Lil B – My Last Call (Video)

blame it on JES7 October 29, 2011

I got nothing.

  • ado

    Holy shit this guy is bad.

  • stealthbomber

    its shit like this that keeps lil b poppin, why is he on this site. i thought this was for good upcoming artists, not ones that have been proven wack.

  • who cares

    Is 2dopeboyz really stooping this low? I swear every day they post a new bullshit artist. I remember when 2dopeboyz was only dope music. Now you gotta 50% dope music and 50% bullshit

  • illmatic

    did he say “u my right man!” i dont even wont to be that bull in the comment section calling everything GAY but if the pink bandana fits?!?!

  • doc rovers

    just horrible, horrible “music” from a horrible “artist”

  • different. unlike you. lil b. Berkeley. peace

  • Why did I even click play? Shit is so awful it’s unbelievable this dude has any fans at all.

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    Ok I don’t get it.. Is Lil B supposed to be a funny gimmick or what? This cat really has a fan base? I don’t understand.

  • C

    Song is old but tite.

  • dadukee

    you resisted the crackgod for so long 2dopeboyz! why start now?

  • General Cornrow Wallace

    Not my thing but at least he found his own lane and isn’t one of these cookie-cutter j cole/big sean etc generic rappers.

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    This nigga just proved that anybody can rap.. SMH

  • John Starks

    THis is terrible but mainly cuz the beat. C’mon haters, is it not a good conceot with just terrible execution (Kanye shrug)

  • I love how every video Lil B has ever put out has mad hate in the comments section, but also like 100k + views every time. The joke is on you haters.

  • whocares32

    I hope it’s his last rap.

  • dadukee

    @kylef naww the jokes on you beacuse like mac miller those dude is garbade

  • this dude need listen to Rakim 24 hours daily and study his flow and technique, dude you straight speaking over beat no rapping, subject matter of song is on point and it’s from heart but you must improve above mentioned things.

  • CaliBear

    The joke is on everybody who hates on BasedGod.
    He can’t hear you, he’s probably inside your bitch as we speak.
    Last but certainly not least, 9th Wonder, Phontigallo, & Kendrick Lamar support this nigga. You are irrelevant.

  • The fuck up!!!! Got It!!???

    everybody, just shut the fuck up. one.

  • Chance

    Thank you basedgod

  • jetlife

    @The fuck up!!!! Got It!!??? You’re gay nigga. two.

  • the realest

    barack obama can co-sign this nigga, doesnt erase the fact that dude is BEYOND garbage. i seriously think, no for real, that he is the worst rapper in hiphop history. somebody gotta be the worst. that is lil b

    p.s. why does every lil b fan say that HES(not them, but lil b) is fucking somebodys girl. not only are you co-signing the worst kind of music, but your fantasizing about another man fucking another mans girl. what.the.fuck.

  • Decent, nothing special though… I don’t know if that pink bandana gives him that “hard” look he’s going for though. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • Fuck you pay me

    Lil B is the ultimate hip hop Troll. If you think his music has any real meaning please tea bag your testicles into the kitchen sink garbage disposal. We don’t need you to procreate.

  • big ghostface

    more interesting than most of the crap shake co-signs

  • manum


  • Antyon


  • Why all you hating on him? He’s not even bad. And there’s nothing wrong with this song. But w/e. Hipsters gonna hate on anything that’s not Kendrick Lamar, Blu, or Jay Elec.

    You guys praised that last lame and boring ass Jay Electronica song with average ass lyrics and shitty beat but you hate on this.

    Bandwagon haters.

  • malcymalc

    the whole “thank you based god” “fuck my bitch” thing is for fags,i dont understand why fools keep going for that shit, andif youre a legit fan of this dude, like really think his music has insight and shit,just off yourself please

  • OpenUpWebster


    You obviously have no idea what a “hipster” is or that you are one yourself. Read a fuckin dictionary man. we dont like this shit cause its garbage. that is all. This lil b character is the king of hipster. dumbfuck. difference between a hipster and a purist.

  • Spook

    Pay phones still exist?

  • B

    After listening to this i need some new Sound FX

    #Sunset LP

  • Dubb


  • fortheclosedofmind

    Lil B proves that Hip-hop fans are the worst fans in the world.

    Hip-hop needs a Lil B. Cause the whole c-section is filled with a bunch of uptight, cold human beings with a irregular sticks up their narrow asses. And take things to seriously.

    “Lil B is a fag….I only like DOOM and 90’s hip-hop, Blu and Jay Electronica…ERRORERROR”

  • Junie Effin’ P

    …dat bandana doe. i want my life back.

  • Junie Effin’ P

    “and never put my heart into a man that was a bitch.”

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at Gangstalicious.

  • This Shit Is Fucking Terrible LOL I Dont Even Know Why This Guy Still Hits The Studio, I Couldn’t Believe It When This Guy Made It In XXL Freshmen Mag It’s Like Talent Doesn’t Matter Anymore, Don’t Blame 2dopeboyz Blame whoever Signed Him LOL

  • stupid fucks

    listen to lil b – age of information

    or lil b – i am
    or lil b- i am the hood

    he’s good when he wants to be.

  • me

    I just watched the boondocks’ gangstalicious episode again, and this nigga is that.^^^ junie called that shit. but… fuck is this? this nigga needs to try to be serious (and bad, like this) and improve or keep putting out comical songs, and be worse. i prefer the latter

  • Scotty

    i dont understand how you put this dude on but not Tyler the Creator. smh…..

  • kdot


  • mtthwblcks

    you wanna see a good Lil B music video, youtube Beat The Odds

  • JPM

    YO stfu and LISTEN TO THE STORY! hahahahah naw im playin

  • Melo15

    People put way too much effort into hating. Lil b is god when he wants to be, he’s just got diff styles of music, not saying he’s that good but he’s not that bad… and yes his music does have meaning you dumb fucks

  • Kidd Freshman

    i ain gunna crack on the nigga cuz it seems like he put some kind of emotion in this… but i dont like it

  • JAyP

    its just the simple fact that ya take 4 to 5 minutes to watch the video then take time out your lives to be angry & talk about shit people can careless about OMG THIS OMG THAT WAAAH WAAAH WAAHHH like damn your not hurting this dude you want to know how you can really prove a point BY NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGING THE VIDEO less comments less views prove a point not 3000 comments being mad that only gives him more money & energy to piss you guys off more LOL!

  • john doe

    shows the true side of 2dopeboyz when they post this garbage, funny thing is u steal the name from outkasts song name and u post pretty much nothing but garbage hip hop wheres the underground wheres the non mainstream fuckin artists here boyz? lost another viewer cuz LIL B SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKSSSSSS

  • bairyhalls

    Man fuck this dude, im so disappointed in you damn morons for even acknowledging this niggas presence … smh wtf this dude need to fuckin stop before Pac & Biggie come back from the dead and slap everyone including lil bitch with baby powder. Dont call him a rapper, fuck based god , he aint no god wth stupid ass vanity fuck boy. …. whew that is all



  • 2dopeboyz you suck mainly for always posting horrible choices of so called hip hop.. coming from 2dopeboyz youd think it would be all dope as fuck music but nah its all shit that kiddies wanna listen to wit no taste!!!!!! ive heard real hip hop head is better, love hiphop-n-more

  • bullets

    This niga is hands down the wackest rapper to ever touch a microphone why is he on 2dopeboyz ??? I’m tired of people confusing hard work w/ talent you know why lil b has 100 mixtapes and can put out 10 videos in a week because his music fucking sucks and doesnt require any thought to create …Promote hiphop not stupid shit like this fuck them emo hipsters who just want to feel exclusive this shit is wack straight trash !!

  • otis


  • B.

    I hate uptight hip-hop fans that beat richard to illamatic and other notable lyricist all day. Fuck it have fun…everyone could use a little ignorance in their You niggas are boring. There’s a time and place for all genres or hip-hop/rap. *Turns up Tony Montana

  • Gene Siskel’s Ghost


    You niggaz in the C-Section are HILARIOUS!!! I appreciate each and everyone of you for being so damn funny.

    Oh yeah, this nigga is TRASH!!! #ThatIsAll

  • RyLee

    lol @ “i hope it’s his last call.”

    and why it look like there are times where he forgets the words?

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  • enilte

    Damn, from Justice Equality Supreme too? the hell is going on..

    nigga u gay..

  • thekiid

    this dude keeps on throwing out hints, first with the album title and now with that bandana. i hope to god im not the only one here thats 99% sure lil b is gay. i got no problems with gay people at all, but this dude just needs to come out already, cats out of the bag.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    I tried to give his music a chance but shit likes this just proves that it’s not going to get any better. With that being said I will proceed to delete every record I had of this nigga out of my itunes and ipod. I give up, I just can’t be spotted listening to this nigga where I’m from, no fuckin way.

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  • dylan hubych

    Fuk you!!! This is Dylan hubych… fuck you. Famous or not. I just needed a lil guidance by a real nigga….

  • Psyence

    Lil B’s a revolutionary. This track ain’t that bad too. That beat bumps.

  • bdvhz3epqfcpz{, Xanax, bztNSUJ.

  • Jesus

    mannnnnn y’all niggas get cold as fuck over this music shit
    yea he’s whack as fuck but remember how this hiphop shit started…expression!

    he’s clearly really missing his homie stuck in jail or whatever, stop bringing so much hate to this video

    spread love, not herp- ..hate

  • Khaled

    Lil B > Tupac

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  • Lil B is entertaining, he bring a level of satire to a Hip Hop scene that CLEARLY needs it based on all of you guys hating so seriously on this dude’s hustle. Even if the BASEDGOD is a clown, at least he’s doing it on his own terms and not trying to be some clone. Relax…

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  • Joker

    Is it just me, or is anybody else having a really hard time believing it’s a coincidence that the spam attack just happened to fall on Lil B’s page.

  • Haha

    @ Joker I was just going to say the same thing. Lol #spamattack

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  • bong

    spams JUST as annoying as Lil B…smh

  • blue

    Lil B is music’s version of spam.

  • Sabotage

    Lil Wayne >>>>>> Lil B

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  • tuco

    smh @ wearing basketball shorts under your jeans.

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  • red

    What is going on with this page?

  • KoolESP

    funniest comment section EVAR!

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  • LVRS

    on a phone at 711 tho……………….. smfh

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