Fat Joe – The Darkside v.2 (Mixtape)

blame it on Miss_Peas October 30, 2011


Just in time for Halloween, Fat Joe drops a sweet mixtape to compliment the holiday spirit. Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

1. Welcome To The Darkside f. French Montana
2. Dopeman f. Jadakiss & Dre
3. So Fly f. Arland
4. Big Business
5. Angels Say
6. Pushing Keys f. Raekwon
7. Drop A Body
8. My Lord
9. F**k Them Other Niggas
10. Around The World f. Arland

DOWNLOAD: Fat Joe – The Darkside v.2 (Mixtape)

  • StiLeR

    Hope its coo

  • dadukee

    yeahaaa *lil john voice*

  • yamz

    Ha at his goatee all the way to the right

  • Product of fucking

    I wouldn’t mind if he ditched Miami and got back with his old DITC crew. One can only dream.

  • MB

    this guy goatee makes him look like a Wooly Willy…

  • Track 6 looks ill. Too bad I don’t fuck with Fat Joe.

  • i don’t mean to hate. but does anyone still listen to this guy?

  • fastflipper



  • roc nation
  • cc

    the mark henry production is dope

  • Where’s the production credits?

  • Fat Joe is really trying to make a comeback? I wish him well but, ehhh. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • ddave

    Sendspace… really?

  • Johnny Blaze

    Fuck this im only DLing to hear that Raekwon track. We want that new Gibbs and A$AP

  • Shy

    part 1 was ill. hope he continues the momentum

  • Pugz

    @Johnny Blaze
    cosign. I’ve been anticipating both projects all day I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • Fuck this fat nigga download Chuuwee albums hot n ready & be cool bet it’ll be the best advice in the c-section

  • What about brandun Deshay or Knxwledge please anybody besides this lame nigga

  • Ok how bout ASAP Rocky or Schoolboy q everybody I’ve named is better than this post how bout Danny Brown & Black Milk or even Danny Brown album xxx what’s no disrespect to anybody I named this post is just wack

  • Ok fuk it I got it what about OFWGKTA seriously I mean Tyler is a Beast Domo Genesis is a fucking monster Earl is incredible I say all of this to say Fuck this post don’t download fat ho shit fuck wit anybody I named and you’ll be alright

  • Tiron & Ayomari (A Sucker For Pumps) Kendrick Lamar (section 80) gangrene (gutter water) & greneberg Fly. Union (The Greater Than Club) Stalley (Lincoln Way Nights) anybody but this lame ass nigga realtalk!!!!!

  • ASAP Rocky for the late 2011 & 2012 BASSBASSBaSSBaSSBaSS!!!!!!!-!!

  • young nigga

    slow down there tahlid

  • Tree92

    ^ Agreed young nigga, fools like him are the reason why artists like Rocky get played out.

  • riko


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  • dj khaled is an arab


  • sendspace? lmao. Fat Joe need to retire. swag


    …and yet another project from this nigga without ONE single contribution from D.I.T.C. zzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZ

  • Flip


  • Skeenoo

    Theirs nothing to download though….

  • banx

    why would u censor Fuck but not Niggas? .. lol

  • Akademik

    The niggas on this site are some of the most hatin’ ass niggas I’ve ever seen post. If you don’t like Fat Joe, why fucking hate? Why you on his post hating? Take you faggot asses to a post where you can dick ride on the artist you like? Fuck! You stupid niggas are why Hip Hop will be over in a minute. never see fans of Cold Play going to Maroon 5’s page and hating. If you don’t like Joey Crack, kick rocks off his site bitches! I can’t wait until they make it where you have to have an account and are held responsible for your bitch ass remarks. Then when you know niggas can see you in the streets and approach you, you’ll be careful about talking shit on the internet…

  • I been wondering what the hell fat joe been up to! Thx,

  • slumerican

    this is a dope mixtape i can tell u that!!!! lol