A$AP Rocky – LiveLoveA$AP (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake October 31, 2011


One of the most anticipated projects of the day is here. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: A$AP Rocky – LiveLoveA$AP [via] | Alt Link | Alt Link 2

  • BringMoreHoes

    Thank You Shake God

  • DB

    we need an alternate link


    got this before the post wasssup

  • dbgeneral

    I dont know who the fuck this nigga is but he said he wanna collab with KiD CuDi. I fuck with anybody who fuck with CuDi.

  • rbanks82

    first (swag)

  • kyoto

    I’ve been looking for this all day! I hope it doesn’t disappoint

  • rbanks82

    shit is taking a hot minute. hulkshare link anyone?

  • Gee Dot Que


  • Gee Dot Que

    and its mediashare!! hell yea!!!



  • wow has it

  • timboslice

    yeah hulkshare would be nice. looking like an hour plus with mediafire

  • red


  • KDOT

    This nigga is overrated and ASS. Only reason i am downloading this is for the School Boy Q feature, after that its going to the bin. This nigga is far from lyrical, just another mediocre ass rapper.

  • Damn the joint with Schoolboy Q was one of the sickest this year thus far!!! Accumulate Status And Power Accumulate Status And Power Accumulate Status And Power Accumulate Status And Power Accumulate Status And Power

  • hulkshare link, mediafire never works for me.

  • ASAPCocky

    Culture crook haha. NYC rapper rapping about Houston lifestyle. best of luck though

  • Hol

    Google “Crocker The Muta Scale”

  • 2 stars out of 5

    Wow this isn’t very good. Only 3 maybe 4 songs worth listening to. Hope he sells enough records to pay back the supposed 1.7 million he got from his record deal.

  • vlado


  • CharlieVegas

    This guy said he’s downloading the whole tape just for a Schoolboy Q feature. SMH..DICK RIDE MUCH??

  • Tarikh Mizan

    This shit right herrrrreeeeee!

  • is that sgp in the black sweats?

  • Raider

    Articulant Sour Diesel and Purrp

  • chef

    anticipated by who? retarded people? fuck this terrible music.

  • xastey
  • Ben Piffy Jr

    Incase you’re sick of waiting all night.

  • Straight Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire
    Niggas better recognize the name A$AP

  • cgdbrd

    the beats > the rhymes, cool tape though

  • drizz

    here you go spud …

  • nick

    this shiiiitttt BUMPSSSSS


  • rell

    wake me when that nipsey drop

  • wackness

    If you’re gonna rag on ASAP because you were looking for something lyrical then get the fuck out. Plenty of tapes dropped today, peep those instead of talking shit about ASAP. His fans aren’t applauding his lyrics. We like his style.
    This tape is dope as fuck, if you don’t feel it then you’re too serious or too sober.

  • 422

    this and new gibbs makes for a dope smoking sesh

  • POI$.

    Need that alternate link

  • jay

    like the beats but damn this that swag era of hip hop too much lil b odd future i like a couple of songs from ASAP but dude kind of overrated thank god for kendrick lamar immortal technique dudes who actually have messages in they music


    pretty mothafucka swag. mixtape of the year candidate

  • Liquid Swordsman

    What Wackness said, we know this guy aint Nas, elzHi, Pharoahe Monche or GZA, it’s A$AP Rocky and he has his own style. I would compare him to Curren$y becuase they both have music you can chill to. Just take some bong rips and enjoy.

  • Tyree

    This shit is dope. #SwaggedOutShit A$AP on the come up. New, unique sound… NY X DOwn south

  • linkup

    The link is down

  • malcymalc

    and i thought i was the only one thinking this dude was overrated and inadequate

  • lehhgo

    link down! can we get a new ASAP!

  • cgdbrd

    he’s definitely overhyped

  • j

    CDH > this

  • wackshitforthebirds#swag

    @malcymalc your not alone…

  • A$AP… this shit is smooth. Niggas mad cuz d00d is making it without lyrical ability, but d00d could flow rivers around their favorites I bet.

  • how can people say this is a UNIQUE sound? not hating, but this is Houston rap coming from an NYC cat

    looking forward to hearing the tape

  • C-spen

    I just looked up a bunch of songs on youtube due to the people hyping him. LMAO this is what’s cool to ya’ll? If you gotta say swag and wear swag shirt you obviously don’t have sqag imo lol.. I see the Currensy comparison bc neither can rap but have dope ass beats. Can’t fuck with it though.

  • If to don’t like it, don’t download it. Simple. I fuck with him. Burn one & enjoy. Peace to him he’s doing what he loves.



  • Joser

    I cant stand people on these online forums that claim to be “real hip hop heads” and all they do is complain about new music coming out, ya’ll sound like females real talk. If you don’t like the shit, then keep it moving to the next post. No one wants to hear why you think its lame or why hip hop is dying or other bs like that. and if you get offended by this then i’m probably talkin about your bitch ass. Go cry about it somewhere els.

  • TrillCosby

    lmao that nigga just said thank god for dudes like immortal technique. lmaooooo.

  • Ben Piffy Jr


  • A$AP x Hu$$le


    anyone hatin on this nigga is just butthurt as fuck that they aint get 1.7 mill. stop hatin on tha dude. no on gives a fuck if u aint like him cuz other people do. this some trill shit. i fucks wit a$ap. this dude is dope and he make some nice ass smokin music. so sit yo hatin ass down, shut tha fuck up and smoke a blunt to this.

    Oh and Nipsey Hus$$le’s TMC is finna be tha shit!!! cant wait for it.

  • Johnny Blaze

    PREEACH Joser

  • peteROC

    the clams casino beats make me think of lil b, but much more tolerable/accessable. good shit

  • kufu

    exceeded all expectations

  • BX

    What pussy hole did this douche crawl out of? Somebody’s been blowing hot air up this dudes ass, he ain’t that good. Mike Jones called, said he wants his flow back.

  • kufu

    ^^^ get up on your ish my dude

  • caliFORNIC

    he just has some cool beats hes the new lil flip hes no different with that a 2002 texas flow i mean really tho OVERRATED AS FUCK

  • Lupestan

    between this and rhhh’s new lupe compilation ( ) this has made this the best halloween in years.

  • KoopstaMC


  • Chris_Zurcher

    Somebody tell me what shit worth downloading today other than gangsta gibbs

  • My homies on the production tip. Shootout Claims and Lou! Thank you basedgod.

  • Bp

    No hate, but the only reason why this dude stands out and is anticipated to be “up next” is because of the cosigns he gets from significant names. Just like Lil B had.
    Dont get me wrong; I’m not saying he’s another Lil B. But this shit is simple rhymes over dope production. A case of the game today…
    “Bass” and “Brand New Guy” are hot tho.

  • this shit is crack

  • Ron Ron

    If you hit thumbs down, you probably didn’t even download. this shit stupid jack

  • Chris Lofton

    This shit cold, he got a catchy flow, say some trill shit and he got style. shit is fly as fuck, niggas can hate all they want but everybody cant be Nas. Niggas stuck in the 90s half of you weren’t even old enough to understand, if it wasn’t for the internet some of you lil fools wouldn’t know what a Mortal Technique is, embrace the culture progression and stop complaining, shit.

  • heard it before i downloaded. shits ill enough for me to spend space on the iphone to put it on it.

  • ASAP killin’ it just as expected. I still gotta give the Gangsta Gibbs mixtape the edge over this one, though. Shit is cold. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • SMOKE KRACK TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Swageezy

    is this dude talking about “immortal technique?” Cuz if he is, he obviously doesnt listen to the nigga

  • Swageezy

    haha yo im kinda crunk but decided to actually read thru some of these comments and felt like I had to express my own opinion. A small percentage of these people are saying how ASAP is basically a pretty good rapper over “above average beats.” I wont disagree. However, I feel like we (myself included) are settling for most dudes like this alllll day. I mean, if you really think about the “upcoming rappers” who are considered “dope” these days you will find yourself in a subcategory of mediocre rappers. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself but the names I’m gonna throw out there are definitely being hyped up and exposed as “the next big thing.”

  • Swageezy

    Check it:

    ASAP Rocky
    Phile Ade
    Mac Miller
    Kid Ink
    Childish Gambino
    Jon Connor
    Dom Kennedy
    Chip Tha Ripper
    Nickelus F

    I mean the list goes on. You take one of those EMCEES from that list and they might have one quality that stands out…but none is a straight lyricist. We obviously have easier access to hip hop and its music at this day and age but we’re also falling for more subpar hip hop. I’m not saying I’m excluded because I went through my iTunes and have mixtapes by all these cats. I’m just sayin…

    if i through Lil B in this list he’d probably stand out the most…think about it

  • That one guy

    You’re really over analyzing shit. Just enjoy the music, each artist is different
    O and trilla >>>>>>>>

  • thatrealshit

    this shits aight, id chill to it if i was smokin. but lets see where hes at in 3-5 years, this dude sounds like another swagged out weed smokin muhfucka who’s gonna b dust in the wind when theres a new fad out there. i would compare this dude to wiz on his come up a lot more than currensy, i like currensy cuz he is lyrical and he lives his life and gives it to u in his music. its a vibe thing tho, music always is

  • sssss

    um, wale doesn’t fucking belong on that list… wtf?

  • @swagyeezy great fucking point.
    as far as the tape i’d rate it a 8/10.
    gibbs is going to be listened to next.

  • Swageezy

    I knew someone would give me shit for throwing Wale on there but point is he’s really not a lyricist. He’s just a rapper with a good flow over pretty good beats. Wale is cool but overrated.

    And for homie who said I was “over analyzing shit,” yea maybe ur right. But once u settle for sub par music is just opens more lanes for more subpar rappers. and we definitely dont need anymore of that


    Charles Hamilton>>>>A$AP

  • Dude said XV and Wale aren’t lyricists and has “swag” in his name. The retardation is strong in this one.

    This shit goes. Nigga be astral gliding listening to them airy, atmospheric instrumentals. There are different levels to lyricism; every rapper doesn’t have to the same motif or follow the same structure in order for them to be lyrically inclined.

    If you don’t like it, just say you don’t like it; don’t waste our time with your 2,000 word dissertation on why you think X rapper is overrated. All it does is remind us of how you’ve probably never had contact with the opposite sex.

  • steve

    This guy sucks dicks

  • nah_dude

    Leafs my shit…. n i was heisitant on how solid this would be and after hearing the whole thing i can honetly say this is well worth the download….its my cup of tea, might not be for everyone tho…i think its dopeness

  • nohedidnt

    i like this dude swag but for all this hype this mixdatpe aint 2dope

  • Yeah this is a sick tape. I personally like it alot. If you don’t , then just move along.

  • gnarls

    Q killed that Brand New Guy beat

  • Dro

    Chill the funk out.
    @swageezy u have to calm down with that list. Like someone else said, you shouldn’t over analyze the music. Oh and I think that u should take Dom off of it too lol

  • addy2cool

    tape is chill..nothing epic..something different from NY..

  • addy2cool

    Real shit tho.. ASAP should thank that White Girl that was in they Purple Swag Video… I’m sure her alone brought alot of they fans.. She got me haha..

  • Wonder

    The dumbing down of hip hop continues.

  • bamerican

    This tape is dope. It’s definitely not a classic, but it’s better than a lot of mixtapes that came out this year. I absolutely hate “swag” rap, but I fucks with dude. He’s no Kendrick or KRIT, but he sure as hell has more promise than a lot of the up-and-coming garbage rappers that are getting shine nowadays.


    @Fuckyoupayme. First off, judging someones username is like judging a book by it’s cover. It’s a name. Who the fuck cares if I made my username BarneyBubbleDick. If I’m making a valid point my username should be irrelevant. Secondly, I stated that all those dudes were cool, I fucked with them. I have at least one mixtape by each of those artists I named. And isnt this a blog? Aren’t you suppose to “express” your opinions on here? You did the same things homie…you’re quite hypocritical. And how am I wasting time? Your wasting your own time by reading it – no one forced you to read it haha

    Oh and having contact with the opposite sex? I don’t even need to go there, go check my facebook if ur that concerned with what chicks ive been in contact with haha

  • brite

    Finally a NY Nigga that doesn’t just sound like a complete crybaby faggot still wishing this was 1994 and hating on the South, West and everybody that didn’t come from the same project in queens brooklyn or whatever.

    This I can fucks with. This shit is actually fuckwittable. Production ain’t that same DATED AS FUCK old school shit my uncles listened to.

    Fucking finally, congratulate yourselves New York, you are finally relevant again. You Finally have a relevant rapper that didn’t debut before 1997.

    Congratulations NY niggas. Welcome back to Hip-Hop.


    This shit is ill, beginning to end..

    they paying homage to O.G. shit..glad to see some NY niggas no longer discriminating

  • B WET


    I agree somewhat (and frankly I’m kind of surprised how many co-signed) because personally, as with mostly anything, I like to hear diff perspectives and think it’s important to hear all sides out. So if someone doesn’t like an artist, I’m curious to hear why. THE PROBLEM: these fools you’re referring to just troll posts and make dumbass comments, with no explanation as to why. If you don’t like an artist and give an educated, rational and logical response as to why, I’m all ears, but NO ONE DOES THIS ANYMORE. What is it that you aren’t feeling? Bad delivery, whack content, poor beat selection, corny wordplay? Give some fucking reasoning as to why. Maybe motherfuckers are just stupid/ignorant, but I know if I say I don’t like something, I’m going to break it down as to why I think it’s whack. I don’t give a fuck if you want to comment on a post about something being whack, I actually encourage it, but if you can’t give me a rational response as to why then shut the fuck up and keep it pushing.

    BTW – Halfway thru and this tape is heatrock…don’t feel like it’s necessary to explain why on a post that is 900 thumbs up and 40 down, but if the haters want an explanation as to why you let me know and I’ll break it the fuck down. Simple-simon-ass motherfuckers.

  • hovlee23

    This shit was surprisingly refreshing. Harlem might finally have something…


    these beats flow. shit to smoke to. been bumping it straight for the last couple days

  • AirMagicMamba

    Not crazy about it hes decent got a little Bone Thug in em he kinda reminds me of Curren$y i’ll listen to more to feel it out

  • RoshaneRonan

    Bout to check it out. Been seeing his name a lot.

  • RoshaneRonan

    Dude is ill. I see what AirMagicMamba is talking about, I noticed the same thing. Overall his music has its own sound. Hypnotic. Dope shit.

  • Jazz

    he may sound like Andre or others but at least he has that kind of skills to do it. and im still amazed bout how RCA signed him without any standing careers.

  • anthony

    so nice.