• http://www.google.com my english sucks, u mad?

    this is dope, don't sleep on this! shit is fiyah!

  • http://Jams4Days.com Jams4Days

    Pretty sick. I need to check out the upcoming album now. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • Fuck A Shia

    Ill beat, Juxx & R.A. went in. All as expected. Shit is dope.

  • Druggid

    Fucking Rugged Man went in again. Anything he's on he kills recently, and like always Ruxx drops some hard bars.

  • http://www.olbg.com/?tx11653 Epic

    Itachi is always nice behind the boards. Check out his album Musikyo.

  • FTW


  • Psyence

    lol @ the hipster bitch in the background

  • B

    i've never heard of ruste juxx but his verse was beyond terrible. ruggedman of course kills it.

  • Vigilante

    When is this project dropping?

  • BT

    @ B - If you don't know who Ruste Juxx is - You don't know Hip Hop & no-one gives a fuck what you think!

    RA & Juxx both bodied the beat, you need to wash ur ears out & do the knowledge kid!