • DGK

    A Kid Cudi video directed by Shia Leboof? That is too much douchebag for one room.

  • Leevi Breaux

    It isn't a music video. It's a short film by Shia starring Cudi and Cage. Also scored by them

  • SmartAss

    What happened to fucking people that started to say "what happened...."

  • hejsa

    What the fuck just happened?

  • Compl3xx

    What the fuck happenned to Sprite Remix

    ADDBEATS said this on October 28th, 2011 at 10:06 pm



    What happened to all your social lives?

  • Why did I just read all those pointless ass comments...

  • do you do drugs grizzy???/

  • acorndick93

    my dick is so small for this short film right now...

  • RyLee

    lol @ "Where is Smilez & Southstar?"

  • james dean

    No one has told me what the fuck happened to J-Kwon


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