Jay-Z & Kanye West – Watch The Throne Tour ATL (Video/Pics)

blame it on Miss_Peas October 29, 2011

Two of the greatest rappers of all-time (one baring a kilt & the new Air Yeezy’s) to ever bless a mic kicked off their iconic Watch The Throne tour in Atlanta.

Jay-Z performs ‘Where I’m From’ & ‘Jigga What, Jigga Who’, Kanye West performs ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’, going into ‘Jesus Walks’

Kanye West performing ‘Heartless’

Jay-Z performs ‘H To The Izzo’, Kanye West performs ‘Good Life’

Jay-Z & Kanye West perform ‘H.A.M.’ & ‘Who Gon Stop Me?’

‘Who Gon Stop Me?’

Jay-Z performs ‘On To The Next One’ & ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’

Jay-Z peforms ‘Diamonds (Remix)’, ‘P.S.A’ & ‘U Don’t Know’ leading in to ‘Run This Town’

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  • EDcali

    This site swallow so much cum from Jay Z and Kanye dick that makes me sick.
    Two of the greatest rappers to ever bless a mic ?
    Are you fuckin serious ?
    This is embarassing to the hip hop culture saying that

  • 1dopeboy

    I’m glad I didn’t drop almost $100 for some nosebleed seats for this
    you can barely see anything as it is on there, and that guy has some good seats

  • music fan

    The concert was awesome. If you’re saying that you’re glad you didn’t go, you’re just plain lying to yourself. Even after rap, it was a great concert going experience.

  • 4th ear

    2 of the most famous, not greatest..theres a difference

  • Pititopr

    Jay-z Greatest Rapper Ever fuckyall haters

  • atl seem sleep.

    i can’t wait to catch this.

  • D

    Basically, ask any random person on the planet who Jay-Z or Kanye West are, they are going to know the answer. They have both transcended rap to become genuine pop icons. Enough said.

  • grimyteddy

    No doubt Jay is one of the greatest MCs but I think Ye should be labeled one of the greatest PRODUCERS. I understand Peas excitement.

  • Gunners

    Kanye is gonna end up being one of the 10 best MCs ever you can’t deny it

  • Collin

    Jay is the best ever right now. I think when it’s all said and done Kanye will go down as the best to ever do it. If you don’t see that it just means your idea of what hip hop can be is too small.

  • BongBong

    Rap sucks in venues this big. I’m sure the concert was like WTT, ie BORING AS SHIT



  • U MAD?

    2 of greatest. anyone who denies is a fag.

  • elite

    LOL “BongBong” if WTT was boring as shit, what the fuck album is your idea of exciting?

  • BongBong

    LOL “BongBong” if WTT was boring as shit, what the fuck album is your idea of exciting?


    An actual hip hop album instead of music for elderly white people.

  • Ass

    Hey pititopor, if u think jay z is the greatest then you need A Dick slap from Tupacs ghost mark ass bitch

  • David Stoner

    Fuck haters that shit went hard, and if you hatin get a JOB that pays more, you niggas bout to be in the Walfare line fuckin with Kanye And Jay Bruh

  • Jbob

    Welcome to TORONTO smokin cubanos at the ACC can’t wait!!!!!

  • I understand Jay Z being one of the greatest ever, but I dunno about them putting Kanye in that same sentence just yet. Seemed like a sick show, though. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • xyz123

    How is Kanye not one of the best ever?? 5 number one albums, 3 maybe four considered classics isn’t enough anymore??? People are trippin on here… I hate hipsters…

  • SMFH

    lol dis nigga jay already fucked up his first verse of the show during otis. nigga gettin old

  • Leggo

    Lmao two of the greatest? 2dbz dooes kinda ride dick sometimes. they should have just kept it shake and meka.
    bitches dont know shit about rap.

  • WTT

    Acting like Jay and Kanye aint two of the best that ever did it is just hating. They could both do a show for ten hours straight with nothing but hit records if they wanted to.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Fucking amazing concert.

    Jesus and God on stage themselves.

  • Life Accordin’ To Dutch

    SOME OF U NIGGAZ IS LAMES…i mean wake up in the morning and have no idea u r a lmae..this type of concert is what hip-hop is all about..this is progress dummies…im from the southside of Chicago..u have no understanding of the complexity of what it took Kanye to get to be on the level of a Jay-Z…u r a dummie and callin Jay and Kanye two of the best is the truth..fuc u from they albums dont get played front to back..catalogues of shit..i hate #dirtybackpackers…in they fake righteousness…they go to great heights to prove they HIPHOP superiority..but dont know shit..couldnt rock a party if yall lives depended on it..i bet yall the ones callin Eminem wack ass the greatest too..a man with not even half the hits of one of these dudes..lames

  • Truthhurts

    @Life Accordin’ To Dutch co-sign 100% Jay-Z is the greatest rapper ever, no-disrespect to PAC & BIGGIE though. Oh and fuck Eminem, i used to like him like 10 years ago, but now? overrated trash…peace

  • Life Accordin’ To Dutch – Lay off the herb homie. Your rant had validity until those last two baseless comments. Now it all seems like a hater’s view from a soap box. Em is wack? I GUARANTEE anybody still breathing in your top 10 would put Em in their top 5 DOA,unless they are like the topical fans you went in on. Eminem is top 3 IMO thanks to his skill and polish in every vital category possessed by “great” MCs – his artistic style (i.e. delivery, emotion & evolution) and the quality/validity of his lyrical content would be asinine to overlook. Em gets respect from the respected and will forever hold a place as one of the greatest to ever do it. Do you just say that kind of nonsense because you’ve seen more people than you can handle praising Em and a good bit who weren’t to high on WTT? All things considered, Its still crazy how reality escapes people when they’re hating.

    “.a man with not even half the hits of one of these dudes..lames”

    You’re too much. As of 9/13/2010…

    Jay-Z: 42 “Hot 100” singles; 17 in the top 20; 1 No. 1
    Eminem: 33 “Hot 100” singles; 16 in the top 20; 4 No. 1s

    For the record, I did not say Em was #1 or better than Jay Z. I don’t argue great vs great; I will however make a case for greatness.


    Opinions aren’t “truth” fools. Quit flexxin like your standards are the measuring tool. When it comes to numbers like record sales then its closer to fact. What makes one rapper the greatest and another not? We all got our top 3,5,10. A few names will show up on EVERYONE’S. But if you’re a fan of hip hop music, you recognize skill even if you don’t like the artist. But who am I? Answer: A Hip Hop/Rap Music fan & proudly not a “iHater”.

  • Pauly Dee

    You’re crazy if you think Ye is in the Top 10 of MCs. Period.

    Cosign @ CWILLisEVIL.