Yelawolf – Let’s Roll f. Kid Rock

blame it on Miss_Peas October 28, 2011

Yelawolf taps Kid Rock for a track of the ages off his upcoming LP, Radioactive due out November 21st.

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  • White Rappers

    Us white guys gotta stick together.

  • ^pause

  • Mike Abate

    Wtf more dislikes than likes where the fuck did all the shady stans go ?!?!?


    they needed Eminem & Asher and this would’ve been the GOAT song. Fuck the haters, White Over Everything. WOE life baby!

  • Uncooked Swine

    Songs dope. Not big on Kid Rock but it works.

  • who cares

    This surprised me. I can’t stand Kid Rock but this isn’t bad. Radioactive baby
    @BAUCESAUCE Just get the fuck out. I’m white and that comment is stupid. 1) Em can’t rap for shit now 2) Asher Roth is a big joke

  • mathis

    too many white ppl on this song for my taste #ignorance

  • max

    I knew this cover looked familar, he totally ripped Britney Spears – Blackout! FAIL.

  • Mustard Stained V-Neck

    Worst collaboration since Snoop & Kenny Rogers. Commercial hip pop showing how low it will go once again.

  • prk

    This is hands down the worst thing interscope ever pushed on shady. Yelawolf is going to be the reason shady 2.0 is never taken serious.

  • csedrgt

    Lmfao at that pic. He looks like a f’n spaz yo!

  • T

    Hey Yela had to do a couple radio bangers for the shit ear’d people of the world. Every other track on 2Dope from the new album has been excellent so I think the album is still gonna be great. This sucks though. Honestly if your gonna do a track with Kid Rock you should have at least had them both going harder and Rock actually doing some “Devil Without a Cause” shit. Not this I could be any guy from Americas got talent shit.

  • DBS

    Looks like Catfish Billy has a solid album on his hands.

    3/3 so far I guess.

  • panos

    too many times the fucking chorus,otherwise dope song.


    @who cares you’re a fucking idiot. Eminem is the best rapper ever, did you even listen to his lyrics? Fuck out of here, black people are just butt hurt that whites dominate their own culture and do everything better. WOE LIFE.

  • crash

    @Baucesauce but yall have little dicks tho …. No homo

  • prkgfx

    White people will support any trash that comes from a white rapper.

  • dadukee

    @prkgfx I’m white and there’s only some white rappers i can listen to (Yela, Asher, Em, Paz, Rugged Man) but some are straight garbadge (Mac Miller, machine gun kelly)

  • pappikll

    So Fucking sick

  • white&proud

    white power


    I just saw yela live with rittz and they performed a new one from the album called gutta that goes HARD.
    And most of yall dont understand MGK is actually nice i dont fuck with him like that cuz he cant put out a project i really like but that mofo can spit hes just with puffy now. the song Arsonist is what got me into him even if u dont like him u have to mess with that one

  • Black and dum

    I’m a real negroid therefor I hate white rappers period. Why, well because they don’t rap about shiny rims, badonkadonk booty, fried chicken, smoking crack, abandoning their children, etc. What we black folks do.

  • Fiend


  • Ryan G

    Im white and all this white pride shit is embarrassing, no reason to throw race into it. Either you like the song or u dont

  • sfadad

    I’m white and this song is garbage. If you’re gonna do a song with Kid Rock, do a hit record. This is underwhelming.

  • jordan spizikesThe doctor would

  • marcus

    shit bangs hard

  • Aremac



    LOL @ Eminem being called the best rapper ever in this I’m sure Em doesn’t even believe that..

    and LOL @ the “whites dominating their culture” comment too, that was a riot…lol you all should try getting your own culture, instead of trying to “dominate” ours..

    if you think Eminem going platinum and being successful is off his skill alone, then you’re on crystal meth..or whatever else white people do nowadays *shrugs*


    this is alright btw..I’m actually excited to hear this Yelawolf album..

    and I’d like to hear more ZRittz too, he’s ill as fuck.


    “black people are just butt hurt that whites dominate their own culture and do everything better.”

    seriously, that might have been the most entertaining comment in this site’s history..bravo my nigga.

  • mazoomy

    Music is about taste, much like food. Hence it is highly believable that to many people Eminem is the best rapper ever.

    Not like he doesn’t have claim to it anyway.
    Way I Am/Stan/Sing for the Moment/Lose Yourself > many rappers catalogues. That’s not even an exaggeration.


    it is, seeing as though it’s just an opinion..

    but when some white guy decides to write the book of hip hop facts, and includes those “points” you made, maybe then, JUST MAYBE, I’ll start to believe that..wait did I say white guy?

  • lh


  • Nobody

    I can honestly say I am not racist.. I could care less.. But I love how people who aren’t white, hate racism, but are some of the first to point out race or some kind of imaginary racism.. You guys are intelligent as hell

  • Ass

    First off fck Yo bitch and the click u claim WESTSIDE till we die Nigga fuck you lames

  • royce

    fuck colour…we are all gods creations

  • nick

    this shit goes in

  • david

    everyone on here thinks they’re some martin luther king figure, or they’re like ‘i’m white but i think this’, never understood the hype this guy gets on 2db, glad to see i’m not the only 1 who knows his music is shit

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  • whatisyallreallysayin

    lmao when did race have anything to do with whether you like this cut or not? Me personally, I fugg wit this n I aint too big on yelawolf but this shit straight

  • Joyobonix

    download Yelawolf’s 45min mixtape of all his features:



  • yelawhat

    this shit goes….loving it…radioactive is gonna be so so dope

  • Pauly Dee

    I can honestly say that most of the Yela hate comes from racist ass black Hip Hop fans that don’t even listen to his lyrics! It’s a shame that our proud race now revolves around jealousy and anger.

    BTW, this shit is dope and should get Yela a “mainstream hit”.

  • yelashyt

    Who writes this shit, and I do mean SHIT!

    YELAWOLF “Let’s Roll”

    I might pee in the lake – PEE IN A F’KIN LAKE? SO WEAK!
    I might go to Talladega and see me a race
    Bring me case, yeah I’m bringing a case – REPETITIVE
    I’m gettin’ throwed off… – SOMEONE THROW HIM OFF!
    Z71 take the bow off- YOU GOTTA BOW ON YA TRUCK WOMAN?
    Dipped in mossy oak with a mullet Mohawk- OK WTF EVER?
    with a bright orange hat – REDNECK WANNABE
    Split you in my overalls- HE DRESSES LIKE A CLOWN TOO!
    That dixie cups gonna fall off the console-A F’KIN DIXIE CUP?!?
    understand that ‘Bama slanguage-NO SUCH THING, NICE TRY DOUCHE!


  • cc

    this sounds like the runners production….who produced this?

  • Pauly Dee

    @ the guy above

    So because your white and you say Yelawolf sucks, that’s supposed to be some kind of good point? If a black person says that Soulja Boy is the dopest alive, then he must be right, by your logic. FOH


    I don’t give a shit if you’re White, Black, Red, Orange, Green OR YELA! IT SUCKS!!!!

  • sghost11

    fuck all y’all haters. this is dope. who cares about race. this shit might not apply to you but that doesn’t mean it sucks. get ur head out of the ground and realize that some people didn’t grow up in fuckin detroit or brooklyn. fuck you who say otherwise.

  • Musikfiend

    This might actually be ahit record. I like it.

  • faget

    yall are gay haha

  • david

    look at the artwork though, the guy’s lost, thinks he’s promoting lipstick or shampoo or some modelling shit, maybe if someone told him it was a shoot for another single cover then he would of rented a car and put it in the background again

  • OneEyeIsTheKing

    This song is my new favorite. So catchy and the match up between kid rock and yelawolf is perfect. I agree that getting Eminem and Aesop Rock on this would have made it the GOAT but it is a great song none the less!

  • Objective listener

    This fucking sucks

  • southcakc23

    “fuck all y’all haters. this is dope. who cares about race. this shit might not apply to you but that doesn’t mean it sucks. get ur head out of the ground and realize that some people didn’t grow up in fuckin detroit or brooklyn. fuck you who say otherwise.” – sghost11

    this above comment is sums it up. I damn sure am not from NY or LA and this song resonates with what I grew up around. Hip hop is bigger than your respective burrows of NY. Yela is authentic and speaks HEAVILY to a once abandoned section of the hip hop community.

    Fuck you clowns that are hatin on buddy. Most of you bitches don’t own a damn car and wouldn’t realize how much of an anthem and flat out HIT this record is just on the production value alone.

    the reason yela gets so much love on 2DB is because he’s fuckin DOPE! Opposing opinion holders can eat a deep fried DICK!!!!

  • GGGuuu

    Fuck Niggas are bitter that Yelawolf rips their own shit up.. Niigas suck dick


    i like this song its good so don’t hate on my boy Yelawolf AND kID Rock!!!!!!!!!!

  • alex

    dope. white power