Eddie Murphy On Rick Ross’ Seizures (Video)

blame it on JES7 October 29, 2011

While sitting down with Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller (promoting for their new film, Tower Heist), BlogXilla brings up the film’s soundtrack, which Rick Ross appears on and segues into the topic of Rick Ross’ seizure episodes. I know seizures aren’t something anyone should really make jokes on, but Eddie does bring up a good point. Haha. Starts at the 1:25 mark. Spotted: HHiR.

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  • who cares

    Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller have the potential to be hilarious, but they just get in the shittiest movies possible. Like honestly this movie looks like complete ass

  • Enlite

    Lmaoo. If you wake up out of your coma and say, I want chicken, you aight…I can’t wait for Eddie to do another stand-up, might take a while but it’ll be worth it.

  • Rick Ross killed Nas on that track son.

    God Forgives, I Don’t.

  • who cares

    ^ oh wow just shut up

  • I think Rozay pretended his seizures, but I’m not sure… I think we need some proof. Informations about his two seizures do better promo work for him than his two new singles which probably flopped hard.

  • realtalk

    Honestly, I think Rick Ross’ seizures were faker than Beyonce’s baby..

  • dadukee

    @my english sucks, u mad?, @realtalk naw here’s the 911 call that the pilot on the plane made when ross was having one of the seizures

  • Seraj

    you do know he didnt go to wingstop (JUST) for the chicken wings, its his own restaurant that he just opened

  • Eddie Murphy is a great comedian, but I dunno if this movie is gonna help his resume. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • dmdpro5

    dumbass he didnt go to the wingstop to eat he went there because he owns it and it was the grand opening

  • the1

    You know he had a couple of them thangs lol. C’mon now.

  • carol


  • jeez

    I like how they’re talkin bout rick ross, while action bronsons playin in the background ….

  • Rick Ross

    i dont care if rick ross had seizures, what has he contributed to society for me to care?

  • wtfhejustsayman

    when this was brought up ben stillers face almost matched mike myers when kanye went crazy during katrina